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HSSB918: The most powerful family


Lin Hanhua was actually an alias just like Qian Xueji.

The actual name of this sword cultivator of the Prime Clear direct lineage and former head disciple of the World beyond Worlds’ southeastern Yang Heaven Territory should actually be Long Hanhua.

His father Long Xueji was a descendant of the Dragon Spring Emperor.

Long Xueji had returned to the World beyond Worlds and resided there in the past.

After his identity had been exposed, he had returned to the Roving Jade Heavens.

When his son, Long Hanhua, had come of age, he had replaced Long Xueji and headed to the World beyond Worlds.

Sadly, however, he had met with the same fate as his father in the end as he had been forced to leave the World beyond Worlds, returning to the Roving Jade Heavens.

After arriving before Long Hanhua, the white-clothed Long Xueji retracted his sharpness as his features could now be viewed straight on.

Even though they were father and son, his features did not resemble Long Hanhua’s greatly.

Those who were in the dark regarding this would not easily come to relate the two of them.

With Long Xueji possessing the appearance of a youth, Long Hanhua instead looked older than his father.

Long Hanhua said, “Father, Eldest Uncle requests that you head directly to Scenery Peak upon your return to the Mountain.”

“Scenery Peak” Long Xueji gazed towards the distant mountain peak, “Your grandfather has already left seclusion”

Long Hanhua replied, “He should be very soon.

Eldest Uncle is there awaiting him and has asked that you come over as well upon your return.”

Long Xueji nodded, “I see.

Accompany me there, Hanhua.”

Neither of them flew in the bounds of Green Duckweed Mountain as they simply walked, heading to another mountain peak.

That place was Scenery Peak where Flowing Heaven Horizon, the cave manor of Long Xueji’s father, the Dragon Spring Emperor, was located.

After Long Xueji had achieved his fame, he had left Scenery Peak’s Flowing Heaven Horizon and opened a dao arena of his own at Green Duckweed Mountain, no longer staying with his parents.

Upon arriving at Scenery Peak’s Flowing Heaven Horizon, the father and son were notified by the guard attendant at the door that the Dragon Spring Emperor had already emerged from seclusion.

Long Xueji and Long Hanhua entered the cave manor.

There were already three people inside.

A man who looked around thirty was currently leaning back against a couch with his eyes closed, as if he was snoozing.

A young girl was seated next to him, lightly pounding on his legs.

It was none other than Gao Qing.

Seeing Long Xueji and Long Hanhua enter, Gao Qing instantly smiled, “Little Granduncle, Little Uncle, you’re here!”

Long Xueji’s gaze turned softer, “Qing’er.”

Gao Qing raised a finger and placed it before her lips, whispering, “Great Grandfather’s napping right now.”

There was an old man seated cross-legged off to the side.

Seeing Long Xueji and Long Hanhua enter, the old man nodded, “Did your trip this time go smoothly, Third Brother”

Long Xueji cupped his hands in greeting, “Eldest Brother.”

A youth addressing a white-haired old man as eldest brother seemed a little strange.

Still, Gao Qing and Long Hanhua were used to it.

This white-haired old man was actually Long Xueji’s eldest brother, the eldest son of the Roving Jade Heavens’ Profound Sovereign and the Dragon Spring Emperor.

He was the Lord of Green Duckweed Mountain’s Minor White Peak, Gao Xuebo.

He was also Gao Qing’s grandfather.

Their lineage was surnamed Gao after the Profound Sovereign, inheriting the Gao Family’s mantle.

Like Long Xueji, Gao Xuebo was of the tenth level of the Martial Saint realm, the Human Exalt stage.

Their lineage had produced one Sovereign, one Emperor and two Human Exalts.

Their fourth generation descendant, Gao Qing, was also already a Martial Saint.

In terms of bloodline, the Dragon Spring Emperor’s family could be called the most powerful family in all of Daoism at the present moment.

Long Hanhua bowed to that old man as well, “Eldest Uncle.”

Gao Xuebo nodded to Long Hanhua before looking at Long Xueji.

Long Xueji sent via sound transmission, “The battle between the Buddhists and those of the external dao has already fully started.

Also, the flames of war are growing increasingly intense as they should soon be reaching a peak.”

“This is good indeed.

Some of our plans can be brought forward,” Gao Xuebo nodded, “Father has already emerged from seclusion.

As for mother, she should also be emerging very soon.”

Long Xueji was silent for a time before he continued, “This time, I saw that Yan Zhaoge in the territory of the external dao.”

Gao Qingbo frowned slightly, “He was actually there What happened in the end”

Long Xueji shook his head, “There was an Exalt of the external dao making things difficult for him.

I inflicted grave injuries on that Exalt, so he should have been able to escape.

It was a pity that some Emperor of the external dao happened to descend then.

I could only lure the Emperor away and was unable to bring him back to the Roving Jade Heavens.”

Gao Xuebo pondered, “Then, he should already be aware of the name of the ‘Immeasurable Heavenly Lord’”

Long Xueji answered, “Yes, he should.”

One old, one young in their outer appearances, the two brothers were silent for a long time.

“He should still just be at the Seeing Divinity stage now” Gao Xuebo’s expression turned cold and severe, “Was he sent there due to someone else’s schemes and machinations This is breaking his forward path!”

Long Xueji said, “Together with him was also the World beyond Worlds’ Fu Ting, daughter of the Brocade Emperor.”

Gao Xuebo shook his head, “While she is of the World beyond Worlds, this is also another good seedling of our Daoism’s direct lineage that is actually ruined.”

“No need to be overly pessimistic,” A voice now resounded by the ears of Long Xueji and Gao Qingbo.

That napping youth stretched lazily, leisurely awakening.

“We still cannot say for sure now.”

Long Xueji and Gao Qingbo chimed in unison, “Father.”

That man who looked no more than thirty and had just been snoozing leisurely against the couch was shockingly none other than the Dragon Spring Emperor!

He was an Emperor of the orthodox tradition of the Three Clear lineages who had achieved his fame some thousands of years ago, having long since pushed open the door to Immortality and ascended into the Immortal realm!

This person was remarkably handsome with features that vaguely resembled Long Xueji’s and Gao Qingbo’s somewhat.

It was just that he was unlike the sharp, domineering Long Xueji and the solemn, proper Gao Qingbo.

This exalted Emperor was laid-back, lazy and carefree.

He said lazily, “Speaking of this, we really have to thank Yin Tianxia.

If not for him, even we would probably be unable to be sitting here casually discussing the matter of the external dao right now.”

“Yes,” Long Xueji and Gao Qingbo appeared thoughtful.

Their conversation was conducted via sound transmission as only the three of them were able to hear it.

Gao Qing and Long Hanhua were only able to see the Dragon Spring Emperor awakening from his slumber.

Gao Qing instantly smiled happily, “Great Grandfather, you can’t fall asleep halfway through your story!”

The Dragon Spring Emperor chuckled, “What, I only asked you to do a little work, pounding my leg for these old bones, and you still want a reward Have I doted on you for nothing, you little girl”

Gao Qing blinked, saying in a pitiful manner, “Even if there isn’t a reward, there shouldn’t be a punishment, right You only told your story halfway, hooking me but not finishing it.

That’s bad.”

The Dragon Spring Emperor could not help but smile, “I wonder who taught you to be so glib”

He shook his head, “Hah, where was I at just now”

Gao Qing hurriedly reminded him, “When you were rampaging throughout the world with your eldest apprentice-brother.”

The Dragon Spring Emperor said, “Right, yes.

I was young and arrogant then.

Afterwards, as I got older, even though I wasn’t so frivolous anymore, I was still full of myself.

Otherwise, I would not have even come here in the first place.”

Gao Qing laughed, “If you didn’t come, there wouldn’t be me, and there wouldn’t be Grandfather, Little Granduncle and Little Uncle too.”

Gao Xuebo shook his head while Long Xueji and Long Hanhua were amused, both laughing as well.

After the laughter had subsided, Gao Qing asked curiously, “Then, didn’t that eldest apprentice-brother of yours come here looking for you”

The Dragon Spring Emperor replied, “He came.”

Gao Qing nodded with certainty, “Then, he definitely wasn’t a match for Great Grandmother too.

Otherwise, you would have had to go back with him.”

A reminiscing look appeared on the Dragon Spring Emperor’s face, “No, eldest apprentice-brother won.”


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