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HSSB929: The arrogant, overbearing Yan Zhaoge


“Is it the Thunder of Eternal Night”

The knowledgeable Zeng Mo who had great discernment abilities quickly realised the origins of the darkness before him.

The Thunder of Eternal Light would birth boundless darkness, resembling the descent of eternal night as the sensory abilities and thoughts of one’s opponents would hence be suppressed.

It was not its destructive power that made it so tricky to deal with.

After the power of the thunder light had reached a certain degree, those who had been enveloped by the Thunder of Eternal Night would enter an unthinking, unseeing, unhearing, unfeeling state, as if they had entered a deep slumber.

At this point, they would naturally be sitting ducks for their enemies.

This was the true power and profundity of the Thunder of Eternal Night of the Nine Immortal Heavenly Thunders.

Still, this had a direct relation with the cultivation bases of the user and the targets.

Zeng Mo would never have imagined that utilising the Thunder of Eternal Night, Yan Zhaoge would be able to cause Seeing Divinity Martial Saints just like him to descend into a helpless state of deep slumber.

Also, it was not just one or two of them, but a whole bunch of them!

Zeng Mo felt more shocked by how Yan Zhaoge had executed the thunder art, manifesting boundless darkness to envelop the surrounding area, without even affecting them martial practitioners of the northern Profound Heaven Territory’s Profound Remnant Locale at all.

Only Nongli Mountain martial practitioners had been affected by his unleashed Thunder of Eternal Night.

That Guan Yuluo who was a Martial Grandmaster had also not been affected similarly showed just how effortless this was for Yan Zhaoge who had grasped this precisely with much room to spare.

The stronger a martial practitioner was, the more powerful the Thunder of Eternal Night they unleashed would be.

Yan Zhaoge was able to achieve things to this extent.

How powerful must he be then

Zeng Mo was actually unable to ascertain this right now.

Still, it was definite that he far surpassed ordinary Seeing Divinity Martial Saints!

“Well worthy of his reputation,” Zeng Mo praised inwardly, but did not relax, “Still, this is right in front of the Grand Plainness Origin Lady’s face…”

As they were all just right in front of the Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel, none of this would have been overlooked by Tao Yu of the ninth level of the Martial Saint realm.

Indeed, a cold snort resounded from the vessel.

Streams of plain-coloured cloud qi arose in their surroundings.

Where the cloud qi passed, it was not devoured by the darkness as it instead seemed to be assimilating with it, causing the pitch black darkness to become impure.

Blurry scenes were actually formed amidst the dark night.

The next moment, however, all-encompassing radiance lit up outside of the darkness, brightness enveloping the darkness.

Still, the darkness remained unaffected as the sunlight was like a screen, covering the darkness from up above.

Illuminated by the sunlight, the plain-coloured cloud qi was instead left unable to encroach on the darkness.

“Extreme Yang Seal” The cold voice of a woman resounded from the Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel, “Even if I do not use high-grade Sacred Artifacts, you still would not be able to stop me.”

The massive Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel that had originally been hovering amidst space suddenly shook.

Around the huge vessel, it was like a red lotus had blossomed as light like the blooming of flames instantly rippled.

That colossal red lotus amidst space seemed to shake with the wind at this moment.

The other martial practitioners atop the petals of the red lotus all looked on in puzzlement at the centre of the lotus.

The Taiji diagram where the Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel was flew upwards, locking the Extreme Yang Seal in place.

Having been modified by the Brocade Emperor, this divine vessel was much more powerful than the typical Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel.

It could be considered a formidable weapon in itself.

While the Extreme Yang Seal was powerful, with Yan Zhaoge still having yet to attain the Immortal Bridge stage, he was unable to exert its full power.

The Taiji diagram formed of the twin qis of black and white did not forcibly clash with the Extreme Yang Seal as it simply tied down its movements, preventing it from descending for the time being.

This short span of time was already sufficient for the person aboard the heavenly vessel to attack.

Without any prior warning whatsoever, a palm traversed the darkness, arriving before Yan Zhaoge!

Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change as he simply raised a huge axe of white jade, hacking down towards that slender jade-like hand which seemed frail yet was terrifying in actuality.

The clash between the two sides virtually seemed about to rip apart the darkness that enveloped everyone.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge lightly tapped out with a finger of his other hand.

Beneath the effects of the Yin Yang Finger, while some wild tides surged unceasingly amidst the darkness, it had attained a miraculous equilibrium.

The dark night formed of the thunder light of the Thunder of Eternal Night remained unbroken.

Zeng Mo and the others were all shocked as they watched this.

Besides the Extreme Yang Seal, Yan Zhaoge actually had another high-grade Sacred Artifact as well.

That aside, what really was important was this: As a late Seeing Divinity Martial Saint, Yan Zhaoge had actually forcibly clashed with Tao Yu who was of the late Immortal Bridge stage

Even with a high-grade Sacred Artifact in hand, Yan Zhaoge who had not ascended the Immortal Bridge would not be able to draw on the full power of the Heaven Earth Reversing Axe.

Yet, Tao Yu herself was no ordinary late Immortal Bridge Martial Saint expert.

At least, while Zeng Mo was confident of challenging many ninth level Martial Saints, he was less confident of such against Tao Yu.

With two evenly-matched experts exchanging blows, unless both sides had intentionally restricted their strength, they would surely be unable to take care of other things in their surroundings.

Tao Yu would not have helped Yan Zhaoge to prevent the darkness from being broken.

She had been seeking to shatter the Thunder of Eternal Light in the first place.

Yet, her attack had been dissipated into nothingness by Yan Zhaoge!

“While I do not like being maligned behind my back, I never had any intentions of making things difficult for people of this level in the first place,” Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “From the actions of the Grand Plainness Origin Lady, however, I seem to have acted inappropriately”

Guan Yuluo too reacted now as she hurriedly said, “Calm down, Mister Yan!”

While she leaned towards Broad Creed Mountain and Yan Zhaoge, Guan Yuluo did not wish for Yan Zhaoge to blindly make a move and anger Tao Yu now.

Hearing Yan Zhaoge say this, she involuntarily heaved a sigh of relief.

Who knew that Yan Zhaoge would say in a casual manner following that, “If only simply slaughtering them all would be more in line with the Grand Plainness Origin Lady’s wishes, I would not mind this.”

Guan Yuluo stared wide-eyed as she heard this as even Zeng Mo stopped breathing for a moment.

Everyone knew that the Grand Plainness Origin Lady Tao Yu was famed for how arrogant and overbearing she was.

Still, with Yan Zhaoge here, it was like she had met her match.

Everyone was just completely shocked now.

It was true that those Nongli Mountain disciples were all still alive.

Enveloped by the Thunder of Eternal Night, the dark night had only robbed them of their senses and thoughts, not being harmful at all.

Yan Zhaoge had also not attacked all these Nongli Mountain disciples who were seemingly in a deep slumber.

Still, when thunder light that ripped apart the dark night lit up, these thunderbolts would reap lives.

It could be said that the lives of these Nongli Mountain martial practitioners were all in Yan Zhaoge’s hands now!

That Ingenious Flying Peak disciple’s expression turned solemn.

So many Seeing Divinity Martial Saints had not only been defeated by Yan Zhaoge in an instant.

Even their lives were also no longer theirs to decide.

She too was a late Seeing Divinity Martial Saint.

Being of the Grand Clear direct lineage under Ingenious Flying Peak, she was stronger than everyone else present at the same cultivation level with the sole exception of Zeng Mo.

Yet, if Yan Zhaoge had also acted against her alongside the martial practitioners of Nongli Mountain, would she have been able to withstand it

Just thinking about this, she felt that the palm of her hand was already drenched in cold sweat.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was relaxed as he seemed not to have realised at all just how stunning a feat it was which he had just achieved.

With one hand grasping the Heaven Earth Reversing Axe, he looked towards the Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel, smiling neither hurriedly nor slowly, “The Grand Plainness Origin Lady probably finds them to have besmirched the reputation of the Western Exalt”

“Since that is so, why not let this Yan assist you and help the Western Exalt in clearing away all these incompetent disciples”

They were enemies anyway, being allies of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory who were going to make trouble on purpose.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “You can rest assured, Grand Plainness Origin Lady.

I will not dirty up your place.

This will not affect the grand upcoming battle between the two Emperors.”

That Ingenious Flying Peak disciple had a strange expression on her face.

What Yan Zhaoge was saying sounded like he was helping the Grand Plainness Origin Lady to take care of her problems, while the Grand Plainness Origin Lady was feeling worried on his behalf and wanted to help protect him from the Western Exalt.

How shameless would one have to be to say something like this


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