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HSSB92: Now, what do you have to say for yourself


Yan Zhaoge looked at Ye Jing who had the look of wanting to devour everybody he saw.

After hearing his question, complicated emotions now surfaced within Ye Jing’s eyes which had originally been on the verge of losing all sense of reason.

Anger, regret, unwillingness, longing, hatred, disgust-all of these flashed by.

But all these emotions were quickly engulfed and swallowed up by his flames of fury.

Ye Jing ground his teeth, staring at Yan Zhaoge while not answering his question, only repeating non-stop, “Because of you…because of you…it was all because of you!”

Seeing this from the side, Yan Xu’s expression did not change, but disappointment that was hard to conceal could be seen within the depths of his gaze, “Rotten mud cannot be lifted up a wall.”

Upon having successfully sought out Ye Jing earlier, he had not revealed his own identity, only telling Ye Jing that he could help him in getting his revenge.

All he needed was Ye Jing to coordinate with him.

The Ghost Hatchet Elder Han Sheng, had also been led over by Ye Jing.

That Han Sheng would make a move, to Yan Xu, was an unexpected surprise.

Yan Zhaoge dying at Han Sheng’s hands and Han Sheng being killed by Broad Creed Mountain experts afterwards in retaliation-to him, that was a perfect best case scenario indeed.

If he had to personally make a move to exterminate Yan Zhaoge, Ye Jing would also be of use then.

But from the looks of it now, Ye Jing was completely useless in all areas.

He had definitely taught him to push the blame for Lin Yushao’s death onto Yan Zhaoge…

But the Ye Jing who had had the flames of fury rush into his brain didn’t seem to think that that was a good idea at all.

As he saw it, why did he have to frame Yan Zhaoge

Everything that had happened up till now was all caused by Yan Zhaoge in the first place!

Looking at Ye Jing, Yan Xu strongly shook his head within his heart.

People who had lost their rationality were indeed easy to manipulate, but such people were also prone to easily losing control of their emotions, leading to some unexpected accidents happening.

The Principal Elder of the Eastern Tang, now deeply felt the frustration of having a pig teammate.

Looking at how Ye Jing was, Shi Tie also shook his head within his heart.

Affected by the technique with which he had reforged his fleshly body, Ye Jing’s emotions had become greatly unstable, temperamental and quick to anger, unable to keep a calm mind.

He really didn’t understand what had really happened that day in the Sealing Dragon Abyss

Maybe not; more probable was the fact that he just wasn’t willing to believe it.

At the end of the day, it was him being unwilling to accept reality, feeling that he should not have met with such a calamity for no rhyme or reason, and especially not in front of Yan Zhaoge.

Having met with such a calamity, there must definitely be someone who had perpetrated it, and other than the Yan Zhaoge whom he had originally had some enmity with, what other, more possible candidate was there

From a certain perspective, it was actually just him being enraged as a result, and wanting to find an outlet to vent his anger.

Afterwards, he began feeling that as the victim, he definitely couldn’t lower his head before the perpetrator, and had to get justice for himself, paying back what he had suffered in fold.

It was just that with this process of continual self-hypnosis, Ye Jing’s emotions had grown more and more unstable.

More and more temperamental, the violent intent in his heart skyrocketing even further.

From first thinking of himself as the victim, to accumulating his rage gradually to the point where it brought harm to those around him, as he became more and more unrestrained and without fear.

Shi Tie was a person who seldom felt regret, but now he was really beginning to question a little: the Ye Jing before his eyes-was he really the person he had previously set his eyes on and considered taking on as a disciple after observation

All of Ye Jing’s reactions after having heard Yan Zhaoge’s question had fallen into his eyes, and he had naturally understood that Ye Jing’s so-called ‘because of you’ stemmed out of anger and resentment, rather than pointing at Yan Zhaoge as a real murderer.

Staring at Yan Zhaoge, Ye Jing hissed, “If she had not been bewitched by you, how could Yushao have been unwilling to leave with me”

Yan Zhaoge came before him, gazing at him, “Unwilling to leave with you; so you were determined not to let her leave with me as well”

Ye Jing snorted, his eyes bloodshot as reason and clarity had once again completely vanished from within them, “Anyone who is standing on your side, is my enemy!”

Looking at him, Yan Zhaoge’s tone was calm yet emitted a bone-chilling coldness, “Very good; prepare to pay with your life for junior apprentice-sister Lin.”

Ye Jing let out an enraged yell, “You are not allowed to mention her; if not for you that year, none of this would have happened!”

Yan Zhaoge paid him no heed any longer, instead looking towards Yan Xu, “Ye Jing, does not know the Tu**a Palm.”

“Although what he is currently cultivating in is very strange, the power of fire that it contains is very different from with the Tu**a Palm.”

“Elder Yan, the one who first discovered junior apprentice-sister Lin’s corpse was you.

I would like to ask of you: the injuries on junior apprentice-sister Lin’s body left behind by the Tu**a Palm-who inflicted them”

Shi Tie’s gaze similarly cam to fall on Yan Xu.

With both Yan Zhaoge’s and Shi Tie’s gazes on him, Yan Xu fell silent for a moment before he raised his eyelids, his gaze calm, “It was this old man.”

He said slowly, “With the competition between Elder Yan and Elder Fang growing more and more intense by the day, this old man was momentarily bewitched by the devil, intending to strike a blow on Elder Yan through Yan Zhaoge.”

“If Yan Zhaoge were found guilty of the crime, let alone the fact that he would have lost all face, Elder Yan would also have earned the reputation of being an incompetent father.”

“And such a person-how could he succeed the position of Clan Chief”

Yan Xu calmly whispered, “And so, the old Clan Chief, you, Elder Shi, as well as the other important experts of our clan-your impressions of the Yan father and son would all drop greatly as a result.”

“Elder Fang’s road to power would become much smoother.”

“As remuneration for it in the future, this old man would also receive many benefits.”

“This was being fuelled by greed-my first sin.”

“Other than that, as a mere junior, Yan Zhaoge went against this old man time and time again, causing this old man to be holding in a stomach full of resentment, feeling uncomfortable if I couldn’t vent it out.

Therefore, I intentionally wanted to make things difficult for him, to teach him a lesson.”

“This was being fuelled by anger-my second sin.”

Yan Xu’s tone was calm and without fluctuations, “While being a Principal Elder, this old man has committed so many grave sins.

I am willing to resign my post and head to the Disciplinary Hall to receive my punishment.”

“Whatever punishment the clan decides to give me, this old man will also not object.”

“With our Broad Creed Mountain currently battling it out with the Sacred Sun Clan, this old man’s face is also not thick enough to continue remaining in the Eastern Tang.

I plead to head to the frontlines where the South Heaven Region and the Fire Domain are doing battle, to fight it out with our enemies.”

“If this old life is thrown away there, it can be considered as having made up for this time’s sins.

I hope Elder Shi will allow me this.”

Shi Tie looked at him silently, neither agreeing nor refusing, not saying a word.

Looking at Yan Xu, Yan Zhaoge asked, “Elder Yan, is it only that”

Yan Xu said mildly, “Admitting my wrongs in front of a junior like you, the skin on this old man’s old face has already been completely peeled away.

What else is there to hide”

Yan Zhaoge chortled, though his gaze was a little cold, “Elder Yan’s skill of grabbing the big and letting go of the small is something that is deeply worthy of me learning.”

“However, I would like to ask of you how the movements of myself along with Elder Xu and the others came to be grasped by the Sacred Sun Clan.”

Yan Xu’s expression did not change, “This old man is also very curious about that.”

He looked at Yan Zhaoge, “Are you hinting that this old man intentionally leaked the information to the Sacred Sun Clan, attempting to kill with a borrowed knife and condemn you to death”

“This old man admits that on your matter, I indeed showed little forbearance.

However, it was still not to the extent of wanting your life-this old man had no reason to wish you dead.”

“As for this old man appearing here, I have already said that it was because I had rushed over to assist.”

Yan Xu looked at Yan Zhaoge, “You said that this old man wanted to claim your life; that really is ‘if you want to condemn someone, there’s always a charge to be had.’”

Yan Zhaoge sneered, “What’s true is ‘The evidence is irrefutable; it cannot be denied.’”

Looking at Yan Xu, Shi Tie slowly shook his head, “Elder Yan, seeing me appear here, were you still holding on to hope”

Yan Xu’s expression didn’t change, but his heart sunk.

Shi Tie similarly didn’t say anything further, only bringing all of them to pierce through the clouds as he flew.

Very quickly, they arrived at a manor.

Seeing this manor, Yan Xu’s face instantly dimmed slightly.

Outside the manor, there stood a hale and hearty old man.

It was precisely the Disciplinary Elder of the East Heaven Region who had paid a visit to the Eastern Tang for Yan Zhaoge half a year ago.

The Disciplinary Elder bowed towards Shi Tie, “First Seat, when we arrived here, they were in the process of silencing mouths.

Two people could not be saved.”

“However, the others have all already fallen under our control.

After our primary interrogation, it is already sufficient to indict Yan Xu of colluding with the Sacred Sun Clan and exposing the movements of our clan’s disciples.”

Shi Tie landed, turning to look at Yan Xu, “Now, what do you have to say for yourself”


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