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HSSB900: Could it have been intentional


“Extreme…Yang…Seal Long time no see.

I never thought that we would meet again under such circumstances…”

Yan Zhaoge still remembered the time when the seal had completely fallen apart in the dragon mausoleum, the true form of the ancient, cold abyss being revealed as the mausoleum collapsed.

Back then, a remnant strand of will had still remained in the mausoleum which originated from that sealed existence.

When its aura had appeared, such a sentence had once flashed through Yan Zhaoge’s mind.

Yan Zhaoge had felt quizzical back then.

The other party recognised the Extreme Yang Seal.

This matter had ended without any continuation then as he had not thought any further on it.

Now, however, everything made sense.

Looking again at those three experts of the dragon race now, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze inevitably turned rather strange.

He had swept away a great majority of the contents of the dragon tomb back then…

Those three dragon experts were currently all focused on Mars Halberd outside with furious, resolute looks on their faces.

“Let us go out,” The three dragon experts said in a heavy tone.

Fu Ting shook her head and had just been about to speak when a voice resounded again from outside, “There will be no coming out for you…”

A violent force rampaged as the entire Minor No Hatred dao arena became unbearably hot beyond compare.

Where yin and yang had originally coexisted, the black and white qis were currently all blurry as they turned crimson, catching ablaze all at once.

“…So, I’ll be going in,” Accompanied by that tyrannical voice, the sky of the Minor No Hatred dao arena split apart, a dazzling red light penetrating through which illuminated the top of the palace.

Within the red light, blazing fire appeared, the flames gradually condensing into a figure between the heavens and the earth.

It was a figure whose features could not clearly be seen, nine feet tall and with numerous flame dragons encircling his body.

He trod upon two even more massive crimson dragons of flame.

His entire person resembled a divinity that was formed of flame.

A fierce, tyrannical aura swept through the entire Minor No Hatred dao arena, rapidly transforming the region into a sea of flames.

Fu Ting and the other Ingenious Flying Peak disciples all appeared solemn to the extreme.

They had already known at the start that the other party was no different from an Emperor-level expert.

It would be a vicious battle even if the Brocade Emperor himself was here.

However, they still felt utterly shocked at how the other party had broken through into the Minor No Hatred dao arena so quickly.

While the Brocade Emperor was not present, this place had been personally constructed by him at the end of the day.

Now, its defences had been broken through so quickly.

This unique opponent here was even more fearsome than everyone had thought.

After having appeared, the divinity of flame that had no features first gazed over in Yan Zhaoge’s direction.

Yan Zhaoge instantly felt as though everything in the surrounding space seemed about to explode, ending up incinerated.

It was not just a simple, tangible explosion.

Instead, even the most minute particles that existed were affected as they too seemed about to explode before being incinerated into nothingness.

An unquantifiable number of particles that far surpassed the billions seemed like they were about to simultaneously explode now.

With that, everything that existed would also be destroyed as it would not be easy to stand against.

“The Extreme Yang Seal…it has indeed been a long time,” A voice resounded from that tall frame condensed of flame, “Young man, you are Gao Han’s descendant”

Yan Zhaoge knit his brows slightly.

He could clearly feel his Extreme Yang Seal shaking intensely at this moment.

Its spirituality which far surpassed that of ordinary high-grade Sacred Artifacts in the first place was acute as it had never been before now.

It was just that this was not like the joy of meeting an old friend.

Instead, it was more like fear and wariness!

At this moment, Yan Zhaoge just felt the urge to roll his eyes.

While the Kunlun Nine Luminaries had been acclaimed together in the past, who could know how things had been like amongst they themselves

Even if they had all been comrades, this did not entail for sure that they shared a close relationship.

On the contrary, numerous tensions might have existed between them.

From the reaction shown when the Extreme Yang Seal and Extreme Yin Crown had met each other as well as that projection which the Exalted Lunar Luminary had left behind in the Eight Extremities World back then, it could be seen that the relationship between she and the Exalted Solar Luminary must have been pretty good.

However, seeing the Extreme Yang Seal’s reaction on facing Mars Halberd now, it seemed probable that their former owners might not have shared a harmonious relationship.

As a result, Yan Zhaoge had to be cautious here as he could not just casually feign his relationships.

It would naturally be best if Mars Halberd was willing to give the Exalted Solar Luminary, Gao Han, a bit of face here.

From the looks of it now, however, claiming to be affiliated to the Exalted Solar Luminary might just further antagonise Mars Halberd instead.

The Ingenious Flying Peak disciples who were aware that Yan Zhaoge bore the Extreme Yang Seal aside, those three experts of the dragon race were all looking on in shock at Yan Zhaoge now.

Yan Zhaoge took in a deep breath before he said calmly, “I am not a descendant of the Exalted Solar Luminary, only having inadvertently obtained the Extreme Yang Seal, cultivating in the Extreme Yang Scripture as well.

Even so, my understanding of the Exalted Solar Luminary is limited.

I also know not where this senior is now.”

That divinity of flame glanced calmly at Yan Zhaoge before saying casually, “I would not make things difficult for a junior even if you were Gao Han’s descendant.

I would just need you to accompany me someplace for some matters.”

“I believe what you say.

Still, you should have more considerations on this.”

“Gao Han’s thoughts are strange and indiscernible.

Things are seldom out of his grasp.”

“While some things may seem incidental, they could have been intentional.”

Now, his gaze again fell on those three experts of the dragon race.

A moment later, three clumps of blazing fire arose out of nowhere, enveloping the three dragon experts!

While Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di and those of Ingenious Flying Peak were nearby, they were not affected by it at all as the terrifying, blazing fire blazed into existence from the three dragon experts themselves.

While the fire was limited to a fixed area, this fixed area was enveloped completely by the flames of purgatory!

The three dragons simultaneously cried out in pain, struggling as they rid themselves of their human bodies and revealed their original forms, transforming into three true dragons that were connected to the heavens!

The three dragons were even more gigantic than the dead dragons within the mausoleum back then as they possessed a shocking aura.

The three true dragons were equivalent to three Immortal Bridge Martial Saints of the human race as the eruption of their qi and blood shocked the heavens and earth, seizing the stars and grasping the moon.

Yet, wreathed in blazing fire, they were unable to extinguish these flames however they struggled.

A true dragon opened its great maws with an immeasurable amount of water directly gushing out from within.

The water was sufficient to instantly transform into an ocean as it would virtually be able to fill a sizeable portion of the Royal Reed Sea.

However, even this oceanic amount of water which contained the true essence and qi of dragons was completely vaporized at once as it came into contact with the flames on his body!

Yan Zhaoge could not feel happy regarding his correct judgment, “If this guy were to make a move within the Royal Reed Sea, any random ember would already be enough to dry up all the seawater.”

There had also been an Emperor of heavenly fire in pre-Great Calamity times, this being the Flame Devil Emperor.

While Yan Zhaoge had never personally witnessed the Flame Devil Emperor in action before, going by the reports of bystanders, even that would not have been any more powerful than this.

Fu Ting was greatly panicked over the situation at hand.

After a moment’s hesitation, she said to Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di in a heavy tone, “I am truly sorry for having drawn you into this.

Be careful!”

Before they could reply, Fu Ting gazed at that blazing figure in the sky up above, shouting, “Since the three dragon seniors have come to our Minor No Hatred dao arena, they are guests of our Ingenious Flying Peak.

Forgive this junior for having to act!”

With that, she directly struck out with a palm towards her own forehead, as if going to commit suicide.

Instead, a Taiji diagram simultaneously appeared on her palm and forehead as they resonated.


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