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HSSB932: Before the battle commences


Looking at Tao Yu, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “The Origin Lady overpraises me.”

Besides those martial arts of Daoism that were clearly related to the Jade Clear and Prime Clear lineages, the remainder were all related to the Grand Clear lineage somewhat.

As a ninth level Martial Saint expert of the Grand Clear direct lineage, Tao Yu indeed possessed a truly discerning eye as she had recognised not just the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts but even the Dark Moon Pill Scripture too.

Just as she had said, the Dark Moon Pill Scripture was currently no longer being passed down in the World beyond Worlds in this post-Great Calamity era.

Tao Yu was able to recognise it only because of her lineage’s long history.

As for the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture, it had not been difficult for her to recognise it at all.

After all, the Primordial Heavenly Scriptures of the Jade Clear direct lineage were just too famous.

The supreme martial art with profundities which delved into space which Tao Yu rather suspected was naturally the Immortal Trapping Sword.

Still, while Yan Zhaoge had integrated the concept of the Immortal Trapping Sword somewhat in utilising the Thunder of Eternal Night, Tao Yu had been unable to see through it due to his careful preparations.

Currently, Tao Yu still did not appear friendly as she looked at Yan Zhaoge.

Although the Brocade Emperor was on rather good terms with the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie, there was bad blood between Tao Yu and Cao Jie.

This was somewhat related to the Western Exalt.

Tao Yu and the Western Exalt’s wife had been the best of friends since young while the relationship between the Western Exalt and Cao Jie was terrible.

Even if Tao Yu and Cao Jie had simply disliked each other initially, so many years having passed, the accumulated tensions between them had already gradually become irreconcilable.

Even not considering the Western Exalt, it was already difficult for Tao Yi and Cao Jie to peacefully coexist now.

Moreover, when Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di had been at the Minor No Hatred dao arena previously, it was Fu Ting who had played host to them.

Tao Yu had very complex emotions regarding Fu Ting.

As she saw it, it should be somewhat because of Fu Ting that the Brocade Emperor rather admired Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di.

Meanwhile, Fu Ting was similarly very close with Golden Court Mountain’s lineage.

With Yan Zhaoge being on close terms with both Cao Jie and Fu Ting, Tao Yu was naturally unhappy about it.

It was just that following this incident, like Zeng Mo and the others, Tao Yu too had discovered that this youth seemed very different from how she had originally thought him to be.

She had no intention of underestimating Yan Zhaoge as she looked at him now.

During that earlier clash, Yan Zhaoge had been able to sustain the Thunder of Eternal Night that had enveloped the Nongli Mountain disciples even whilst fending her off too.

This was equivalent to him having effectively won that exchange.

It was true that Yan Zhaoge had wielded the Heaven Earth Reversing Axe.

Yet, how many late Seeing Divinity Martial Saints would be able to wield a high-grade Sacred Artifact whose full power they were unable to unleash and emerge victorious in clashing against her, Tao Yu

Fu Ting could not do so.

Even mid Immortal Bridge Martial Saints might not be able to do so, unless they were on the level of Zeng Mo or Long Hanhua.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge had achieved this.

Even the generally arrogant, haughty Tao Yu was feeling shocked now.

The Dim Radiant Emperor was already deceased.

He need not be mentioned.

Yet, thinking about the Extreme Yang Seal and Extreme Yin Crown, countless thoughts now arose unbidden in Tao Yu’s mind.

Yan Zhaoge stood in a leisurely, relaxed manner, smiling as he looked at Tao Yu.

The Grand Clear direct lineage was profound and boundless.

Ingenious Flying Peak did not possess just a single supreme martial art.

Besides the Brocade Emperor who might be a special case, other people would generally lean towards a specific peak martial art even if they were proficient in all of them.

Tao Yu’s title as the Grand Plainness Origin Lady actually could already show something.

She and her Clear Spring Cave lineage likely leaned rather more towards the Grand Plainness Immeasurable Body of the Grand Cosmos Five Manifestations in their cultivation.

They might just be the lineage of Ingenious Flying Peak that had the greatest grasp of the Grand Plainness Immeasurable Body, Red Lotus Cliff aside.

The Grand Plainness Immeasurable Body was a peak Daoist defensive martial art that was even comparable to the Five Elements Deific Immortal Body of the Jade Clear lineage’s Life Creation Heavenly Scripture.

Tao Yu possessed extremely great defensive power as there were few indeed amongst the World beyond Worlds’ Immortal Bridge Martial Saints who surpassed her in this aspect.

Her offensive abilities should also be superior to the likes of the Star Plucking Practitioner Guan Lide.

After all, Tao Yue was versed in supreme martial arts like the Taiji Yin Yang Palm as well.

Still, as compared to her defensive capabilities or others of her lineage who specialised in the Taiji Yin Yang Palm and such, her offensive abilities were less outstanding somewhat.

It was just that due to this, she completely lacked the means to deal with Yan Zhaoge.

It was true that Tao Yue was arrogant and overbearing.

Before they had clashed, she had indeed not thought anything of Yan Zhaoge at all.

Still, she was a powerful expert at the end of the day.

Those well versed in martial arts could tell one another’s capabilities from a single exchange.

After having clashed, Tao Yu had formed a general estimate of Yan Zhaoge’s capabilities.

This was someone whose strength far surpassed others of the same cultivation level.

Let alone she herself, he was even superior to Fu Ting at the same cultivation level.

…Tao Yu even felt that even her senior apprentice-brother, the lofty Brocade Emperor of the World beyond Worlds’ Five Emperors, would not be able to defeat this youth at the same cultivation level!

Tao Yu felt disbelieving of this yet could not disbelieve it.

However she felt regarding the Southeastern Exalt, Fu Ting and Yan Zhaoge himself, she still had to admit that this was a rare, heaven-defying genius.

If those Nongli Mountain disciples ran over to her now and said that Yan Zhaoge was relying fully on external treasures like the Extreme Yang Seal, not possessing any actual capabilities himself, Tao Yu would slap them right across the face, giving those ignorant fools a good wake up call.

Even so, with disciples of Nongli Mountain having been owned before her very eyes, if she did not do anything about it, she would not be Tao Yu then.

It was just that Tao Yu still felt rather hesitant at the end of the day.

The battle between the Brocade Emperor and Mars Halberd was right around the corner.

While she resented Fu Ting greatly, as this matter concerned the Brocade Emperor, the usually domineering, tyrannical Tao Yu ultimately hesitated.

Now, the expressions of Yan Zhaoge and Tao Yu simultaneously jolted slightly.

Red light suddenly appeared outside the Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel amidst the darkness of endless extradimensional space.

The crimson light of fire exploded, space itself seemingly shaking in its entirety as a result.

Yan Zhaoge and Tao Yu exchanged looks, both seeing the affirmation on the other’s face.

Mars Halberd had arrived.

Intense blazing fire extended over amidst the darkness of space.

The Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel which had originally seemed a shocking sight immediately felt like a helpless flower in the wind as it shook unceasingly.

A divinity of fire who was ninety feet tall and trod on twin dragons appeared amidst space.

A distance away, even the world manifested of the Earth Exalt’s true essence had to retreat slightly and avoid his mighty aura!

“I am already here.

Where is Fu Yunchi”

The majestic voice reverberated amidst endless extradimensional space, echoing on endlessly as everyone was able to hear it very clearly.

Fu Yunchi was precisely the name of the Brocade Emperor, Fu Ting’s father.

Still, those from the World beyond Worlds who dared call him directly by his name could probably be counted on one’s two hands.

Tao Yu glanced at Yan Zhaoge but finally retracted her gaze, exiting the Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel.

Gazing towards that divinity of flame in the distance, she inhaled deeply, “The hour has yet to arrive.

Please wait patiently.”

That giant of flames did not seem to mind this, “It is fine.

I have already waited for so long.

There is indeed no rush, just waiting a few more moments.”

With that, he simply stood still amidst space just like that, waiting.

His face was enveloped by flames such that one could not clearly see his features.

Yet, all who were present felt as though a gaze was on them.

Yan Zhaoge exited the Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel as well, looking rather interestedly towards Mars Halberd in the distance.


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