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HSSB913: Cohabiting with the heavens


Yan Zhaoge discovered the same problem as Fu Ting had.

A powerful aura was descending amidst space close to the Lofty Towering World which was not any inferior to those two suns at all.

It was clearly another peak Human Exalt expert who had arrived.

From that brilliant treasured light, it was evident that this was not some Buddhist bigwig, instead being a Daoist expert of the Immortal Court’s lineage.

“Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.”

As the sonorous voice reverberated amidst the surrounding space of the universe, that powerful aura joined the battlefield with Buddha light instantly dimming.

Besides this peak expert of the tenth level of the Martial Saint realm, other martial practitioners of the Immortal Court had arrived as well.

Now, the counterattack began as the Buddhist martial practitioners began falling back in retreat.

The Loathing Square Immortal Realm and the Lofty Towering World were the Immortal Court’s territory at the end of the day.

Communication and the arrival of reinforcements would be much more convenient for them than for Buddhism.

Still, this was not good news at all for Yan Zhaoge and Fu Ting.

Indeed, after the Buddhists began their retreat in the distant battlefield, the Immortal Court experts headed off in pursuit of them.

Yet, that great golden sun instead swiftly streaked through the pitch darkness of space, attacking in their direction!

Shang Jun, an expert of the mid Immortal Bridge stage, had been the number one expert of the Lofty Towering World.

He was not someone without any fame or status in the Loathing Square Immortal Realm.

The death of such a person would naturally quickly be noticed by the experts of the Immortal Court here.

While Yan Zhaoge had tried to widen the distance between them whilst also secretly obstructing the treasured light with the profundities of the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, this had still been too close for a Human Exalt as it had not been much different from killing someone right before his very eyes.

Battling with a Buddhist bigwig of the same level earlier, he had been unable to divide his attention.

Now that he was freed of that, he immediately discovered what had happened.

Yan Zhaoge sped off in retreat alongside Fu Ting.

This time, it was not at that same controlled pace as he was no longer ‘fishing’ like earlier, instead simply trying to get away from the Lofty Towering World as quickly as possible.

That Human Exalt of the Vast Yang Palace had originally thought that he would be able to catch up with Yan Zhaoge and Fu Ting very quickly.

In the end, however, he discovered that they were much faster than he had thought.

With that, he got slightly more serious.

He had originally thought that it was only because the two bore precious treasures that they had been able to slay Shang Jun of the eighth level of the Martial Saint realm.

Now, however, this actually did not seem to be the case.

The two of them were extremely powerful.

That great golden sun left behind a bright golden trail as it streaked through the darkness of space.

The trail did not dissipate even after a long time as it resembled a golden heavenly river.

Its speed was far superior to that of Shang Jun of the eighth level of the Martial Saint realm.

While Yan Zhaoge and Fu Ting were fast indeed, the great golden sun still gradually managed to catch up with them.

Feeling the blazing heat and piercing light emanating from it which resembled the actual sun in the sky, Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes slightly.

It seemed as though there was a palace within the great golden sun which was like the residence of a divine sun king.

Golden flames continually gushed out from within that formless palace.

A voice resounded from within, “Heh, two juniors of the mid Seeing Divinity stage were actually able to kill Shang Jun of the mid Immortal Bridge stage”

The other party seemed not to be underestimating the two of them or looking down on the defeated Shang Jun who had died in an inconceivable manner though it was really like there was no logical explanation for it to have happened at all.

As the sunlight descended, a gaze which seemed able to penetrate and see through Yan Zhaoge and Fu Ting appraised them all over.

“Oh There is a traitor too.”

That person said, “He is someone of the Lofty Towering World’s Chaotic Heavenly Sect.

I remember his name to be Yang Chong.

What a pity that he has fallen to the external dao.”

Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly, flicking the sleeve of his robe and causing winds and clouds to stir as his aura dispersed, Yang Chong and Quan Haolong being revealed.

Looking at that golden sun, Yang Chong had a complex expression on his face, “Vast Yang Exalt…”

The Vast Yang Palace was precisely the greatest power of the Loathing Square Immortal Realm.

It had been at its thriving peak when that Vast Yang Emperor had been alive that year.

After the Vast Yang Emperor had died to the palm of the World beyond World’s Dim Radiant Emperor Yin Tianxia, the Vast Yang Palace had yet to produce another true immortal all these years.

Still, this Palace Lord of Vast Yang Palace here, the Vast Yang Exalt Pei Hua, had risen to prominence afterwards as the fame of Vast Yang Palace was maintained in the Loathing Square Immortal Realm.

Within the great golden sun, the image of a palace vaguely disappeared as the figure of an old man instead appeared.

The old man had faint golden hair and was dressed in a white robe as it was like his entire body was radiating light.

It was none other than Pei Hua, the Palace Lord of the newly reassembled Vast Yang Palace beneath the Immortal Court’s reign in post-Great Calamity times.

Pei Hua glanced indifferently at Yang Chong, asking mildly, “Do you know the consequence of banding together with evil devils and those of the external dao, going in contradiction to the heavenly dao against the natural order of things, Yang Chong”

Yang Chong stammered, “This disciple…this disciple…”

Yan Zhaoge spread his arms apart, “Yet, it was precisely because he saw that Emperor of your sect who attacked an Emperor of my orthodox Daoism two against one yet was not a match for him in the end that he awakened to his problem.”

While this Vast Yang Exalt’s gaze that swept across Yan Zhaoge and Yang Chong was clearly fiery hot, it caused a chill to arise within their hearts.

Yang Chong clenched his teeth, saying resolutely, “This disciple has no wish to betray the dao! I just wish to be able to choose another path and try walking on it!”

“I wish to try cultivation techniques of the external dao, but my heart is still towards the heavenly dao, and I still often recite the name of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord!”

Pei Hua looked at him, “This was why you were unwilling to be baptised again after your treasured light became unstable, rather escaping than doing so”

Yang Chong grit his teeth, “Please let me go, Vast Yang Exalt…”

Yet, before he could finish speaking, Pei Hua had already waved a hand, “Since you have already fallen so deeply into the external dao, there is really no further point for me to hold you here.”

A look of joy had only just appeared on Yang Chong’s face when terrifying sunlight transformed into all-encompassing golden rain, descending towards him!

Let alone when he had become weak now, even at his peak, just a single drop of that golden rain of light would have been sufficient to claim his life.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge inhaled deeply.

The Extreme Yang Seal slowly arose, blocking that golden rain of light.

Pei Hua was far more powerful than Shang Jun, their levels of strength virtually being worlds apart.

The rain only halted slightly before it continued descending.

Still, making use of that one instant, Yan Zhaoge had already pulled Yang Chong away whilst swiftly retreating.

“This Sacred Artifact…” Pei Hua’s eyes lit up, “Interesting, interesting!”

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, he laughed coldly, “You think you can protect him”

Yan Zhaoge similarly laughed, “Maybe even I myself am in a precarious position.

Still, you definitely won’t be letting me leave easily anyway.

Since that is so, I might as well try.”

Pei Hua’s smile was rather strange, “Talent and strength are good, and your mentality too.

A pity…”

Before his words had landed, the treasured light within his body suddenly turned more dazzling.

At the same time, the already deteriorated treasured light in Yang Chong’s body turned extremely dazzling as well!

Yang Chong was wide-eyed and tongue-tied as his body actually began gradually turning transparent before it shattered, finally turning into a long rainbow alongside that treasured light!

Without even attacking, Pei Hua had already ended Yang Chong’s life!

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge was not troubled as he instead stared thoughtfully at Pei Hua, “Well, so this treasured light of the power of faith is not just supplied to the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord alone.”

“Important figures of the Immortal Court with higher cultivation bases who are experts of a region can benefit alongside the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord too.”

“Oh, it should not be as widespread as for the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord, instead being restricted to a region.

For example, you can only benefit off those martial practitioners of the Immortal Court’s lineage within the Loathing Square Immortal Realm.”

“When they are worshipping the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord, you can benefit off this a little too.”

Hearing Yan Zhaoge’s words, Pei Hua’s gaze turned more solemn as he halted, appraising him once more.

Yan Zhaoge similarly appraised Pei Hua all over, “Of course, you yourself still need to worship the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.

Also, you yourself are one of the greatest sources of the power of faith and worship within the Loathing Square Immortal Realm.”

“Atop this foundation, however, you can be really considered as benefiting a little alongside the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.

Am I right”

Pei Hua’s tone was indifferent whilst also ephemeral, “In being devoted to the dao, we can cohabit with the heavens.”


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