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HSSB921: Sixth level of the Martial Saint realm, late Seeing Divinity stage


Exchanging glances, Yan Zhaoge and Fu Ting both nodded, entering that vortex.

Radiance circulated around them as various chaotic phenomena could unceasingly be seen.

When the radiance finally faded, what appeared before the two of them was yet again the space of endless darkness.

Still, feeling the spiritual qi flow there and observing the circulating of the stars of the universe, Yan Zhaoge knew that they had already successfully returned to the worlds governed by the Three Clear lineages of orthodox Daoism.

While space was chaotic before them with multiple creases and wrinkles, making it difficult for them to move, it was simply a matter of time before they managed to return to the World beyond Worlds.

For Yan Zhaoge with his previous experience of returning from a Buddhist world, it was considerably easier to move about than the last time.

Previously, he had still been a Merging Avatar Martial Saint.

Now, he was already a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint and had cultivated in the Immortal Trapping Sword as well, making it much easier for him to traverse the chaotic space of the universe.

“Although not much time passed, having returned from a trip to the lands of the Immortal Court, it feels like a whole lifetime has passed,” Yan Zhaoge smiled.

Fu Ting nodded slightly, “If not for the appearance of the Roving Jade Heavens’ Long Xueji and that remnant treasure of the Dim Radiant Emperor’s that you possess, it would likely have been rather calamitous for us.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “It should be said that it was fortunate for the Exalt of the external dao to have been of Vast Yang Palace’s lineage, his ancestor having been in a conflict with the Dim Radiant Emperor before.”

Fu Ting had a dark expression on her face, “My father once said that the Immortal Artifact left behind by the Dim Radiant Emperor is inauspicious.”

“Still, he was unwilling to reveal the reason for this, just saying that he would only tell me after I had attained the peak of the Martial Saint realm.”

“From the looks of it now, it might be related to the Immortal Court’s external dao.”

Fu Ting turned and looked at Yan Zhaoge, “Just earlier, after leaving the lands of the Immortal Court and returning to our side, I tried thinking of the name of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord again.”

The smile on Yan Zhaoge’s face vanished as he asked solemnly, “What was the end result”

Fu Ting exhaled slowly, “That strange, abnormal feeling is still there.”

Yan Zhaoge had a pondering look on his face.

It was certainly impossible that Fu Ting might worship and chant the name of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.

The problem was that just thinking about that name, the thought arising in her mind, there already seemed to be something abnormal.

It could also be said that having learnt of the other party’s existence, a formless seed had seemingly been planted within her heart.

Still, this seed had not sprouted.

As for whether or not it would sprout in the future, that was very hard to say.

Relating this to what the Brocade Emperor, the Northeastern Exalt Liu Zhenggu and the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie had said previously, Yan Zhaoge could not help but wonder if the inauspicious, taboo matter they would not speak of was the existence of the Immortal Court and the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.

If that was really the case, it was no wonder that they were so cautious regarding this matter.

How was Fu Ting’s talent and strength like

In both the World beyond Worlds and the Roving Jade Heavens, there were only two people Yan Zhaoge had personally seen who would be able to stably defeat her at the same cultivation level.

The Little Sword God, Long Xueji.

His father, Yan Di.

Besides that, amongst the people Yan Zhaoge had interacted with, there was no one else who would be able to easily defeat Fu Ting at the same cultivation level, considering only their cultivation bases.

Fu Ting’s strength did not just lie in her talents and powers of comprehension as well as the martial arts that she cultivated in.

Her mentality, will, combat experience, intelligence, powers of observation and adaptability were all very outstanding too.

However, even such a peerless talent had still not been immune to the taboo of the Immortal Court and the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.

“Young Master Yan, are there any abnormalities when you think about or mention the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord” Fu Ting frowned, asking.

Yan Zhaoge’s heart jolted slightly.

There had really not been anything of the kind for him.

As for the reason, it was probably that he cultivated in the Peerless Heavenly Scripture.

Even though the Faceless Devil Scripture could disrupt Buddha light and treasured light, it still might not be sufficient for a problem like this.

Fu Ting had a vast amount of knowledge.

Even if she herself was unclear on it, if she went back and told her father, the Brocade Emperor about it, he too would definitely come to suspect something.

Yan Zhaoge had actually always had some unresolved doubts regarding an unparalleled, ultimate martial art like the Peerless Heavenly Scripture.

Therefore, he had always been hiding the fact that he possessed it.

Hearing Fu Ting’s question now, Yan Zhaoge answered, “There is nothing out of the ordinary for me.

Perhaps it is related to me cultivating in the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts.”

“The Dim Radiant Emperor’s Dim Radiant Twelve Arts vaguely contain the phenomenon of the peerless infinity of chaos.

I suspect that it is related to this.”

“Still…” Yan Zhaoge frowned, “It is also precisely because of this that there may be something hidden within the dim, radiant chaos which is instead difficult for me to detect.”

“After all, it is not the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts that I primarily cultivate in.”

Hearing his words, Fu Ting nodded lightly, “That does sound possible.”

Hearing her answer, Yan Zhaoge was able to grasp some other meaning from it.

From the looks of it, the Brocade Emperor’s lineage of Kunlun Mountain’s Ingenious Flying Peak did not possess the Taiyi Fist, that which manifested the phenomenon of Grand Simplicity from the Grand Cosmos Five Manifestations.

Still, thinking of the special characteristics of the Immortal Court and the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord, Yan Zhaoge was rather unable to get his head around this, “Is it because the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord is also of Daoism that there is no similar problem with the Future Buddha and the Buddhists”

Fu Ting inhaled deeply, saying as she looked at Yan Zhaoge, “Young Master Yan, the matter of the external dao of the Immortal Court is not to be spread lightly.

Although you and your sect possess the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts, it is still best not to take any risks.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “This is only natural.”

It was just a pity that it could not be used to set people up.

Otherwise, it would really get them good.

Still, from the looks of it, this information would not cause bad luck to immediately befall.

If the other party knew of it, they too would be able to spread the news.

It would be very difficult for even those of Broad Creed Mountain themselves to avoid it then.

Under such circumstances, it would still be best for everyone to keep their mouths shut.

Still, it might also be in order to prevent news of the Immortal Court from spreading that the World beyond Worlds had kept even news of Buddhism under wraps.

“If only I could know about this in greater detail,” Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes slightly.

The lineage of his mother, Xue Chuqing, as well as the destruction of the Dim Radiant Sect seemed definitely related to the Immortal Court.

Yan Zhaoge had some vague ideas about this which still needed to be verified.

As he pondered, his eyes suddenly lit up as he could not help but smile.

Fu Ting looked curiously at him, “What is it, Young Master Yan”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Fortune is shining on me today.

Miss Fu, please allow this Yan to go on ahead.”

He did not continue forward as he instead stopped, entering the meditative position.

Seeing the way he was, Fu Ting’s heart jolted abruptly as she seemed to have guessed something, a shocked look appearing in her eyes.

As Yan Zhaoge sat in the meditative position, light radiated from his entire body as his various major acupoints all pulsed simultaneously, resonating with the numerous stars of the actual universe.

Fu Ting now saw a tiny speck of light suddenly appearing on Yan Zhaoge’s neck, illuminated by the starlight that surrounded him.

That speck of light seemed dim as compared to the other acupoints which also resembled stars.

Yet, as soon as this speck of light appeared, the aura of Yan Zhaoge’s entire body surged, rising rapidly as it grew exceptionally powerful!

While Fu Ting herself had yet to reach this stage, how could she not recognise Yan Zhaoge’s current condition

This was clearly the look of one of his obscure acupoints having been refined to see Divinity as he successfully ascended to the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm, the late Seeing Divinity stage!


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