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HSSB905: The orthodox way, the devilish path and the external dao


Quan Haolong looked at Yang Chong, a conflicted look appearing on his face.

Being from the same hometown, this senior apprentice-uncle of his had taken rather good care of him in the past as the two had always been on great terms.

He had gone easy on him in their battle earlier.

Viewed by his companions, this instantly brought trouble for him.

Quan Haolong said softly, “Senior apprentice-uncle Peng, I…”

The person leading the pursuit gazed coldly over, “Yes”

Quan Haolong walked towards Yang Chong with great difficulty, the latter sighing as he looked at him, “With you, Haolong, sending me along on my way, it can be considered a form of consolation.”

Seeing Quan Haolong’s conflicted expression, Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “Hmm.

It is just like the legacy of the fire of civilisation and revolution.”

“Could it be that the death of this senior will plant a seed in the heart of this junior, finally sprouting one day as he will inherit the mantle of his predecessors in the future”

“Will he perish like this senior before being able to succeed, continuing to leave behind his legacy in planting the seed and passing the torch, or will he be the one leading the change in the great tide of eras”

“Or might he simply resist and disobey orders here, being slain alongside Yang Chong by his fellow disciples here”

Many thoughts flashed through Yan Zhaoge’s mind in that instant.

Still, he quickly stopped those random thoughts of his, muttering, “Does the ‘external dao’ they speak of refer to martial practitioners like us”

Fu Ting’s expression was stern, “If these worlds that are ruled by the Immortal Court share the same view on the external dao like Buddhism, that would refer to us orthodox disciples of the Three Clear lineages.”

The Immortal Court and Buddhism were used to viewing each other as those who followed the devilish path.

The devilish path and the external dao both did not have any positive connotations at all.

Fu Ting said, “We should capture them and get information out of them to better understand our situation at hand.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “One of us should act while the other remains as backup.

As this place is close to the frontlines of the conflict between the Immortal Court and Buddhism, there would be a greater possibility of the Immortal Court stationing some powerful experts in the vicinity.”

Fu Ting nodded, “Leave it to me then.”

The two both showed themselves, no longer hiding their auras.

Quan Haolong, Yang Chong and the rest were stunned as only now did they notice their presence.

A man and a woman had appeared before them.

The man was remarkably handsome and dressed in white clothes with a black-bordered blue robe.

The woman was conspicuously beautiful and dressed in red clothes and a white skirt along with the shawl of a silver fox.

It was just that despite the woman’s stunning looks, it still was that young man that Quan Haolong, Yang Chong and the others first noticed.

As soon as the other party appeared, it was just like he was the centre of these heavens and earth.

Yan Zhaoge smiled as he waved towards Quan Haolong and the others.

Fu Ting’s figure flickered as she directly charged into the fray.

In her red clothes and white skirt, Fu Ting dazzled brilliantly like flowers as all returned to primordial yin and yang beneath her palm.

Even few martial practitioners of the World beyond Worlds at the same cultivation level as Fu Ting would be able to take this palm of hers, much less these people from a world ruled by the Immortal Court whose cultivation bases were all lower than her.

Yan Zhaoge mainly observed them to see if these people from the Daoism of the Immortal Court had any special methods.

At the same time, he also kept vigilant of their surroundings lest peak experts with higher cultivation bases suddenly arrived.

Fu Ting directly captured the entire group of people in one fell swoop, Yang Chong included.

While they tried to struggle, Fu Ting flashed a massive jet-black fishing net.

She successfully trapped them all within the net as even they as Martial Saints were unable to move.

“We should not kill them first,” Fu Ting said, “The treasured light within their bodies likely possesses the same effect as Buddha-light.

As soon as they are killed, peak experts may quickly discover it and zero in on us, swiftly descending upon this land.”

Yan Zhaoge said casually, “You can decide this yourself.

I’m feeling more curious about this person.”

His gaze fell on Yang Chong.

Despite having barely managed to survive, Yang Chong’s gaze that was on Yan Zhaoge and Fu Ting was filled with wariness as well, “You…are both of the external dao”

Fu Ting raised her net, speeding away alongside Yan Zhaoge as they left their original location.

As they travelled, she said mildly, “Just like how you and the Buddhists reject each other as devils, while we do not have such a strong sense of solidarity, if we really have to talk about it, we descendants of the Three Clear lineages instead see you as being of the external dao.”

Yang Chong opened his mouth, smiling bitterly after a while, “This Yang was impolite.

Please excuse my manners.”

Those others who had been captured all admonished now, “Yang Chong, you are indeed in collusion with those of the external dao!”

Quan Haolong was also looking warily at Yan Zhaoge and Fu Ting as he would venomous scorpions.

That senior apprentice-uncle Peng who led the group said coldly, “Those who walk the devilish path or the external dao, this Lofty Towering World is not a place that the likes of you can be arrogant in.”

Yan Zhaoge did not even have to move as that senior apprentice-uncle Peng’s lower jaw was suddenly dislocated on its own, rendering him incapable of further speech.

The meridians of his entire body distorted unceasingly, bringing him immense pain.

His body twitched intensely as he sweated profusely, yet he could not utter any sound at all.

Yan Zhaoge asked nonchalantly, “Buddhist martial practitioners can forcibly extinguish the Buddha-light in their bodies, thereby putting an end to themselves.

What about you”

Everyone had shocked, fearful looks on their faces as they looked at Yan Zhaoge now.

Yang Chong sighed, “We also possess such means, just like the Buddhists.

If you want to use torture, it would likely be useless.”

Looking over at that senior apprentice-uncle Peng, he said, “Senior apprentice-brother Peng actually speaks rightly.

The Lofty Towering World that we are in now is one of the six worlds governed by the Loathing Square Immortal Realm, close to the tainted lands of Buddhism.

As we are currently facing a critical moment in the great war against the Buddhist devils, there are quite a few peak experts of the Immortal Realm guarding over the area at the moment.”

“The two of you are not of our orthodox way of Daoism, also possessing unordinary strength.

If you were to act and disturb the spiritual qi flow of this world, it would be very easy to arouse attention.”

Yang Chong advised them, “The two of you should set senior apprentice-brother Peng and the rest free and speedily leave this area.”

Yan Zhaoge asked rather interestedly, “What about you then”

Yang Chong shook his head, “I am already heavily injured and close to death.

This may very well be my final resting place.”

He glanced at Quan Haolong and the others, saying with a complex expression on his face, “I did not betray the dao.

Still, saying this is already useless now.”

“I was born here and grew up here.

I wasn’t able to leave this place in the end.

All this is fate, fate as decreed by the heavens,” Yang Chong struggled to raise his head, next looking into the sky, “It is the decree of the heavens, the intention of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.

Maybe I really was wrong and that is why I fell into such a state, this all being what I rightfully deserve.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed lightly, “You do not have to worry about the two of us.

However, I have some things I would like to ask you, actually.”

Yang Chong shook his head, “I will not betray the dao.

If you want to use torture on me, although the treasured light within my body is unstable, I can still end myself here.”

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “I don’t care whether you end yourself or not.

I also have no intention of asking about this Lofty Towering World of yours, or secrets about that almighty Loathing Square Immortal Realm.”

Yang Chong was taken aback, “What do you want to ask then”

Yan Zhaoge pointed first at him and next at Quan Haolong and the rest, “I want to know why you are different from them.”


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