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HSSB924: Earth Exalt


“After deciding the date of the battle, the Encompassing Emperor and the Earth Exalt both left the World beyond Worlds.

It seems that the Brocade Emperor too did not return to Kunlun Mountain’s Ingenious Flying Peak.”

Liu Xiangtong said, “Still, the Earth Exalt seems to have returned recently.

He is to stand witness in this great battle between the two sides.”

Hearing Liu Xiangtong’s words, Yan Zhaoge was instantly able to relax greatly.

Some major incidents had likely happened outside of the World beyond Worlds amidst the endless extradimensional space, drawing the attention of most of the World beyond Worlds’ peak experts.

Yan Zhaoge who already knew of the existence of the Immortal Court and Buddhism believed that this was likely related to them.

Mars Halberd might be in the know regarding the existence of the Immortal Court and Buddhism too.

After all, he had been in the World beyond Worlds together with the Exalted Fire Luminary that year.

He too could be considered as being of the orthodox tradition of the Three Clear lineages, possessing ties with the World beyond Worlds.

Perhaps it was precisely because of this that he had agreed to delaying the battle between himself and the Brocade Emperor.

After arranging the date of the battle, the Brocade Emperor and the Encompassing Emperor had hurried off into extradimensional space.

The situation there seemed considerably tense such that the Brocade Emperor had even delayed his battle with Mars Halberd, first dealing with matters there.

The Concealed Sovereign and the Female Emperor had likely stayed behind to ensure the stability of the World beyond Worlds.

Under such circumstances, since the Female Emperor of the Five Emperors was confirmed to be staying behind, the Heaven Emperor had likely not stayed behind as well as he too should have departed for extradimensional space.

Still, there was no letting down their guard.

With the Brocade Emperor having been freed up to battle Mars Halberd today, who knew if the Heaven Emperor might also return to the World beyond Worlds

Moreover, no one knew how the battle between the Brocade Emperor and Mars Halberd would end.

Yan Zhaoge and Fu Ting exchanged glances, nodding slightly.

Both could understand the significance therein.

Still, as this was seen by Liu Xiangtong, his expression instead involuntarily turned rather strange.

Fu Ting cupped her hands towards Liu Xiangtong, “I only learnt of this matter today.

Since I have already learnt of it now, I naturally cannot miss out on it.

Could Chief Liu show me the location”

Liu Xiangtong hurriedly ceased in his thoughts as he said solemnly, “Of course.”

Then, he led the way as Yan Zhaoge and Fu Ting both followed after him.

Clashes between Emperor-level experts were truly hard to come by in the World beyond Worlds.

Even if there were conflicts amongst the Emperors and they stood in opposition to one another, there would seldom be times when they truly clashed with one another.

Even if they did, the Three Sovereigns would likely step in and mediate.

In the case of today’s battle, the Three Sovereigns seemed occupied with their own matters and Mars Halberd’s situation was also special.

That was why the fight was able to proceed as desired.

Yan Zhaoge felt very interested regarding this as well.

Still, for a battle between Emperors, even he would not be able to get close.

While many people had headed here today to spectate the battle, they were all unable to get close in actuality as they just desired to bear witness to this rare spectacle.

If they were the least bit careless and were affected by the aftershocks of the battle, they might die without even knowing what hit them.

“While we cannot approach, just feeling the changes in qi from a distance away as they clash would already be incomparably beneficial for us.”

Liu Xiangtong sighed in praise, “We can only hope that the Brocade Emperor and Mars Halberd will not clear out the crowd prior to their battle.”

Some experts did not mind others spectating their battles while others might clear out the crowds.

This depended on the involved parties’ wills.

Fu Ting said nothing as she just followed silently after Liu Xiangtong towards the site of the battle.

After who knew how long, Yan Zhaoge sensed something.

Glancing over, he saw a clump of light in the distance amidst the darkness of space.

That clump of light was not bright as it appeared dull and blurry.

It was spherical as it resembled an egg.

A dense, heavy feeling emanated from within as the trio felt as though they were facing the broad, limitless earth of the World beyond Worlds which was able to bear all things.

Yan Zhaoge’s eyes lit up slightly, “Oh, virtually creating an actual world by condensing one’s true essence”

Fu Ting and Liu Xiangtong nodded, “These are the methods of the Earth Exalt.”

Of the Ten Exalts of the World beyond Worlds, the likes of the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie, the Northeastern Exalt Liu Zhenggu and the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen all guarded over a single individual Territory that corresponded to their direction.

It was the same for the remaining Exalts of the eight cardinal directions as well.

The other two Exalts generally resided within the central Jun Heaven Territory.

The central Jun Heaven Territory was where Kunlun Mountain was located.

The Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors all had their own dao arenas there.

While peak level Martial Saints were powerful, they were still merely Exalts of the human realm at the end of the day.

In the central Jun Heaven Territory, they naturally could not reign supreme with their words holding utmost weight like in the other eight Territories.

Still, the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors were often away from the World beyond Worlds or in secluded cultivation for long periods of time.

Therefore, the experts of the Immortal realm seldom got involved in the usual affairs of the central Jun Heaven Territory.

The remaining Exalt was also elusive and hard to seek out most of the time.

Hence, it was actually the Earth Exalt who handled all the affairs in the central Jun Heaven Territory both big and small.

The Earth Exalt was a personal disciple of the Earthly Sovereign as the title he was addressed by was related to the Earthly Sovereign as well.

There were seldom direct confrontations amongst Exalts too.

Still, it had long been said in the World beyond Worlds that Upper and Lower were superior to those of the eight cardinal directions.

Powers and experts that possessed a stable foothold in the central Jun Heaven Territory would never be simple characters.

Still, not only did they have to accept the Earth Exalt’s rule, even martial practitioners of the lineages of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors in Kunlun Mountain like Fu Ting still had to give the Earth Exalt face when seeing him.

One might actually consider the Earth Exalt to be the Lord of a Territory much like the likes of Cao Jie and Liu Zhenggu.

The Lord of the central Jun Heaven Territory.

The Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors and the Upper Exalt aside, he was able to manage everyone else.

“I am going to meet the Earth Exalt.

Will you two be going with me”

The Earth Exalt was a senior and the witness for this battle.

It was only natural that Fu Ting go over to pay respects to him.

Still, she would not stay for long.

With the Brocade Emperor about to battle someone else, disciples of Ingenious Flying Peak would surely have come.

After meeting the Earth Exalt, Fu Ting would be going to join up with them.

Liu Xiangtong had always been supported by Ingenious Flying Peak in the central Jun Heaven Territory.

Still, he would naturally be happy if he could get on the good side of the Earth Exalt.

Therefore, he intended to head over to meet him along with Fu Ting.

Yan Zhaoge did not intend to head over with them.

The central Jun Heaven Territory had been moving to capture Xue Chuqing just like the eastern Vast Heaven Territory.

While he might not be able to notice their relationship as mother and son without knowing about it beforehand, being careful would never be wrong.

Actually, Yan Zhaoge had once wondered if Fu Ting and the descendants of Ingenious Flying Peak had been able to realise something just like Liu Zhenggu and Cao Jie had.

Perhaps they had not.

After all, Ingenious Flying Peak had never participated in the operations to capture Xue Chuqing.

What about the Brocade Emperor, though

Could he have had such considerations in mind in having invited he and his father, Yan Di, to the Minor No Hatred dao arena as guests previously

Despite having such guesses, Yan Zhaoge’s expression was as per usual without any fluctuations whatsoever.

Fu Ting did not make things difficult for him, “Fellow disciples of my Ingenious Flying Peak should already have arrived nearby too.

If Young Master Yan is willing, you can first meet up with them.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “I will be imposing on you again.”

As Fu Ting and Liu Xiangtong walked towards that clump of light, Yan Zhaoge turned and headed off in the other direction.

Upon their arrival, the Ingenious Flying Peak experts would also have set up a formation here amidst space like the Earth Exalt had.

Fu Ting had given him a jade talisman which resembled a red lotus whilst also flames that could help guide the way for him when nearby.

After travelling for some time, the world before Yan Zhaoge’e eyes lit up once more.

In the distance, he indeed saw a colossal red lotus which soundlessly blossomed amidst the darkness of space.

Plain-coloured cloud qi wreathed the surroundings of the red lotus.


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