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HSSB916: Slaying an Exalt


An Exalt was slain on the spot!

Such a scene was inevitably shocking beyond compare, the very heavens and earth being shaken.

Even more shocking was that the person who had slain the Exalt was not some expert of a higher cultivation level, instead being an Exalt just like him.

However, this had been totally casual for that white-clothed youth.

The Vast Yang Exalt, Pei Hua, did not move forward to help that green-robed youth.

On the contrary, after recognising that white-clothed youth, he had immediately turned and fled!

He ignored even Yan Zhaoge, Fu Ting and the Extreme Yang Seal.

It was just that despite Pei Hua immediately fleeing, that white-clothed youth did not left him go, distantly hacking out with his sword as white-sword qi next instantly arrived in pursuit of Pei Hua.

Pei Hua cried hatefully, “Long Xueji, if you dare to come here, my Immortal Court’s Emperor experts will definitely slay you!”

Garbed in white and adorned with crown, the youth-like Long Xueji said nonchalantly, “Emperors of an external dao will not be able to slay me.”

As his sword descended, the great golden sun instantly dimmed, the sun setting to the west.

Long Xueji strode forward, striking out with another sword.

The sunlight was completely extinguished with space again totally pitch-black.

Pei Hua emitted a tragic groan as one of his arms was hacked off.

White sword-qi wreathed the stump of his wound as the injury ran amok, even continuing to extend further throughout his body.

The white sword-qi travelled up from his wound as more flesh and blood from Pei Hua’s broken arm was shattered and extinguished, further threatening the rest of his body.

Long Xueji raised the sword in his hand for the third time.

As Pei Hua seemed doomed to perish, numerous golden flowers suddenly appeared amidst space, a sea of flowers hence forming.

The golden flowers blocked the white sword-qi.

Seeing this, Long Xueji knit his brows slightly.

Pei Hua, meanwhile, was wildly overjoyed.

Yan Zhaoge and Fu Ting were both shocked as an extremely powerful will descended.

It was more powerful than Pei Hua.

This aura could only belong to an expert who had already pushed open the door to Immortality!

Traversing the boundary between human and Immortal and becoming a true Immortal, yet having returned to the human realm, descending upon mortal soil.

“You came quite quickly,” Seeing this, despite feeling surprised, Long Xueji was not panicked at all.

He glanced at Yan Zhaoge and Fu Ting through the corner of his eyes before shaking his head slightly, red light suddenly flickering on his body as he had already vanished amidst space, as if he had never appeared.

As Long Xueji vanished, those golden flowers vanished as well.

“The person chasing after the Long Xueji guy is gone” Yan Zhaoge pondered.

He felt that Long Xueji’s final glance at him and Fu Ting before he had left had vaguely contained some feelings of regret.

Relating this to how Long Xueji had recognised him and Fu Ting, Yan Zhaoge felt that if not for that Emperor of the Immortal Court having appeared, Long Xueji might have had some words for him.

Despite his overwhelming power, he did not appear to have malicious intentions towards him.

It was not because he was afraid of that Emperor of the Immortal Court that Long Xueji had left.

It was because he wanted to change the location of their battle to protect Yan Zhaoge and Fu Ting.

Even as he pondered, Yan Zhaoge did not linger as he called Fu Ting along, leaving together.

However, golden sunlight now lit up before their eyes once more.

Pei Hua had a hostile look on his face as he gazed coldly at the two of them, “Do you really think that you can leave just like that”

Yan Zhaoge looked rather amusedly at the stump of Pei Hua’s broken arm, “Wounds inflicted by the Immortal Ending Sword are not easy to recover from at all.

If no one helps you, you will be crippled for the rest of your life.”

“Instead of looking for a place to treat your injuries now, you still want to battle with us”

Pei Hua said coldly, “Capturing and illuminating the two of you may indeed be difficult.

Still, killing you would pose no difficulty whatsoever.”

Looking at his wound, there was not too much fury and hatred in his gaze as he instead looked somewhat thoughtful, “Even amongst you martial practitioners of the external dao, Long Xueji should also be considered one of the top experts amongst Exalt-level Martial Saints, am I right”

“While I am not his opponent, others can take care of him.”

Pei Hua turned to look at Yan Zhaoge and Fu Ting, “Exactly like how though Shang Jun and Yang Chong were no match for you, I can still capture or kill you as I would like.”

With that, Pei Hua clenched his single fist, directly punching out towards Yan Zhaoge and Fu Ting!

As soon as he attacked, white sword-qi instantly surged from the wound on his severed arm once more!

The wound had already virtually spread to his shoulder.

Despite his face being paler, Pei Hua’s expression was cold as he remained unmoved, “It is useless even if you have the Extreme Yang Seal.

However inhumanly talented you are, not having ascended to the Immortal Bridge stage, the Extreme Yang Seal’s full might cannot be drawn out as it would not be utilised at its fullest potential.”

His Vast Sun Divine Fist was ferocious beyond compare, seemingly able to destroy the heavens and extinguish the earth as it instantly arrived above Yan Zhaoge’s head.

Yan Zhaoge laughed loudly, “No rush, no rush.”

“It would have been fine if it were Exalts of other lineages.

Yet, it just had to be you who cultivate in the Vast Yang Scripture.”

Yan Zhaoge’s smile turned icy cold, “Since that is so, do not just stare at my Extreme Yang Seal.

This Yan has better treasures waiting for you.”

Along with the roar of dragons, a palace suddenly appeared.

The door of the palace opened.

Amidst the dim space within the palace, blurry radiance which was neither bright nor dark surged, being hard to elucidate in words.

Amidst the radiance was a massive metal wheel.

There were twelve slots on the wheel that slowly rotated alongside it.

While this object simply existed there, quietly rotating at its own pace with utter disregard for all else in the surroundings and not affecting anything as well, after coming into contact with the fist-intent of the Vast Yang Exalt Pei Hua, it suddenly shook!

Pei Hu was taken aback at first.

Still, after sensing the concept contained within the metal wheel, his expression instantly changed dramatically!

He roared in rage, “Dim Radiant Emperor, Yin Tianxia!”

The one and only person to have ever pushed open the door to Immortality in the entire history of the Vast Yang Palace, the Vast Yang Emperor who had died to none other than Yin Tianxia that year.

The Vast Yang Emperor had been one of Yin Tianxia’s numerous opponents in that final battle of his life when he had come to the lands of the Immortal Court that year.

His distinctive martial concept and that unique, abundant treasured light of the power of faith were both stimulating the Dim Radiant Wheel now.

One of the main materials for the Dim Radiant Wheel had been Yin Tianxia’s very corpse.

To a certain extent, his final will had been preserved within.

The Dim Radiant Wheel that Yan Zhaoge was usually unable to make use of suddenly moved as it was stimulated by Pei Hua’s fist-intent now.

Amidst endless darkness, radiance arose which forcibly obstructed Pei Hua’s Vast Sun Divine Fist.

A powerful force rebounded on Pei Hua’s body which shook as the wound erupted further on his other shoulder!

Pei Hua stared at Yan Zhaoge, “So you are Yin Tianxia’s descendant!”

Yan Zhaoge chuckled coldly, “If that person had not appeared earlier, inflicting a grave injury on you, what I was originally considering was how to retreat fully intact.

Now, however…”

He brought a hand down, the upraised Extreme Yang Seal smashing straight towards Pei Hua’s head!

“Now, what I am considering is-slaying an Exalt!

Pei Hua roared, “What qualifications have you!”

He sought to retract his palm.

Yet, the Dim Radiant Wheel rotated at this moment.

The radiance scattered, boundless darkness sweeping over.

Pei Hua was actually unable to retract his blow as his fist was forcibly sucked in place by the power of the Dim Radiant Wheel!

The Dim Radiant Wheel had not achieved completion as its power was still far from the level of an Immortal Artifact.

However, the heavily injured Pei Hua was actually unable to quickly extricate himself from its hold.

As the Extreme Yang Seal smashed down towards him, Pei Hua roared loudly, infinite radiance emitted which rapidly formed a golden palace around his entire body.

Protected by the palace, he was temporarily safe from the might of the Extreme Yang Seal.

Both sides descended into a stalemate.

Yet, Pei Hua emitted a muffled groan!

The white sword-qi from his wound was extending rapidly as the flesh and blood of his entire shoulder had already fallen apart, the area of his wound expanding non-stop!


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