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HSSB911: Is this guy even human!


As Shang Jun’s palm descended, the ten rings of light surrounding his body resonated.

It was like ten divinities had simultaneously emitted furious roars, presiding over the nine heavens.

The force of his palm rotated and changed, seemingly containing infinite profundities.

At that moment, it seemed to contain twelve different variations.

Of the two top-class martial arts of the Ephemeral Cloud Star Sect, one was a qi refining technique, Heavenly Stem Cloud Overturning Qi.

Meanwhile, the other was a supreme martial art acclaimed alongside the Heavenly Stem Cloud Overturning Qi that was known as the Earthly Branches Rain Toppling Hand.

As the two arts combined, they were infinitely subtle as they manifested the variations of the heavens and the earth.

As Shang Jun’s palm descended, the space before Yan Zhaoge’s and Fu Ting’s eyes seemed to circulate in reverse.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge was utterly unconcerned about this as his body flickered and he transformed into a streak of light, directly flying out of the area enveloped by Shang Jun’s palm.

He looked rather interestedly at Shang Jun, “Heavenly Stem Cloud Overturning Qi, Earthly Branches Toppling Rain Hand.

It is only when one is able to achieve the sixty stem-branch variations that one can truly be said to have comprehended the essential principles within.”

“Not only could you avoid my palm, you actually even know of the sixty stem-branch variations” Shang Jun appraised Yan Zhaoge all over, “Already rather knowledgeable at such a young age.”

He shook his head, “I know that having entered the wrong path out of a moment’s greed, you disciples of the external dao may indeed be somewhat more powerful than we descendants of orthodox Daoism at the same cultivation level.”

“Still, that is merely a short-term measure.

Very soon, you will discover your path getting narrower and narrower, harder and harder.”

Shang Jun declared, “At the time, looking back at yesterday, you will know that everything of today was merely as ephemeral as the passing clouds.”

“Moreover, you are merely of the Seeing Divinity stage.

Whatever methods you possess, you will still be unable to escape the palm of my hand today!”

Now, Shang Jun’s palm technique changed again.

He struck out simultaneously with both hands as it was as though the heavens and earth were being subverted with the clouds and winds reversed.

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “What a delusional fool.”

He did not even look at Shang Jun’s palm as he simply raised a hand of his own.

As his hand was raised, the scenes amidst space instantly changed.

Shang Jun could only feel as if in the darkness of illusory space where it should be impossible to distinguish up from down and left from right, directions and contours had suddenly reappeared.

He who had originally been hovering amidst endless space seemed to have returned to a world with heavens and the earth.

The heavens and earth were formless.

Yet, in Shang Jun’s perception, he was now again beneath the sky with the earth beneath his feet.

However, as Yan Zhaoge’s upraised palm descended, the sky above his head now mightily collapsed!

The sky plummeted towards his head as the heavens and earth that he was in abruptly circulated in reverse!

Shang Jun’s palm arts too reversed the winds and clouds of the heavens and the earth.

At this moment, however, these winds and rains seemed to have been enveloped by the heavens and earth up ahead which too were reversed at this moment!

“Martial practitioners of the Immortal Court’s dao tradition like you-I really suspect that you have not achieved the sixty stem-branch variations.”

Yan Zhaoge’s left hand was behind his back as he raised his right hand, mightily unleashing a Cyclic Heavenly Seal.

As Shang Jun raised a hand to parry this palm, the expression of this Chief of the Ephemeral Cloud Star Sect instantly changed.

Yan Zhaoge laughed coldly, “This Yan dares even fight mid Immortal Bridge Martial Saints of the orthodox tradition of Daoism, moreover deficient products like you”

Shang Jun’s eyes appeared on the brink of imploding as he roared loudly!

The ten rings of light surrounding his body suddenly turned clear all at once.

The radiance dissipated as only ten runes remained.

Yet, each of them seemed to contain the immense, majestic power of the variations of the heavens and earth.

The ten runes congregated at Shang Jun’s palm.

The essence of twelve paths of the Earthly Branches Toppling Rain Hand were manifested as they combined with the ten runes formed from cultivating in the Heavenly Stem Cloud Overturning Qi, simultaneously attacking towards Yan Zhaoge.

As the runes and the palm arts combined, a whole thirty-six variations were rapidly born.

All these variations merged into a single streak of radiance.

Where the radiance passed, the clouds and winds dispersed, the heavens and earth changing colour.

Shang Jun brought down both his palms diagonally, as if he was clutching a massive axe as he sought to chop apart the heavenly stems, those pillars that supported the heavens.

On seeing this strike, Fu Ting’s expression turned solemn.

She possessed outstanding strength that few of the same cultivation level could ever compare to.

As a fifth level Martial Saint of the mid Seeing Divinity stage, she already dared to fight head-on against early Immortal Bridge experts of the lineage of the Immortal Court.

However, faced with the full-powered blow of Shang Jun who was in the eighth level of the Martial Saint realm, Fu Ting felt that with her cultivation base, she did not possess full confidence against it.

Although he was inferior to those of orthodox Daoism, that was an actual eighth level Martial Saint!

Seeing this, however, Yan Zhaoge did not even blink.

“So, you have not achieved the sixty stem-branch variations, really only being versed in thirty-six”

Yan Zhaoge did not retreat, instead striding forth and forcibly meeting this blow of Shang Jun’s!

A Cyclic Heavenly Seal descended, causing Shang Jun’s palms to quiver.

He flipped his palm.

Shang Jun’s palms were hindered from their descent.

Then, with his other palm, he then directly struck towards Shang Jun’s face!

Unusual phenomena again appeared amidst the heavens and earth before Shang Jun’s eyes, the sky below him as the great earth was up above.

The heavens and earth circulated in reverse, seemingly having combined to form a fissure before a palm forcibly squeezed out from within the cracked line, arriving before him!

The clouds and winds had already long since shattered.

At this moment, the sun and moon were lustreless as the end seemed to have come for even the heavens and earth!

There was only the cause of all this, that palm which extinguished the heavens and earth as it was overturned, which completely filled his field of vision!

Shang Jun looked rather disbelievingly at Yan Zhaoge.

Was this power that a mid Seeing Divinity Martial Saint could possess

As a lofty Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, he had originally not intended to utilise a Sacred Artifact.

His opponents were merely two juniors of the fifth level of the Martial Saint realm.

He could not afford to lose this face.

Shang Jun had been already been prepared earlier to utilise some methods to capture Yan Zhaoge and Fu Ting along with any major treasures they possessed.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge was really too ferocious.

Shang Jun could no longer care about face now.

A streak of radiance suddenly lit up as an actual huge axe of white jade flew out from his possession.

That jade axe expanded as it flew, instantly going from the size of a needle to tens of feet in length.

The axe now directly extinguished space itself as it viciously chopped down towards Yan Zhaoge.

It was shockingly a high-grade Sacred Artifact!

Yet, despite the fierceness of this high-grade Sacred Artifact, Yan Zhaoge was even more ferocious!

He did not evade or change his stance as this mighty axe descended, still striking out with a palm.

The Five Elements Deific Immortal Body bolstered his fleshly body while he secretly circulated the Taiji Yin Yang Palm beneath the Cyclic Heavenly Seal.

The profundities of the various martial arts were gradually merged, combined as one.

Yan Zhaoge’s palm struck down on the side of the huge axe, directly causing it to spin away to the side.

Shang Jun’s hairs all stood on end as Yan Zhaoge now unleashed yet another palm.

As the huge axe of white jade spun back after being struck by Yan Zhaoge, it chopped back towards Shang Jun instead!

Greatly shocked, Shang Jun was finally forced to retract his blow and retract.

He retracted his palms before simultaneously extending them to stop his own weapon.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge continued striding forth as he unleashed both his palms, executing two Cyclic Heavenly Seals.

The violent force jolted the huge axe of white jade that Shang Jun was holding till it very nearly flew out of his grasp!

He toppled backwards in retreat, nearly spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Shang Jun’s face was already full of shock as he looked again at Yan Zhaoge now.

He had originally intended to make use of a powerful blow of his high-grade Sacred Artifact to force Yan Zhaoge to stop attacking and evade after which he would intercept where Yan Zhaoge dodged, making use of this chance to reverse the battle situation and gain the upper hand.

He would have given Yan Zhaoge no chance to react as he slew him with swift, thunderbolt-like methods.

Yet, never would he have thought that Yan Zhaoge was actually fearsome to this extent!

Shang Jun had previously heard that martial practitioners of the external dao gained more powerful martial prowess at the same cultivation level in exchange for their cultivation becoming increasingly difficult in the future…

Yet, wasn’t this young man here a little too strong

While it was utterly ludicrous, a thought still involuntarily flashed through Shang Jun’s mind now.

Is this guy even human!


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