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HSSB907: The Xue Chuqing who goes about things a different way


Within the depicted scene of light, Yin Tianxia had two opponents.

One of them radiated light as he was like the sun high in the sky, his martial concept simultaneously containing the power of the Sun Star and of the extremity of light.

One of them resembled the descent of eternal night, darkness that concealed the sky and obscured the sun.

His martial concept was the pure tranquillity of darkness.

These two people were not of the same lineage as they were in possession of two different legacies.

Yan Zhaoge recognised the former as that of a major power of pre-Great Calamity times, Vast Yang Palace.

The legacy of this power had disappeared in the worlds of the orthodox Daoism of the Three Clear lineages.

It was unknown whether it was to be found if any of the lower worlds.

It was worth mentioning that Yan Zhaoge knew that the bigwig who had created the Extreme Yang Scripture in pre-Great Calamity times hailed from Vast Yang Palace.

Atop the foundation of the Vast Yang Scripture had been integrated techniques acquired of his own creation, forming the Extreme Yang Scripture.

While there had not been a complete version of the Extreme Yang Scripture in the collection of the Martial Repository of the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace, there had however been a comparatively well preserved Vast Yang Scripture there.

Meanwhile, the sword art displayed by the other person contained mysteries of darkness which Yan Zhaoge found to be rather more unfamiliar.

“It seems like the Heavenless Dark Sword,” Yan Zhaoge thought.

The Heavenless Dark Sword was also a supreme martial art of pre-Great Calamity times which hailed from a major power known as the Dark Heaven Sword Sect.

Still, the Martial Repository of the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace had not possessed the Heavenless Dark Sword as there had only been some simple descriptions of the martial art there.

However, there was another power intermixed within this person’s sword arts that Yan Zhaoge was extremely familiar with.

The Thunder of Eternal Night of the Nine Heavenly Immortal Thunders.

Where the thunderbolts passed, eternal night would descend upon the heavens and earth with no light visible whatsoever.

Only when the boom of thunder resounded would all be white within the world, space shattering.

Of course, be it the expert cultivating in the Vast Yang Scripture or the other who cultivated in the Heavenless Dark Sword, both their foundations were still that treasured light of the power of faith.

Also, Yan Zhaoge noted how neither the legacy of Vast Yang Palace or that of the Heavenless Dark Sword seemed to ever have produced an Emperor-level expert before.

Yet, it was not that the two had surpassed their predecessors just like the Dim Radiant Emperor had.

The concepts of their martial arts might consist of some changes, discarding the old and introducing the new as it was improved somewhat.

Intrinsically speaking, however, they did not surpass the legacies of pre-Great Calamity times.

Yan Zhaoge could not be absolutely sure for the Heavenless Dark Sword.

He was certain that the Vast Yang Scripture was not more profound than it had been under the Vast Yang Palace, though.

However, these two people had indeed already pushed open the door to Immortality, being bigwigs who had traversed the gap between the human and Immortal realms!

They were experts who could carry Emperor titles!

Even if they were experts of the Immortal Court’s dao tradition, Emperors were Emperors, sufficient to destroy the heavens and extinguish the earth with the flip of a palm.

The two were currently attacking Yin Tianxia together, light and darkness intersecting as the heavens and earth were completely distorted.

Seeing this scene, Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes slightly, “Is it also because of that treasured light of the power of faith”

Facing these two people, Yin Tianxia had a rather complex expression on his face.

It seemed like regret whilst also disdain whilst also fury and helpless, these all culminating in a sigh in the end.

“Although you have pushed open the door to Immortality, it was not you yourselves who did so.”

“While you preside over countless others, you already know not the principles of your ancestors’ legacies.”

He raised a hand, pushing horizontally forward with his palm with light and darkness integrated within.

His palm seemed to be half in light and half in darkness, yet was seemingly enveloped by a glow that was neither bright nor dark.

Where his palm passed, light vanished, and darkness ceased to exist.

Everything turned blurry, resembling chaos as it was difficult to distinguish light and darkness.

Yin Tianxia said mildly, “Your Dark Heaven Sword Sect and Vast Yang Palace often competed with my Dim Radiant Sect before the Great Calamity.

It was difficult to determine a victor amongst us then.”

“Today, however, victory and defeat is evident with a single glance.”

Yin Tianxia resembled a descended divinity that made his two opponents seem completely dim and lustreless, “We are all cultivators.

Slay the dao, see one’s true self.”

Beneath his palm, his two opponents fell into defeat!

The light projection ended at this point.

Looking at the disappearing image, Yan Zhaoge and Fu Ting both frowned and pondered.

Meanwhile, those of the Chaotic Heavenly Sect all broke out into curses.

Yang Chong had a complicated expression on his face as he shook his head and sighed.

Yan Zhaoge recovered and looked at Fu Ting who said, “They were indeed only passing by, leaving behind just simple traces.”

“Have those ruins where you discovered that remnant aura already been destroyed” Yan Zhaoge asked Yang Chong.

Yang Chong smiled bitterly, “I would think so.”

Quan Haolong said softly, “With what happened to you, senior apprentice-uncle Yang, after the other seniors of the sect arrived afterwards, they eradicated that relic site completely.”

Yan Zhaoge looked up and pondered for a moment before suddenly asking, “Are you aware of any other cases similar to his that have occurred, and where that was”

Whether it was Yang Chong or Quan Haolong and the others, everyone was taken aback by this.

Those Chaotic Heavenly Sect martial practitioners said angrily, “Traitors to the dao who were bewitched by you of an external dao-just a single such case happening is already ludicrous!”

Yan Zhaoge was not concerned as he nodded slightly, “So it’s simply him in this Lofty Towering World”

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Fu Ting sent via sound transmission, “You seem to be implying something”

Surveying the surroundings, Yan Zhaoge replied, “The Dim Radiant Emperor fought one against two, domineeringly defeating two Emperors of the Immortal Court’s Daoism and displaying the might of we of the orthodox Three Clear lineages.”

“Seeing this scene for the first time, martial practitioners of the dao tradition of the Immortal Court should indeed be impacted somewhat.”

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze was distant, “Still, it was not just Yang Chong who saw this scene.

There were others of the Chaotic Heavenly Sect present at the time as well.

Why is it that only the treasured light in Yang Chong’s body is unstable, his faith in the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord having been completely shaken”

“Because his cultivation base is highest and his knowledge base the widest, he is more predisposed to accepting a change from his conventional viewpoint Because he is innately very perceptive”

“Though his talent and powers of comprehension are indeed very high as he would still be able to achieve quite a bit without relying on the treasured light of the power of faith like us normal martial practitioners, I still believe that this is not the actual reason,” Yan Zhaoge said.

Fu Ting said slowly, “You suspect that someone set up a mechanism at the relic site, and Yang Chong was the one who set it off, this thus having happened to him”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “It does not seem like the Buddhists who would do this, but more like orthodox descendants of the Three Clear lineages like us.”

Fu Ting pondered, “That is possible.

Sadly, the place is already no more, and we cannot verify this.”

Yan Zhaoge did not continue speaking, actually having left something unsaid earlier.

Relating this to the situation with his mother, Xue Chuqing, and the relationship of that lineage of hers with the Dim Radiant Sect of back then, Yan Zhaoge vaguely had a feeling that this was rather like his mother’s handiwork.

With his current cultivation base, his intuition was not baseless as it was instead mysterious beyond compare, stemming from his perception of the principles of the heavens and earth and fate itself.

It could not be fully believed.

Yet, it could also not be easily dismissed.

Perhaps the reason his mother was being pursued was related to the death of the Dim Radiant Emperor and the Immortal Court

After barely missing her back where the eastern Vast Heaven Territory and the northeastern Sky Heaven Territory intersected in the past, Yan Zhaoge had not heard any news about Xue Chuqing.

Could it be that his mother had gone about things in a different way and chosen the most dangerous place as the safest place, having left the worlds of Daoism’s Three Clear lineages and come to hide in the territory of the Immortal Court


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