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HSSB902: Immeasurable Heavenly Lord


While he was rather concerned regarding the matter of the Exalted Solar Luminary Gao Han, since there was too little that he presently knew about him, Yan Zhaoge did not think too much on this.

What was of the foremost importance right now was how to get back to the World beyond Worlds as soon as possible.

Yan Zhaoge asked Fu Ting about this.

She forced out a strained laugh.

She pointed at her forehead, “I have no good methods for the time being.

We can only slowly find our way back.”

Yan Zhaoge understood what she meant.

When stimulating the restrictions of the Minor No Hatred dao arena earlier, Fu Ting had already depleted some preparations of hers.

Otherwise, with the Brocade Emperor’s care towards her, he would definitely leave behind some methods on her such that she would be able to quickly return to Kunlun Mountain in the World beyond Worlds when facing a scenario of being trapped amidst chaotic flows of space.

Now, however, these methods could no longer be used.

If the spatial passageway had not been cleaved apart earlier, they could have returned to the World beyond Worlds together.

Sadly, Mars Halberd was an Immortal Artifact at the end of the day and one who could unleash his own power at that.

Thinking of Mars Halberd, Yan Zhaoge and Fu Ting exchanged glances, bitter smiles appearing on their faces.

From what they had seen earlier, the other party seemed to have no intention of leaving after having destroyed the Minor No Hatred dao arena.

He actually seemed to be waiting there just for the Brocade Emperor’s return.

Amidst his arrogance, his tyrannical nature could be seen.

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, identifying the space towards which they were heading, “Forget it.

I’ll not think about this first.

Making sure of where we are right now is what’s really important.”

Fu Ting similarly raised her spirits and observed their surroundings.

Even though the Minor No Hatred dao arena had been sacrificed in the process, she had ultimately been unable to save those three dragon experts as she had only been able to helplessly watch them getting slain before her.

As a Heaven’s favoured daughter, this was a rare setback for Fu Ting for whom everything usually went just as she wanted.

In recent years, the only thing that had left Fu Ting feeling so stifled was the vanishing of the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace and the disappearance of those seniors, lost to that black hole.

Fu Ting was both amused and exasperated by the fact that Yan Zhaoge had actually been involved in both these rare setbacks of hers.

Still, she possessed a firm will as she quickly adjusted her state of mind.

The two drifted for an unknown duration amidst space.

The outline of a world vaguely appeared amidst space before them.

Yan Zhaoge and Fu Ting exchanged glances before plunging together within, entering that world.

As soon as they entered, the boundaries of the heavens and earth distorted and shook together, vaguely seeming to want to reject them outside of it.

The two were proficient in the variations of yin and yang as the two qis circulated, merging with these heavens and earth as the power of rejection instantly lessened.

As they entered, a dense sea of trees first appeared in their field of vision.

Yan Zhaoge stabilised himself, gazing into the distance, “The spiritual qi flow here is very unusual…”

While the two were already Seeing Divinity Martial Saints, this particular world had no problem bearing them within.

It was unlike lower worlds like the Eight Extremities World, the Vast Ocean World and the Floating Gate World.

Yet, it was also not that they had returned to the World beyond Worlds.

Detecting this, Yan Zhaoge could not help but smile, “I hope that this is the Roving Jade Heavens.

Otherwise…another Buddhist world”

“Young Master Yan also knows about the existence of Buddhist worlds” As the daughter of the Brocade Emperor, Fu Ting knew many things that others of the same cultivation level would not.

She instead felt Yan Zhaoge being aware of this to be rather unexpected, “Uncle Cao even told you about this”

Yan Zhaoge was silent for a bit before he smiled, “It was not the Southeastern Exalt who told me.

To be honest, when seeking the treasured furnace back then, entering chaotic spacetime afterwards, I and Gao Qing of the Roving Jade Heavens coincidentally landed in a world of Buddhism.

It is due to this that I know some matters.”

Fu Ting nodded, sighing, “It is no wonder then.”

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, she said, “It is due to considerations of safety for the World beyond Worlds and the various lower worlds that my father and the other Emperors have been keeping this secret.”

“Actually, there also seems to be something I am not aware of here.

My father did not speak clearly on this, but it seems to be a very complex issue.”

Hearing her words, Yan Zhaoge laughed, “You can rest assured, Miss Fu.

This Yan did not randomly reveal things after returning from that Buddhist world.

I have always been good at keeping secrets.”

Fu Ting smiled, “I can believe that.”

The two sensed the spiritual qi network of the local heavens and earth as they sped along.

There vaguely seemed to be a human dwelling up ahead.

However, alongside that tell-tale smoke was also a mild treasured-light that shot up into the sky.

It was manifested of worship and the power of faith, condensed to a certain extent such that it had turned from illusory to real, forming a treasured light.

“So this is not the Roving Jade Heavens but a Buddhist world” Gazing at it, Yan Zhaoge suddenly frowned, “…Wait, that’s not it!”

He was stunned, “That isn’t Buddha-light!”

Carefully examining that treasured light which rose into the sky, Fu Ting’s expression gradually changed too, “Why…why does it seem like the power of faith manifested of Daoist techniques”

Exchanging glances, the two could both see the bemusement in the other’s eyes.

It was the case that Daoism too had the custom of worshipping.

This applied regardless of whether it was Broad Creed Mountain, Ingenious Flying Peak or any other random Daoist lineage.

Apart from their own ancestors, they would worship the founders of the Three Purities as well.

However, that was just the simplest form of worship that was used to show their respect.

It was just like the worshipping of Buddhism when the Gautama Buddha had still been of this world back then.

However, this treasured-light from the worshipping of Daoism here possessed a different significance.

It was condensed of the power of faith of the myriad lifeforms just like for those Buddhist scriptures previously.

One did not have to themselves cultivate.

They just had to place their faith in a certain higher entity.

Yan Zhaoge inhaled deeply and turned to look at Fu Ting, directly asking her, “Just going by Gao Qing and her fellow disciples, the Roving Jade Heavens would surely not be involved in such a thing.”

“But perhaps that can only apply to Miss Gao’s own lineage.

Do you know if others of the Roving Jade Heavens might actually be doing such a thing”

Despite her complicated expression, Fu Ting replied truthfully, “From what I know, this is not the case.”

Yan Zhaoge gazed at that treasured light that connected to the heavens, “This is not like a land of the World beyond Worlds, also not resembling a lower world like the Eight Extremities World…”

The two pondered for a bit before continuing on their way towards the populated area up ahead.

On reaching its vicinity, they landed, switching to walking.

They saw a city on that plain up ahead, surrounded by several villages.

Treasured light arose from the villages and that city, either dense or faint.

The one that arose from the city was clearly denser and more condensed.

Yan Zhaoge and Fu Ting furtively entered.

The common language here was different from that of the World beyond Worlds as Yan Zhaoge found it extremely hard to decipher.

Still, Yan Zhaoge gradually understood who the figure that everyone was worshipping was.

“Immeasurable Heavenly Lord”

Yan Zhaoge and Fu Ting looked at each other, feeling quizzical as they were completely bewildered.

As disciples of the Three Purities, doing rituals in official settings, they naturally knew how to often casually chant ‘Three Immeasurable’ or ‘Blessed Immeasurable Heavenly Lord, Inconceivable Merit’.

The ‘Immeasurable Heavenly Lord’ here actually referred to ‘infinitely many heavenly lords’ or ‘many heavenly lords’ as it was not referring to the title of a single existence.

The complete saying was ‘Blessed Immeasurable Heavenly Lord’, but ‘Inconceivable Merit’ should be added on behind.

However, whether it was the martial practitioners or normal mortals of this world, all of them were addressing the title of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord like ‘Namu Amitahba’ for Buddhist disciples as they were clearly referring to a single, specific existence.

Also, it was not a condensed title.

The problem was that there had never ever been an ‘Immeasurable Heavenly Lord’ in Daoism.

Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes, “…What the hell”


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