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HSSB927: Nongli Mountain, West Peak of Daoism


Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “The Grand Plainness Origin Lady is still a senior, after all.

It can’t be that she would take it out on us”

He had interacted with Ingenious Flying Peak disciples before, Fu Ting included, and none of them appeared to be very overbearing.

Mu Jun glanced at the massive vessel at the centre of the red lotus where the Taiji diagram was, “Rumour has it that back when the Grand Plainness Origin Lady was young, she was already habitually arrogant then.  Her relationship with the Brocade Emperor is difficult to tell.”

“Still, it is a definite thing that her relationship with my Master is very terrible.”

Mu Jun smiled wryly, “You are close with our lineage and Junior Sister Fu too.

She may very well take her unhappiness out on you.”

Many people felt that experts should be magnanimous or something would otherwise be the matter with their personality.

In truth, however, there was no absolute relation here at all.

While some peak experts did appear outwardly magnanimous, they took revenge for all perceived slights.

There were quite a few who were very eccentric too.

The most common situation was doing whatever they felt to be comfortable while never allowing themselves to feel stifled.

If they were happy to be magnanimous and empathise with others, they would.

Otherwise, just exterminating their entire lineages was simply a minor matter.

What bystanders saw was usually just one side of things.

Yan Zhaoge was able to accept this fact very well.

He had a similar senior apprentice-aunt in Broad Creed Mountain, Fu Enshu.

She was only left with the admiration and praise of a senior towards him now.

However, even till now, she was still just unable to let go of Xue Chuqing’s matter.

While she might never have mentioned it, Yan Zhaoge knew that Fu Enshu was very concerned with Xue Chuqing’s issue as she was no less concerned with it than he and his father Yan Di.

“Since I have already come, according to propriety, I should head over and greet her,” Yan Zhaoge smiled, “With the Brocade Emperor about to battle Mars Halberd, this Grand Plainness Origin Lady wouldn’t choose such a time to set a fire in his backyard, right”

Mu Jun thought about this before saying, “It is okay if you go up there alone now.

Otherwise, if Junior Sister Fu comes and the two of you go together, Senior Tao would be more likely to make things difficult for you.”

“Whatever the case, the Brocade Emperor once personally invited you and your father to his Minor No Hatred dao arena as guests.”

Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “Wait here, Mister Mu.

This Yan will be right back.”

With that, he strode towards the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel.

As he approached the Taiji diagram, a streak of light descended, sending some people off the vessel.

Gazing over from the distance, Yan Zhaoge saw that amongst them were Zeng Mo, Guan Yuluo and the others who had gone over earlier.

Besides they of the northern Profound Heaven Territory’s Profound Remnant Locale, another group of people had just descended the vessel too.

Still, Guan Yuluo seemed to be arguing about something with these people.

Yan Zhaoge could hear someone saying, “That Yan Zhaoge probably just obtained a few treasures by some stroke of fortune, thus reaching where he is today.

Miss Guan’s words really overstate things.”

Guan Yuluo halted, asking unhappily, “Senior Brothers of Nongli Mountain, aren’t you the ones who are veering off track”

“If the Solar Luminary Young Master lacks actual capabilities, why would he be thought of highly by the Brocade Emperor and the Southeastern Exalt”

Nongli Mountain, the West Peak of Daoism of legend long before the descent of the Great Calamity.

It had been acclaimed as one of the Five Peaks of Daoism alongside Centre Peak, Kunlun Mountain and East Peak, Broad Creed Mountain.

Following the Great Calamity, someone had assumed this name in the World beyond Worlds when re-establishing their lineage.

The western Turtle Heaven Terrritory’s Nongli Mountain was where the Western Exalt’s dao arena was located.

Hearing Guan Yuluo’s rebuttal, that Nongli Mountain martial practitioner was neither panicked nor flustered, “Whatever the Brocade Emperor thinks of him is another matter.

As for the Southeastern Exalt, it should probably be because of the Extreme Yang Seal and the Extreme Yin Crown as he does so to give face to the Exalted Solar Luminary and the Exalted Lunar Luminary, right”

That person shook his head, “Still, isn’t it similarly uncertain if these two bigwigs are related to that Yan Zhaoge”

“These two bigwigs of legend already haven’t made an appearance for over a thousand years now.”

“The so-called Solar Luminary Young Master title was similarly just given by some random people.

How can you take it as truth”

Seeing Guan Yuluo’s dissatisfied look, the other party smiled, “Other things aside, even the Southeastern Exalt has never admitted to and confirmed the veracity of this title, right”

“Please be careful with your words, Miss Guan, lest someone misunderstands it to be what the Northern Exalt believes.

Even the Northern Exalt has probably never ever said so before, right”

Guan Yuluo sucked in a breath.

It was indeed true that her grandfather, the Northern Exalt, had never ever admitted Yan Zhaoge’s title of the Solar Luminary Young Master to be true before.

She snorted, “You have also never seen Mister Yan in person before.

These are all your baseless speculations.”

Guan Yuluo had no special ties with Yan Zhaoge, merely having met him once before.

Still, since he was from the same sect as Feng Yunsheng, she unconsciously ended up defending him without even thinking about it.

“A late Seeing Divinity Martial Saint before the age of forty-how many from ancient times till now have achieved this”

Hearing her words, the Nongli Mountain martial practitioners all broke out laughing, “Even faster than Ingenious Flying Peak’s Grand Red Lotus Fu Ting He would definitely have falsified his age.”

Guan Yuluo looked at Zeng Mo, “Eldest apprentice-uncle, there was no problem with Mister Yan’s age, right”

Zeng Mo shook his head slightly, saying in an indifferent tone, “There wasn’t one that I could tell, at least.”

Those Nongli Mountain martial practitioners all stopped laughing.

They could not easily doubt the words of Zeng Mo of the eighth level of the Martial Saint realm who had long accomplished his fame.

Still, one of them soon enquired, “You have probably never personally exchanged moves with him before, right, North Heaven Zeng”

Zeng Mo said frankly, “A chance meeting of those who seek the dao.

We naturally never clashed.”

That Nongli Mountain martial practitioner clapped, “Naturally! This Yan Zhaoge and his sect were able to stir up some disturbances completely based on external objects.

Could it be that he possesses some sinister, unorthodox means that he has been concealing himself with”

“How could a small lineage from a lower world produce such figures that shock the heavens Even if he is truly outstandingly talented, it would still have been wasted to that lower world environment.”

“They have come to the World beyond Worlds with many treasures.

In order to attain stability, they can only bluster and feign competence.”

“First was falsely using the name of the East Peak of Daoism, next going around with make-believe and swindling people.

All of it has just been for that same goal.”

This Nongli Mountain martial practitioner chuckled, “It was fortunate that they did this.

Otherwise, how would they have been able to successfully obtain Golden Court Mountain’s trust How would they have managed to stir up so many disturbances in the World beyond Worlds”

Guan Yuluo said angrily, “Is your sect unhappy that Broad Creed Mountain also originates from the names of the Five Peaks of Daoism of pre-Great Calamity times”

Hearing her words, the Nongli Mountain martial practitioner was not enraged as he instead smiled, “This is only natural, isn’t it Who would be willing to be acclaimed alongside the likes of they who draw on a false reputation They do not even possess an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, so how are they qualified”

Zeng Mo soundlessly glanced at the other party.

From his knowledge, it was probably not just because of this.

The relationship between the Western Exalt and the Southeastern Exalt was really terrible.

Also, although his relationship with the Brocade Emperor was not bad, the Western Exalt and the Heaven Emperor were on great terms too as they often interacted with each other.

Guan Yuluo said, “The Star Plucking Practitioner of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, a ninth level Martial Saint, perished right at the foot of Broad Creed Mountain.”

“This was simply based on external treasures,” That Nongli Mountain martial practitioner said mildly, “Still, their methods would not work against Human Exalts.”

As their conversation drifted into Yan Zhaoge’s ears, he chuckled, walking over neither hurriedly nor slowly.


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