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HSSB930: Nongli Mountain loses all face


The woman’s voice resounded from atop the Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel, “Are you threatening me”

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “You must be joking, Origin Lady.

While this Yan is untalented, I have no intention of quibbling with the likes of people of this level.”

“The Brocade Emperor has treated this Yan well, and this Yan has always remembered it.

With his great battle against Mars Halberd right around the corner, it would not be pretty if something were to happen now.”

“Having met some incompetents who think excessively highly of themselves, I did this to prevent any troubling incidents from occurring in the future.

It seems that I might have caused the Origin lady to misunderstand”

“Still, it is true when I say that I do not care if they live or die.”

Zeng Mo and the other Profound Remnant Locale martial practitioners as well as that disciple of Ingenious Flying Peak all exchanged looks, feeling utterly lost for words.

No intention of quibbling with the likes of people of this level…

Incompetents who think excessively highly of themselves…

Not caring if they lived or died…

These people that Yan Zhaoge spoke of were all Seeing Divinity Martial Saints.

Also, they were not of any ordinary lineage as they all hailed from Nongli Mountain, being disciples of the Western Exalt!

These people reigned supreme in the western Turtle Heaven Territory as they were also outstanding figures in the entire World beyond Worlds, possessing remarkable strength.

While there were no figures on the level of Zeng Mo amongst them, having successively attained the Seeing Divinity Martial Saint realm, which of them were not great geniuses

Back in their youth, all of them had emerged dominantly from amongst countless others.

If would still be fine if it was Zeng Mo saying this.

The problem was that Yan Zhaoge was currently a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint himself.

Besides Zeng Mo and Guan Yuluo, everyone else present, including the Profound Remnant Locale martial practitioners and that Ingenious Flying Peak disciple, was a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint.

Yet, looking at these disciples of Nongli Mountain at this moment, they could only smile bitterly to themselves.

Profound Remnant Locale, descended of the Northern Exalt’s lineage.

Nongli Mountain, descended of the Western Exalt’s lineage.

Ingenious Flying Peak, descended of the Brocade Emperor’s lineage.

All of them were Heaven’s favoured children.

Yet, why did it somehow feel like as compared to this white-clothed, blue-robed youth before them, they really weren’t on the same level as him

“Or does the Origin Lady think that I must avoid these insignificant lowlifes who talk about others behind their backs”

“Haha…” Yan Zhaoge looked up at the Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel, “These guys are qualified”

Guan Yuluo looked dazedly at Yan Zhaoge.

Speaking of this, in some peoples’ eyes, things might really be like this.

One side was descended from the lineages of Exalts while the other hailed merely from a lower world lineage.

Even if the former spoke disdainfully and the latter felt dissatisfied, they should still avoid this trouble.

Otherwise, even if you can take care of all these Nongli Mountain disciples, if you antagonise the Western Exalt as a result, won’t things be difficult for you in the future

Presently, he might even infuriate the Grand Plainness Origin Lady who was bosom friends with the Western Exalt’s wife.

He might immediately suffer a loss as a result.

Yet, as this matter happened with Yan Zhaoge, it just somehow felt totally natural to Guan Yuluo for some reason.

It seemed as though it would instead be abnormal if Yan Zhaoge were to silently tolerate this.

He had even been able to forcibly clash against the Grand Plainness Origin Lady herself.

Such a person moving to avoid those Nongli Mountain disciples-was that a joke

A voice resounded from the Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel, “Oh Interesting.

Still, if the Western Exalt were here now, I wonder if you would still be as brazen as this”

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “While I might not be able to claim these peoples’ lives then, I would still be willing to try.”

The woman’s voice resounded from the vessel once more, “With senior apprentice-brother about to battle Mars Halberd, order should necessarily be maintained for such an occasion.

I am here to take care of those potential, ignorant troublemakers.”

“So you were going to board the vessel Come on up then.”

Guan Yuluo looked rather worriedly at Yan Zhaoge.

While Tao Yu seemed to be agreeing with Yan Zhaoge’s words, there also seemed to be a hidden meaning in her words.

After Yan Zhaoge had boarded the Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel, Tao Yu would possess the terrain advantage.

Even if something were to happen on board the vessel, it would be hard to find out about it in the outside world.

When they had clashed earlier, this expert of the ninth level of the Martial Saint realm had not wielded any weapons.

“My intentions exactly,” Yan Zhaoge simply laughed, cupping his hands towards Zeng Mo, Guan Yuluo and the rest in farewell before turning to look at that female disciple of Ingenious Flying Peak.

While the other party’s expression was rather complex, she still guided Yan Zhaoge aboard the boat.

As soon as Yan Zhaoge had left, the dark light of thunder that enveloped the area did not explode as it simply dissipated soundlessly.

Those martial practitioners of Nongli Mountain who had been suppressed by the Thunder of Eternal Night earlier regained their senses now.

They were still gazing in the direction from which Yan Zhaoge had arrived earlier.

Instead, who they saw now was Golden Court Mountain’s Mu Jun.

With Nongli Mountain and Golden Court Mountain being on bad terms, the Nongli Mountain martial practitioners all looked very guarded as they now saw Mu Jun, an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint.

Retracting their gazes, however, they discovered that that Ingenious Flying Peak disciple who had escorted them off the vessel was nowhere to be seen.

Rather puzzled, they asked Zeng Mo and the others about it.

Those of Profound Remnant Locale Peak all had strange expressions on their faces as they appraised them with some very unusual gazes.

The Nongli Mountain martial practitioners all had blank looks on their faces, “What is it”

Mu Jun first greeted Zeng Mo before appraising those Nongli Mountain martial practitioners all over, next smiling as he shook his head, “It looks like Young Master Yan did not act ruthlessly, erupting the Thunder of Eternal Night.”

The other side first felt quizzical before their hairs stood on end, “Thunder of Eternal Night…Yan…”

Being of the Western Exalt’s lineage, they were knowledgeable as they had naturally heard of the famed name of the Thunder of Eternal Night before.

Recalling its effects and relating this to what Mu Jun had said, they gradually understood what he had meant.

“Enough with this nonsense,” They unconsciously turned to look at the Profound Remnant Locale martial practitioners beside them.

Zeng Mo sighed, saying nothing.

As no tensions existed between they and Nongli Mountain, he would not needlessly mock them.

However, the silence of those of Profound Remnant Locale was itself already a silent admission.

The Nongli Mountain martial practitioners were all rendered dazed now, “How is that possible”

Scanning the area, all they saw were martial practitioners of other lineages seemingly appraising their location curiously.

Still, seeing that things had calmed down, those people in the distance stopped paying attention.

Still, this was already enough for these Nongli Mountain martial practitioners to know that some incident had indeed happened at their present location earlier that had drawn so much attention.

Still, the problem was that…

They just could not remember what had happened earlier at all!

This meant that someone had truly robbed them of their senses.

A Nongli Mountain martial practitioner asked painfully, “It really was that Yan Zhaoge Just he alone”

Guan Yuluo hesitated for a moment before nodding.

“Where is he now”

“He has already boarded the vessel.”

The Nongli Mountain martial practitioners were all dazed like wooden chickens.

With the Ingenious Flying Peak disciple who had been escorting them out earlier having suddenly disappeared, this precisely corroborated Guan Yuluo’s words.

It was not that she had suddenly vanished, but that a great many things had happened to which they had been totally oblivious.

Thinking of how Yan Zhaoge had brushed past them without them sensing it at all earlier, thinking of that Thunder of Eternal Night that had not erupted, all the Nongli Mountain martial practitioners felt a cold breeze gusting past their necks.

They naturally remembered how they had openly doubted Yan Zhaoge earlier.

The other party had most likely heard, yet had been too lazy to even defend himself.

However, although he had not defended himself, it was not that he had not reacted to it.

Therefore, they had lost.

Not only had they lost, even Nongli Mountain’s face had been totally lost.

They had not even seen Yan Zhaoge’s face, not even knowing how this person actually looked like!


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