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HSSB912: A figure rarely seen in ten thousand years


A five-coloured light flickered about Yan Zhaoge’s torso, originating from the five main internal organs of his body as they transformed into five divinities.

As the five elements circulated, the creation of life was infinite and endless with vitality flowing never-endingly.

As a result, the defensive power and recuperative abilities of his fleshly body were both greatly boosted as it was like he had transformed into a human Cyclic Heavenly Seal, mightily slamming down towards Shang Jun’s face.

The Heaven Earth Reversing Axe, that high-grade Sacred Artifact that Shang Jun wielded, was actually a mighty weapon.

However, it was forced into only being able to passively defend now.

As he fought, Yan Zhaoge muttered to himself, “This high-grade Sacred Artifact that was forged seems to be rather good in quality.”

His palm nearly jolted the huge axe of white jade out of Shang Jun’s hands.

“Still, you possessing limited strength aside, your utilisation of high-grade Sacred Artifacts too has not attained perfection, right”

“Although you have demonstrated the might of the Sacred Artifact itself, you are unable to achieve the relationship of bolstering each other’s prowess as a veil seems to be separating the two of you.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “It is treasured light that makes you, but also treasured light that breaks you.”

Another object appeared in his hand which was long and like a sword, yet did not carry a sharp tip.

The top was level as if it had been snapped off.

Yet, there were marks inscribed on the level surface.

It was none other than the Light Yin Sword Seal.

Yang Zhaoge clapped out with a palm, suppressing Shang Jun even as he tapped on the Heaven Earth Reversing Axe with the Light Yin Sword Seal.

Imprinted on by the seal, the radiance of the Heaven Earth Reversing Axe instantly dimmed greatly.

The axe that looked like white jade seemed to be covered in a layer of lust, having lost its lustre.

Shang Jun was unable to block the next palm as his defences were broken through and the huge axe of white jade was jolted out of his hands, flying to the side.

Looking at Shang Jun, Yan Zhaoge shook his head slightly, “When I saw Yang Chong, I was still finding it hard to believe how being at the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm and having cultivated in the martial dao for so many years, could he really never have thought about how serious the problem with your sort of cultivation is”

“Having seen you who possess a higher cultivation base, I seem able to understand it better now.”

“The treasured light of the power of faith within your bodies does not simply affect your cultivation.

At the same time, it also subtly affects your thoughts and perception.”

“All this is gradually imprinted on the depths of your very souls, becoming your common knowledge will you will unquestionably believe to be true, never thinking of doubting or rejecting it.”

Yan Zhaoge smacked his lips, “Still, the closer one is to the grand dao, the more real it is.

One should, logically speaking, still detect it after having attained a certain cultivation level It is just that you still seem unable to feel it now at yours now.”

“Then, what sort of cultivation base will you have to attain before you can consciously detect it”

Yan Zhaoge appraised Shang Jun, whose expression was livid, “Evil devils and those of the external dao, even if you can be arrogant for a time, let us see how you can be hundreds, thousands of years later.”

He executed some footwork, consecutively taking twelve steps as ripples blossomed amidst space, resembling walking on floating clouds as he sped backwards in retreat.

The Earthly Branches Toppling Rain Hand was named as ‘hand’, yet really possessed both palm arts and movement techniques.

Their Twelve Consecutive Steps virtually possessed the ability to shift space.

Shang Jun dared not battle Yan Zhaoge anymore as he sought to flee.

Up in the distance was a Human Exalt of his Immortal Court.

So long as he could flee over there, he would immediately be safe.

Yet, how would Yan Zhaoge allow him to escape

He formed a seal with his left hand, holding the Light Yin Sword Seal with his right.

Yan Zhaoge merged entirely with his sword-light as he seemed to have transformed into a long river of time, rapidly speeding off in pursuit of Shang Jun.

Time flowed on rampantly as space and time seemed to suddenly accelerate about Yan Zhaoge’s body.

His speed seemed to have abruptly shot to a whole new level as well as he was able to close the distance that Shang Jun could traverse in a few breaths of time in simply a single breath of time.

Shang Jun felt desperate as he turned and chopped towards Yan Zhaoge with a palm.

Yan Zhaoge dispersed his sword-light, dodging Shang Jun’s palm.

He punched outwards, light and darkness intersecting as chaos could indistinctly be seen.

The next moment, chaos was retracted with light and darkness unceasingly born.

The boundless darkness faded, transforming into immeasurable radiance.

Amidst the radiance, twelve heavenly wheels rotated amidst space, resembling twelve divinities of light which illuminated endless space.

Then, the light was shattered, the two extremities no longer existing as the heavens and earth were extinguished!

The Great Shattering Brightness Palm in which was secretly integrated profundities of the Peerless Heavenly Scripture ferociously struck the middle of Shang Jun’s chest!

The ten flickering runes circulated simultaneously around Shang Jun, all his true essence being used to protect his body.

A muffled boom resounded as the ten runes were all shattered and blood violently spurted out of Shang Jun’s mouth.

Yan Zhaoge did not cease in his movements as his fist remained before Shang Jun’s chest, exerting force once more!

The next moment, Shang Jun’s chest was completely pierced through by Yan Zhaoge’s fist!

Shang Jun stared wide-eyed at Yan Zhaoge, dying with unresolved grievances.

At this moment, Shang Jun who was usually filled with confidence and a sense of superiority with regard to his dao tradition felt some doubts for the first time.

As an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, he had actually died at the hands of a single Seeing Divinity Martial Saint

Watching on by the side, Fu Ting suddenly said softly, “You should not feel so unresigned.

Of we descendants of the orthodox Three Clear lineages, figures like him are probably hard to come by even in a thousand, ten thousand years.”

She had originally intended to join forces with Yan Zhaoge.

Having clashed once with Yan Zhaoge before, having a general understanding of his abilities, Fu Ting had not been worried that Yan Zhaoge might be unable to defeat Shang Jun.

Still, obtaining victory against an enemy and slaying an enemy had two completely different levels of difficulty altogether.

Even if he was of the Immortal Court’s lineage, if an eighth level Martial Saint did not wish to partake in a battle of life and death and fully concentrated on fleeing, she would not be confident of blocking their escape at the very least.

Yet, watching the entire battle play out, Fu Ting had fallen silent.

She had always been a Heaven’s favoured daughter.

 Having grown up in the World beyond Worlds, ever since she had started cultivating, she had never been defeated by those of the same cultivation level, those of a similar age.

The Phoenix Prince Zhuang Chaohui was a genius amongst geniuses who was currently at the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm.

However, Fu Ting who was at the fifth level of the Martial Saint realm did not fear even him.

Even Fu Ting’s own father, the Brocade Emperor, might not have been able to defeat her at the same cultivation level, with his martial prowess from back when he had still been a Martial Saint.

Having grown up in an environment like this, Fu Ting had indeed suffered quite a blow today.

She was not an arrogant, self-deluded person.

There were people who could stand shoulder to shoulder with her.

Gao Qing of the Roving Jade Heavens was similarly talented and skilled in martial arts.

However, a person who was a whole level above her having suddenly appeared before her just like that, she still felt extremely unsettled by it.

This being something that she had never experienced before, Fu Ting felt it a strange sensation as she felt somewhat at a loss as well.

Still, her will was extremely firm as she quickly calmed her restless mood.

Looking at the unresigned Shang Jun, Fu Ting shook her head slightly, unable to stop herself from saying that line.

This was actually the prevalent thought on her mind now.

Hearing her words, the corners of Shang Jun’s mouth twitched slightly as he seemed to want to laugh yet was unable to do so.

He wanted to speak, yet his last breath dissipated, and he died there and then.

Yan Zhaoge was nonchalant as he smiled, “Miss Fu overpraises me.

Many geniuses have appeared over the grand course of history.

This Yan is but one of the innumerable lifeforms seeking his way forward in the dao.”

Fu Ting cast Yan Zhaoge a sidelong glance.

For some reason, while the contents of Yan Zhaoge’s words were clearly very humble, she just felt them to be somewhat strange as they were said by him.

With that, her complex emotions from earlier gradually faded.

“You did not utilise a martial art of the Faceless Devil Scripture just now, killing him directly just like that” Fu Ting switched to asking.

Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “I did.

Still, it was mixed with several other martial arts.

I have not cultivated seriously in the Faceless Devil Scripture in the first place.

It is only for its effects that I do so.”

Fu Ting glanced to the side, “Perhaps there is no difference whether or not you use it.”

Yan Zhaoge gazed over in the same direction as her.

There, amongst the powerful auras, there was clearly a Human Exalt of the Immortal Court who had arrived in the vicinity!


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