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HSSB933: Leakless True Immortal


Mars Halberd had no need to deliberately manifest his power.

Just appearing alone, he had already become the focal point of the entire region.

Everyone secretly stole a glance at him out of curiosity or fear and respect.

It was just that after they had gazed over, they felt as if the other party was also watching them.

Even those who were under the protection of the Earth Exalt or the Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel felt swelteringly hot at this moment, their insides seemingly being incinerated as it was like they were in a hell of blazing fire.

Most people were actually feeling surprised.

Even though of the current greatest experts of the World beyond Worlds, the Earthly Sovereign and the Concealed Sovereign were the Exalted Earth Luminary and the Exalted Concealed Luminary of the former Kunlun Nine Luminaries, the name of the Nine Luminaries was already a distant, even unfamiliar memory.

People were already used to the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors reigning high above.

With an expert on the level of an Emperor having suddenly sprung out now, they were all taken aback by it.

Even more unexpected was the fact that this was not a bigwig who had pushed open the door to Immortality but a weapon!

A sentient weapon with thoughts of his own who could act freely.

Also, this weapon was the weapon of the Exalted Fire Luminary of the past Kunlun Nine Luminaries.

This caused everything to feel straight out of legend even as everyone also felt it to be unexpected.

What had gradually fallen silent in the river of time had recently seen some sparks flaring up anew.

Also, this expert who had suddenly appeared was challenging the Brocade Emperor, resulting in a battle between Emperor-level experts which had already not occurred for many years.

This was not just some mere sparring.

Instead, it was going to be a major battle with real weapons.

The entire World beyond Worlds would naturally be paying attention to this.

Now that Mars Halberd had already arrived, everyone began eagerly anticipating the arrival of the other combatant.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, cupping his hands towards Tao Yu, “This Yan also feels rather fortunate at being able to attend this grand event.

I have to thank your lineage for being so magnanimous.”

“I have felt deeply regretful at not having been able to meet the Brocade Emperor at the Minor No Hatred dao arena previously.

If the Brocade Emperor is free after the battle, I hope that I can give greetings to him in person then.

I hope that the Origin Lady can help convey this matter for me.”

With that, Yan Zhaoge bid her farewell and took his leave, disembarking from the Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge’s departing figure and Mars Halberd in the distance, Tao Yu could only sigh helplessly.

Disembarking from the vessel, Yan Zhaoge saw a person appear, rapidly approaching this location.

It was precisely Fu Ting who had come.

After greeting the Earth Exalt and learning that it was Tao Yu who had come from Ingenious Flying Peak to watch over things for the Brocade Emperor this time, Fu Ting instantly felt very troubled.

Going by propriety, since Yan Zhaoge had arrived, he would most likely board the Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel to greet the person of Ingenious Flying Peak currently in charge there.

Calculating the time, Yan Zhaoge should already have boarded the vessel.

While Fu Ting hoped to stop him, it was already too late.

After she had arrived in the vicinity of the Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel, she simply stopped moving.

Only when she saw Yan Zhaoge disembarking from the Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel did she resume her footsteps.

It was not that she wanted Yan Zhaoge to face Tao Yu alone.

On the contrary, things would still be okay if Yan Zhaoge met Tao Yu alone.

Tao Yu could still find a way to let the matter rest.

Fu Ting similarly had complex feelings regarding this senior apprentice-aunt of hers.

Of course, she also understood Tao Yu’s temperament extremely well.

If Fu Ting was there, Tao Yu would instead adopt a tough stance to the very end.

Seeing Fu Ting’s actions, Yan Zhaoge immediately understood her rationale as he thought to himself, “A nimble mind indeed.”

“There were some things that I too did not know of earlier.

If anything happened, I hope that Young Master Yan can overlook it,” Upon meeting Yan Zhaoge, Fu Ting first appraised him before heaving a sigh of relief as it seemed like he had not suffered a loss over there.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “It’s fine.

The Grand Plainness Origin Lady is not someone who is unable to read the importance of the situation.”

Fu Ting said, “I just saw Golden Court Mountain’s Senior Brother Mu.

How about you meet up with him, Young Master Yan”

“My intentions exactly,” Yan Zhaoge nodded.

Fu Ting cupped her fists towards him before boarding the Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel.

Whether or not she was on good terms with Tao Yue, the battle that was soon to commence was currently the most important matter for every single one of Ingenious Flying Peak’s descendants.

As Yan Zhaoge landed on a petal of the red lotus, he found Mu Jun looking smilingly at him as he shot him a thumbs up upon his arrival, “Indeed extraordinary, Zhaoge.

Everyone always says that Ingenious Flying Peak’s Junior Sister Fu is the most outstanding figure of our World beyond Worlds’ newest generation, a genius amongst geniuses as she heaven-defyingly reigns over everyone else.”

“Still, from what has transpired today, Zhaoge, you have probably surpassed even Junior Sister Fu.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “The sea of the dao is boundless.

We can only seek to slowly improve ourselves.”

He paused for a moment before asking, “Mister Mu, the Western Exalt was in secluded cultivation before.

Now that he has emerged from seclusion, even teaming up with the Southern Exalt, I wonder if the Southeastern Exalt has any plans ready to deal with their combined forces”

After all, the Western Exalt was similarly on good terms with the Brocade Emperor.

It would be impossible for him to persuade the Brocade Emperor not to assist the Southeastern Exalt by tying down the Heaven Emperor.

In much the same way, however, the Brocade Emperor could not exactly forcibly suppress him if he truly joined forces with the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen to deal with the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie.

“It is still hard to say now.

The situation may become clearer after a while,” Mu Jun spoke in a very uninformative manner, not because he did not trust Yan Zhaoge but because the whole of Golden Court Mountain was currently in the midst of coming up with contingencies, things being unclear.

Fortunately, the Heaven Emperor was currently not in the World beyond Worlds while the Brocade Emperor had returned due to the agreed battle with Mars Halberd.

As a result, the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen dared not move recklessly for now.

If the Western Exalt faced off against the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie alone, he would not be able to gain much of an advantage over him.

The two chatted as they calmly awaited the arrival of the ensuing major battle.

Still, as time passed and the Brocade Emperor had still yet to show up, the atmosphere inevitably became somewhat solemn.

“Could something have happened to that bigwig such that he ends up being a no-show” Yan Zhaoge could not help but wonder.

Fu Ting, Tao Yu and those other descendants of Ingenious Flying Peak aboard the Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel were naturally the most frantic.

A short while later, Mars Halberd who had been waiting quietly in the distance suddenly said, “Time’s up.”

The faces of Fu Ting and Tao Yu both fell.

In the distance, an old man appeared from the spherical world that flickered with a dark yellow glow.

This was a white-haired old man with deep creases on his face as he looked very ancient indeed.

As he appeared, however, an aura that resembled numerous earth dragons spread throughout the entire region of space.

This was one of the Ten Exalts of the World beyond Worlds, the Earth Exalt who handled the affairs of the central Jun Heaven Territory.

While he did not appear very esteemed, his strength exceeded that of those like Cao Jie and Zhuang Shen!

He was a personal disciple of the Earthly Sovereign, being great in seniority and age throughout the entire World beyond Worlds.

It was just that he did not seem all that mighty in front of Mars Halberd now.

Gazing over from the distance, Mu Jun sighed, “Emperors are truly remarkable indeed.”

“This is only natural.

Otherwise, how can they call themselves Leakless True Immortals” Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm.

When martial practitioners pushed open the door to Immortality and ascended to the Immortal realm, they would no longer be like those mere mortals.

Having surpassed the tribulation to attain Immortality, they would be complete and leakless, thus being known as Leakless True Immortals.

The so-called leakless actually entailed that nothing of the mortal realm could easily harm them any longer.

Actually, it could even be said that it was precisely because they could no longer be easily harmed by anything in the mortal realm that they were hailed as Immortals.

Human Exalts stood at the peak of the Martial Saint realm, yet were ultimately still unable to surpass the boundary between the human and Immortal realms for real.

Long Xueji was really just one of those extremely rare exceptions.

In most situations, an Emperor could easily sweep through many Exalts even as they joined forces!


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