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HSSB908: Based on mood


Was it possible for Xue Chuqing to have snuck over to the Immortal Court’s territory

In theory, no.

For one to break free of the worlds of Daoism’s Three Clear lineages which were centred around the World beyond Worlds, breaking through the ‘wall’ and coming to the Immortal Court’s side, was no easy thing.

Yan Zhaoge had previously inadvertently ended up in a Buddhist world due to the disturbance caused by the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace.

In having inadvertently ended up in the Lofty Towering World that was governed by the Immortal Court’s Loathing Square Immortal Realm this time, it had been because of the collision between the Immortal Artifact, Mars Halberd, and the restrictions left behind by the Brocade Emperor.

While Yan Zhaoge was unclear on his mother’s current cultivation base, from what he had heard, he knew that she might not even have attained the Immortal Bridge stage yet.

Logically speaking, without the aid of any external forces, it should be impossible for Xue Chuqing to come here.

Still, firstly, it might be that some peak expert had helped to ‘smuggle’ Xue Chuqing over.

Secondly, Xue Chuqing’s actions often exceeded one’s expectations.

Might she possess some unique methods

Yan Zhaoge pondered, “If it really is mother, she would definitely hide and keep a low profile here rather than take the initiative to provoke those of the Immortal Court.”

“Looking at it this way, setting up a trap at the relic site and making the Chaotic Heavenly Sect unnecessarily suffer a loss isn’t something she would do.”

“Unless…” The corners of Yan Zhaoge’s mouth twitched, “She detected that her whereabouts were about to be found out again and thus fled once more, digging a pit before she left as an ‘I was here’ for her opponent.”

While thinking this, Yan Zhaoge said to Fu Ting, “I’m thinking of investigating this Lofty Towering World again, and the other worlds of this Loathing Square Immortal Realm as well.”

Fu Ting immediately understood, “You want to investigate if there are other disciples of the Three Clear lineages like us”

Yan Zhaoge answered surreptitiously, “Precisely so.

If there really are, we could join forces.”

“The other party should be more familiar with this place than we are.

If we are able to contact them, it would be beneficial to us leaving the territory under the jurisdiction of the Immortal Court, making our way back to the World beyond Worlds.”

“Still, there may be a few peak experts of the Immortal Court guarding over this area, making it very dangerous.

I could go alone to investigate and come back to look for you.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “I have no intention of slighting you.

If we move separately, we could avoid getting captured in one fell swoop.”

Fu Ting pondered for a moment before shaking her head, “We are unfamiliar with this place and the people here, also being vastly dissimilar to martial practitioners of the Immortal Court.

There is also the matter of the language barrier.

It would be better if we move together, hence being able to look out for each other.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Let us move out then.”

As he said so, a black light appeared on his palm that was boundless in its transformations and hard to discern, being formless and faceless.

He directly struck out with a palm, several martial practitioners of the Chaotic Heavenly Sect hence perishing instantly.

While Yang Chong and the others were greatly shocked, Fu Ting’s expression was as per usual, “It really is the supreme martial art recorded in the Faceless Devil Scripture.

I did not think that you, Young Master Yan, would actually be proficient in this devilish art which has been lost for a long time.”

She appraised Yan Zhaoge, “Your Broad Creed Mountain’s lineage seems like a branch lineage of my Grand Clear lineage, whilst seemingly also possessing the orthodox tradition of the Jade Clear direct lineage.

Yet, looking at you now, you actually even know a peak devilish martial art like the Faceless Devil Scripture.

Your origins really cannot be discerned at all.”

Yan Zhaoge appeared nonchalant as he instead asked, “It is merely by coincidence that I obtained it thanks to a fortuitous encounter outside.

It is nothing much.

Instead, I would not have thought that you, Miss Fu, might recognise this Faceless Devil Scripture.

From what I know, this martial art had long since been lost in the World beyond Worlds before this.”

Fu Ting said, “Because of my father, I do know some secrets, such as the existence of Buddhism.”

“Buddhist light is a very tricky thing.

When Buddhist martial practitioners are slain, their seniors come to learn of it within an extremely short period of time and could even directly descend.”

“There are a limited number of martial arts that can restrict this.

One of them is precisely the Faceless Devil Scripture.

I have naturally never laid eyes on it before.

Still, my father once described to me the scenes displayed when those who cultivate in this martial art are executing it.”

“The treasured light of this Immortal Court’s lineage looks similar to the Buddhist light of Buddhism.”

Fu Ting glanced at Yan Zhaoge, “Still, pardon my bluntness, Young Master Yan, but this martial art…”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Will bewitch the mind, even causing one to fall to the dark side, sinking into the Nine Underworlds.”

“I am aware of that.

Therefore, despite having obtained it previously, I never cultivated in it.

It is just that after inadvertently entering that Buddhist world back then, discovering how tricky this Buddhist light was, I cultivated in it in order to protect myself.

Still, it is merely a means for restricting Buddha light.

I will not let it shake my foundation.”

The two conversed in a natural, easy manner.

Of the Chaotic Heavenly Sect martial practitioners, only Yang Chong and Quan Haolong remained now.

After his initial shock, Yang Chong instead calmed, sighing as he shook his head, “If you want to silence us, why have you spared me and junior apprentice-nephew Quan”

Yan Zhaoge answered noncommittally, “Based on mood.”

Yang Chong instantly smiled bitterly.

Quan Haolong composed himself and said hatefully, “While I am pained at how senior apprentice-uncle Yang was bewitched by the likes of you, this does not mean that I will bow my head towards you!”

Yan Zhaoge said casually, “So what If I let you go, with your fellow disciples all having been slain by me and only you remaining, what will everyone else think about you”

Quan Haolong was stunned.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Is it easy to understand That the treasured light in your body is still stable shows that you are still devout towards the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.”

“Aside from that, however, you lot are no different from us, possessing emotions and moods like everyone else.”

“With something like this having happened, if those in your sect who do not like you do not make use of this chance to kick you down, that really would be a very strange thing.”

“The evil devils and those of the external dao must be exterminated.

Still, all those lofty principles aside, infighting amongst people is very fun indeed, no”

Quan Haolong opened his mouth, unable to utter a sound in the end as he could only smile bitterly.

How could he not understand this

He exchanged glances with Yang Chong, both of them sighing.

Quan Haolong shook his head, “Anyway, I will not join your external dao.”

After saying so, he closed his eyes and ceased to speak.

Yang Chong looked first at Quan Haolong and then at Yan Zhaoge and Fu Ting, falling silent too in the end.

Yan Zhaoge cared not about this.

He had indeed simply spared Yang Chong and Quan Haolong based on mood.

Already knowing the location of that relic site from before, he immediately rushed off with Fu Ting.

The place itself had already been destroyed.

Yan Zhaoge did not intend to waste any time there.

He chose a location close to it where ordinary folk lived.

While his mother’s cultivation base was not weak, her body lacked the treasured light of the power of faith.

It would be easy indeed for descendants of the Immortal Court to discover her if she acted overtly and conspicuously.

After concealing her cultivation base, she would have had two choices.

She could have stayed in the distant mountains and the ancient forests far from human inhabitants, not interacting with anyone at all.

She could also have mixed in with the ordinary folk.

While those people had treasured light within their bodies as well, it was far weaker than that of martial practitioners as mortals were unable to see the treasured light within one another’s bodies too.

As long as she avoided contact with martial practitioners of the Immortal Court, disguising herself a little in her usual actions, she would still be able to conceal her identity.

Of course, a precondition was that there were no large-scale checks, no powerful experts who came specifically looking after learning about her.

Under such circumstances, Xue Chuqing would still not leave any clues behind.

Still, Yan Zhaoge was vaguely aware of things.

With his current cultivation base as well as discernment and sensory abilities, looking at the ordinary folk, they appeared virtually transparent to him.

The scanning was carried out swiftly and efficiently.

After searching around a dozen counties, Yan Zhaoge’s eyes suddenly lit up.


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