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HSSB901: One halberd breaking the world


As Taiji diagrams appeared on Fu Ting’s palm and forehead, space and time abruptly changed in the heavens and earth of the Minor No Hatred dao arena.

Within this world that was already gradually being devoured by a sea of flames, spacetime suddenly distorted.

The power of the two extremities being reversed suffused space with the palace beneath everyone’s feet as its centre.

However, Fu Ting had only just acted when a clump of flames suddenly appeared between her palm and forehead.

These flames transformed into a sigil which instantly suppressed the Taiji diagrams on Fu Ting’s palm and forehead.

The voice of that divinity of flame resounded amidst the air, “I would simply ignore you juniors, and yet you try to stir things up yourself.”

“You should know that I would not mind even if I killed you.”

That sigil of flame immediately began devouring the Taiji diagrams on Fu Ting.

Embers seemed about to stick on to Fu Ting’s face and hand as well.

The Phoenix Woven Plume and other treasures on her showed no signs of moving in the slightest.

A silvery-white veil that flickered with the crimson light of fire suddenly arose and circulated as it kept the endless blazing fire at bay.

However, facing that sigil of flame, it instantly collapsed as well as it was hard pressed to stand against it.

Instead, radiance suddenly lit up from the central Taiji diagram on Fu Ting’s forehead which had originally been suppressed.

Beneath Fu Ting’s feet, radiance lit up about this palace at the centre of the Minor No Hatred dao arena.

The power of two extremities circulating in reverse surged once more, fiercer and more majestic than it had been before!

The divinity of flames in the air paused slightly, “Suppressed by my attack, you instead came to stimulate a second, hidden layer of restrictions It is no wonder that you have surpassed Daoist Xuanzhong, outshining your ancestors.”

The entire Minor No Hatred dao arena actually seemed about to collapse at this moment.

It was not because of the power of Mars Halberd.

Instead, it originated from this dao arena itself.

The entire heavens and earth were collapsing inwards towards this central region!

This majestic power was currently all bolstered on Fu Ting.

As a result, Fu Ting was ultimately unharmed by that sigil of flame.

Everything just happened in this one instant.

There was only this instant that Fu Ting could make use of.

She clapped down with a palm, the palace now being reduced to glowing dust of black and white all at once.

Yin and yang circulated, forming a Taiji diagram which swept along Fu Ting, the Ingenious Flying Peak disciples, Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di and those three experts of the dragon race that were being incinerated by blazing fire.

They were all swept along towards that collapsing region in the centre, seeming about to disappear.

The power formed of the collapse of the heavens and earth of the entire Minor No Hatred dao arena caused the flames on the bodies of those three dragon experts to finally be extinguished as well.

This world was formed by the Brocade Emperor at the end of the day.

As Fu Ting acted promptly and decisively, those three dragons were pulled back from the very brink of death.

Now, however, that divinity of flame amidst the air that cared not about the collapse of the heavens and earth suddenly moved.

“A very outstanding young lady, possessing your father’s flair.”

The vast, mighty roar of a dragon seemed to resound from an endless distance away.

The next moment, that massive nine-foot-long frame exploded, transforming into all-encompassing flowing fire.

A twin-pronged halberd appeared within the sea of flames, resembling the heavenly halberd of Yan Zhaoge’s memories.

It was just that this halberd was completely crimson and had dragon patterns engraved on it.

“You possess courage and abilities.

I will not kill you.

Still, I will have to give you some punishment.”

The crimson heavenly halberd cleaved through the air.

A fiery light flickered as the black and white Taiji diagram at the centre of the collapsing heavens and earth mightily broke apart!

Swept along by the Taiji diagram, Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di, Fu Ting and the others were already about to be transported away through the spatial passageway that had been formed with the destruction of the Minor No Hatred dao arena.

However, as the light of fire flickered, the spatial passageway instantly broke into several segments!

Everyone worked hard to stabilise their forms but were separated against their own wills and swept along in twos and threes into different spaces.

The final thing that Yan Zhaoge and the others saw was that as that crimson fiery light flashed past, those three dragon experts all perished!

The massive dragon bodies were all cleaved apart at their midsections!

Blazing fire arose from these wounds, instantly completely incinerating and vaporising the dragon carcasses that were already broken into many segments.

They dissipated into the wind, leaving behind no indication that they had ever existed.

Amidst shattered space in the distance, the fiery light again condensed to form that divinity of flame that trod upon two dragons.

The giant of flame stood amidst the air, not pursuing or leaving as he simply stood unmoving where he was.

It was like he was specifically awaiting the Brocade Emperor’s return.

Amidst the chaotic space, Yan Zhaoge gazed over in another direction as he saw his father Yan Di currently trapped in another chaotic spatial flow.

Father and son exchanged glances, not knowing whether they should be laughing or crying at this.

They had been totally drawn into an unrelated conflict here, dragged into it by Ingenious Flying Peak and the experts of the dragon race.

Before having come, never would they have thought that such a thing would actually occur.

Both of them sent each other looks that said that there was no need for the other to worry.

Father and son could now only stabilise their forms amidst the shattered space, going along with the flow and drifting off in different directions.

With their current cultivation bases, they were not in any peril.

The only thing was that it would require some effort for them to return to the World beyond Worlds.

Yan Zhaoge sighed, “Plans cannot keep up with variations.

I was still thinking earlier that it would be best if no strong reinforcements came as the Heaven Emperor was tied down by the Brocade Emperor.

And in the end, Mars Halberd immediately came over looking for trouble.”

“Really, only the bad things always come true…”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head slightly, stabilising his form.

As he cultivated in the Immortal Trapping Sword, he possessed a deep understanding of the daos of space and time as him being trapped amidst the chaotic flows of space now was not actually serious.

It was just that coincidentally, Fu Ting just happened to be drifting in the exact same torrent of time and space as him.

With that, it was just not convenient for him to blatantly demonstrate the Immortal Trapping Sword.

Fu Ting expressed her apologies to Yan Zhaoge, “I tried to overreach my limits, wanting to make use of the restrictions that my father left behind in the dao arena to help the three dragon seniors.

Still, this ultimately ended up dragging you and your father into things.

I must express my apologies here, Young Master Yan.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “It’s okay.

Miss Fu is polite.”

This Mars Halberd had his own temperament as he was no different from an Emperor-level expert.

His temperament was a tough but magnanimous one.

If Fu Ting had not tried to intervene earlier, it was likely that nothing at all would have happened to Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di.

After killing those three dragon experts, Mars Halberd would most likely have allowed Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di to leave.

Fu Ting and the rest might have been held there to draw the Brocade Emperor over, but they might also have been set free.

They would have been in no danger of dying, at least.

Fu Ting’s actions earlier had caused the other party to completely destroy the Minor No Hatred dao arena, leading to all of them being separated amidst the chaotic flows of space.

Still, Yan Zhaoge did not blame Fu Ting for this.

From another perspective, if it had been the Heaven Emperor who had come this time, having come specifically to find trouble with Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di, Fu Ting would most likely also have tried her best to help the two of them, because they too were guests of Ingenious Flying Peak.

Of course, that Yan Zhaoge could be so magnanimous now was also based somewhat on the fact that the current state of affairs was not that terrible.

This was still at an acceptable level for him.

Instead, it was something that Mars Halberd had said earlier that Yan Zhaoge minded more, “Incidental for me, but intentional for others…huh”


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