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HSSB899: Immortal Artifact coming for revenge


Fu Ting’s ‘The one who has come isn’t human’ took Yan Zhaoge aback.

“Some mighty demonic expert” Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly.

This time, Fu Ting pondered for a moment before saying, “He also cannot really be considered as being of a demonic race.”

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, she elaborated, “Nor a major devil of the Nine Underworlds.”

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di both looked at Fu Ting.

Fu Ting said, “Saying that he is of a demonic race would not be completely correct.”

“The one who has come is actually a weapon, just that this weapon is extremely unique.”

“An extremely powerful demonic soul is sealed within such that this weapon possesses its own complete sentience.”

Fu Ting explained, “It can be said that this is a weapon that is a unique, independent lifeform, being able to control itself.

It can also be said that this is a great demon with a weapon as his fleshly body.”

Fu Ting paused for a moment before continuing, “He usually proclaims himself to be a weapon.”

The corners of Yan Zhaoge’s mouth twitched slightly, “Alright, I think I basically understand.

Currently, it is another problem that I am concerned with.”

“Whilst clearly knowing that the Brocade Emperor may be at this dao arena, he still dared to directly come knocking…”

“This…this weapon, is it an Immortal Artifact”

Fu Ting nodded frankly, “That’s right.

It is indeed an enlightened Immortal Artifact.”

“With these special characteristics, it would actually be more accurate to directly classify him as an expert who opened the door to Immortality and entered the Immortal realm, although he himself would not think so.”

Hearing her words, Yan Zhaoge curled his lips, “I very much agree.”

Since things were already out in the open, Fu Ting no longer concealed things, “The other party has deep enmity with the dragon race.

In the past, he slaughtered numerous dragons.

As a result, the numbers of those of the dragon race that had already deteriorated following the Great Calamity dwindled even further.”

“The dragon race once requested aid from the World beyond Worlds.

Afterwards, some of the Grand Clear direct lineages, my Great Grand Master included, helped the dragon race to design a formation in order to seal this weapon.”

“A few years ago, this Immortal Artifact broke out of its seal.

After recuperating for a few years, it has come to seek its revenge.”

Fu Ting’s expression turned rather solemn, “The tribal lands of that branch of dragons was already attacked before this.”

“Now, it has come looking for us.”

“Along with time, some of those lineages from back then are already no more.

As of now, only my Ingenious Flying Peak and Golden Court Mountain’s Uncle Cao remain.”

This Immortal Artifact’s temperament was wild, violent and lawless.

Even though the Brocade Emperor was no weaker than him, he still feared nothing as he would want to first battle before deciding anything else, definitely having to first vent out his malevolent feelings as he would never patiently tolerate them.

Fu Ting said, “He has specifically come to the Minor No Hatred dao arena for father this time.”

“On the contrary, he still holds some reservations regarding going over to World beyond Worlds’ Kunlun Mountain.”

Hearing her words, Yan Zhaoge vaguely realised that something was abnormal as some things of his memories now surfaced within his mind.

Yan Zhaoge now frowned, asking, “The Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors are united in such cases.

In this Immortal Artifact having come to stir up trouble at the Brocade Emperor’s residence, it should not just be the Brocade Emperor who ends up provoked as a result”

Fu Ting sighed, “Most of them just happen to be away from the World beyond Worlds.”

Then, she was silent for a time as she looked at Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di though she finally still spoke in the end, “That aside, this Immortal Artifact is itself connected to the World beyond Worlds too.”

“His name, Mars Halberd.”

Hearing this name, the eyes of Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di simultaneously narrowed, “Mars…”

A title naturally leapt into their minds.

The Exalted Fire Luminary that represented the planet, Mars!

One of the former Kunlun Nine Luminaries that included the current Earthly Sovereign and Concealed Sovereign of the Three Sovereigns, the Exalted Fire Luminary!

Fu Ting said slowly, “In line with the name of the Nine Luminaries, each of the Kunlun Nine Luminaries forged a treasure that year.

All of these were peak high-grade Sacred Artifacts with but a single exception, that being this Mars Halberd.”

“It is said that because the demonic soul that was sealed within was too unique and too powerful, it was an Immortal Artifact which was forged in the end.

Also, it was one which possessed thoughts of its own, being able to move freely by its own will.”

“According to my father, after the Exalted Fire Luminary disappeared without a trace that year, this Immortal Artifact became effectively ownerless as he hence started acting on his own.”

Fu Ting forced a smile, “In the end, he began a major rampage, slaughtering members of the dragon race.

Finally, he was sealed, whereas so many years have already passed since then.”

“So many years have passed, but my flames of rage have never been extinguished!”

Now, a voice suddenly reverberated throughout the Minor No Hatred dao arena!

Fu Ting’s expression changed as did that of the other Ingenious Flying Peak disciples and those three experts of the dragon race inside the palace.

The Minor No Hatred dao arena began shaking non-stop.

“The descendants of Daoist Xuanzhong have produced an Emperor, going beyond their ancestors,” That voice reverberated between the heavens and the earth, “Since you are an Emperor, come out and do battle with me!”

Fu Ting clenched her teeth, saying in a heavy tone, “My father is out for some matters and isn’t here right now.

If you really have such intentions, why don’t you come another day My father definitely would not avoid battle.”

The other party paused slightly as Yan Zhaoge and the others instantly felt the spiritual qi flow of the Minor No Hatred dao arena becoming even more messy and chaotic.

The other party seemed to be searching for something.

A short moment later, the pressure lessened as that voice spoke, “So he really isn’t here…”

“Since that is so, I will not make things difficult for you of the younger generation.


“Those three little dragons, come out and die!”

Hearing his words, those three experts of the dragon race all had extremely ugly expressions on their faces as they were furious to the extreme.

Fu Ting inhaled deeply, “The three of them have come to my Ingenious Flying Peak’s Minor No Hatred dao arena.

There is naturally no reason for our lineage to hand them over to you.”

“Descendant of Daoist Xuanzhong, I would not quibble with you lot of the junior generation,” The other party said coldly, “For dragons, though, if I see one, I will kill one.

There will be no exceptions.”

“Either I die or the dragons will be exterminated.”

A powerful force unceasingly shook the heavens and the earth as the air of the Minor No Hatred dao arena suddenly turned blazing hot.

The intermingling qis of yin and yang became turbid before actually starting to catch ablaze.

Feeling that wild, violent concept that was frenzied and unbridled like blazing fire, Yan Zhaoge’s expression turned extremely strange.

Even Yan Di outwardly seemed taken aback.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “It might not be the best time to ask this now, Miss Fu, but I wonder how those seniors of the Grand Clear lineage helped the dragon race to seal this Immortal Artifact in the past”

Gazing at the changes in the Minor No Hatred dao arena, Fu Ting did not keep it from him as she answered, “This Mars Halberd is swelteringly hot like fire, tough and blazingly hot to the extreme.

Thus, Great Grand Master and the others used an ancient, cold abyss, setting up a formation using the power of the stars of the myriad heavens.”

“Numerous experts of the dragon race died within the formation, sacrificing themselves for their fellow brethren as they used the power of the ritual to stimulate the grand formation, finally managing to suppress that Mars Halberd who had already received damage beforehand.”

“From the looks of it now, in these years that he was suppressed, this Mars Halberd has already recovered from the wounds that he sustained beforehand.”

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di exchanged glances, both seeing the shock within the other’s eyes.

The numerous stars converge, Dragons enter the sea, The ancient, cold abyss, Reverse scale shocks moon…

This was the origin of that dragon mausoleum which Yan Zhaoge had unearthed that year!

In the dragon mausoleum back then, Yan Zhaoge had sensed that the place seemed to have originally been sealing a certain existence.

That sealed being had already escaped back then.

He had even felt curious over what it was.

Now, he realised that it was actually an Immortal Artifact which had thoughts of its own and was able to move freely about.

One of the weapons of the Kunlun Nine Luminaries of the past like the Extreme Yang Seal, Extreme Yin Crown and Rahu Sabre, the Mars Halberd!


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