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HSSB935: The learned see the skills, the ignorant watch the show


Executed by the Brocade Emperor, the same Taiji Yin Yang Palm seemed wholly different altogether.

Beneath that palm, the space of the universe before him was returned to the qis of yin and yang, no longer having their original appearance.

Viewing the Brocade Emperor’s attack, Yan Zhaoge could sense some new gains in his analysis of the Taiji Yin Yang Palm.

Still, while the Brocade Emperor was remarkable, his opponent too was no easy foe.

Facing the Brocade Emperor’s Taiji Yin Yang Palm, that flame divinity amidst space punched straight outwards.

Guided by some force, the originally balanced qis of yin and yang suddenly grew unbalanced now.

The yang qi thrived while the yin qi deteriorated.

The Taiji diagram which had originally possessed a majestic momentum actually started getting ripped apart, next beginning to catch ablaze!

On seeing this, Yan Zhaoge understood, “It is not that the Taiji Yin Yang Palm cannot direct yin and yang, but that the pure qi of fire contained within this blow of Mars Halberd is really too powerful.”

The Taiji Yin Yang Palm possessed endless intricate profundities.

Yet, as an Immortal Artifact, Mars Halberd was more domineering with a greater baleful air about him.

As they clashed head-on, it was like a scholar had encountered a soldier.

The Taiji Yin Yang Palm similarly swept along boundless might.

If it was sufficiently powerful, the pure qi of fire would still be reduced to the qis of yin and yang, unable to break through the Taiji diagram at all.

Yet, the Brocade Emperor did not hold the advantage in a head-on clash against Mars Halberd.

As the accompanying weapon of the Exalted Fire Luminary of the Kunlun Nine Luminaries, Mars Halberd had already existed in this world for thousands of years.

While he had been injured and even sealed in the past, he had already recovered from his wounds, even having ceaselessly nourished himself.

The current Mars Halberd was even more powerful than before he had been sealed previously!

His situation was unique as he was able to exert power on his own, basically being equivalent to an Emperor.

He was a Leakless True Immortal who had already rampaged throughout the World beyond Worlds thousands of years ago.

Mars Halberd did not just possess mere strength alone as he had unique martial skills of his own too.

While it seemed like he was attacking in simple great, sweeping motions, his attacks actually secretly contained profound variations that were not inferior to the Brocade Emperor’s.

The brutal flames rapidly exploded, incinerating the Taiji diagram and even sweeping towards the Brocade Emperor himself.

The Brocade Emperor did not find this to be unexpected.

He had already guessed this himself, also having been reminded by the Earth Exalt.

Mars Halberd’s martial arts came partially from those of the Exalted Fire Luminary and partially from that powerful demonic soul sealed within this Immortal Artifact.

The combination of the two had crystallised Mars Halberd one-of-a-kind martial skills that even he of the Grand Clear direct lineage could not underestimate.

In terms of accumulation and experience, Mars Halberd who had roamed the world with the Exalted Fire Luminary that year might be superior even to him.

Looking at the flames sweeping over towards him, the Brocade Emperor neither dodged nor avoided them.

Streams of plain-coloured cloud qi appeared all around his body, instantly obscuring the surrounding space.

Where the plain-coloured cloud qi passed, those flames were all extinguished.

Manifestation of Grand Plainness, Immeasurable Body!

The plain-coloured cloud qi suppressed the flames which were swiftly reduced to the purest yang qi.

The yang qi birthed yin qi once more that was strengthened unceasingly.

As they interacted, yin and yang instantly regained their equilibrium.

The Taiji diagram too reappeared.

The Brocade Emperor executed the Taiji Yin Yang Palm with one hand whilst also the Grand Plainness Immeasurable Body with the other, one for attack and one for defence as he instantly dispelled Mars Halberd’s attack, seeking to regain the initiative and switch from defence to offence.

The flame giant snorted coldly, his figure exploding as it turned into all-encompassing flowing fire.

Amidst the endless sea of flames, a crimson halberd now appeared, shooting straight towards the Brocade Emperor!

As that halberd whistled through the air, the Taiji diagram was instantly broken apart!

With the second blow, those streams of plain-coloured cloud qi were hacked through!

Mars Halberd was not an accessory, a defensive tool, or some random everyday item.

This was a mighty halberd!

A true, fearsome weapon!

It had been created just for one thing, and that was slaughter!

Like a fire dragon soaring through the universe, Mars Halberd presided over all living lifeforms as he sped through space as even the peak Daoist defensive art executed by the Brocade Emperor, the Grand Plainness Immeasurable Body, was unable to stand against his domineering sharpness.

One end of the twin-fanged halberd directly hacked down towards the Brocade Emperor, the fiery light illuminating the handsome features of the Brocade Emperor a deep red!

The Brocade Emperor had a heavy but calm expression on his face as his body suddenly seemingly turned transparent, formless but intangible.

Everyone just felt as though this Emperor suddenly seemed to no longer be existing over there.

Mars Halberd’s attack instantly hit just empty air!

“Grand Beginning Bright Emptiness Form,” Yan Zhaoge’s eyes lit up.

It was precisely the Grand Beginning Bright Emptiness Form of the Grand Cosmos Five Manifestations!

The Brocade Emperor simultaneously executed the Grand Beginning Bright Emptiness Form and the Grand Plainness Immeasurable Body, with his figure circulating intermittently between that empty, transparent quality and plain-coloured cloud qi.

Mars Halberd’s attack could not reach his body as it was like there eternally was an ever-so small distance separating them.

That was naturally not Mars Halberd showing mercy.

Instead, it was the result of the Brocade Emperor simultaneously executing two supreme martial arts of the Grand Clear direct lineage.

The combination of the Grand Beginning Bright Emptiness Form and the Grand Plainness Immeasurable Body possessed defensive power equivalent to possessing all five Virtues.

With just this alone, Fu Yunchi was top-tier amongst Leakless True Immortals as few amongst Emperors would be able to match him in terms of defensive prowess.

Simultaneously executing these two supreme martial arts, the Brocade Emperor stabilised himself.

He no longer executed the Taiji Yin Yang Palm, instead slowly raising a finger and tapping towards Mars Halberd.

Along with this, the dense purple qi that had appeared alongside him was all retracted, turning formless and intangible, faceless and lawless, difficult to comprehend and difficult to measure.

The universe suddenly shook.

It was not just the starry sea of the universe where they battled which shook.

It spread far off into the distance as well.

Patterns of light suddenly appeared amidst space.

Those patterns were not bright yet bore infinite profundities and principles.

The Brocade Emperor raised his hand casually, seeming nonchalant.

All the spectators, even Guan Yuluo of the Martial Grandmaster realm, were able to clearly see this.

Yet, as he tapped out, his finger seemed to ignore space and time and even the dense sea of flames as it directly appeared close to Mars Halberd, seemingly about to tap on that great crimson halberd!

Everyone present was able to clearly witness the entire process of the Brocade Emperor tapping out with that finger.

Yet, most people looked lost as they were completely unable to comprehend the concept contained within.

There was only a handful of people whose eyes lit up unprecedentedly brightly.

“Grand Commencement Divine Finger!” Yan Zhaoge’s pupils retracted slightly as he was completely focused on the battle before him.

He was one of those few people who could recognise the martial art being executed by the Brocade Emperor.

Of the Grand Cosmos Five Manifestations, Grand Commencement Divine Finger!

It was also hailed as the Grand Supreme Oneworld Divine Finger as it manifested the formless and intangible concept of Grand Commencement, projecting the Oneworld of before the heavens and earth had been split apart as it was profound beyond compare.

Even Mars Halberd shook slightly as the Brocade Emperor tapped out with this finger.

“Good!” Mars Halberd roared as he took a defensive stance for the first time.

He smashed the back of his halberd form on the Brocade Emperor’s finger as they both shook.

Yet, Mars Halberd abruptly rotated, brandishing himself as he hacked down towards the Brocade Emperor once more.

This time, he retracted all his flames into his body.

There was only that endless sharpness which hacked towards his foe with the momentum of opening the heavens and splitting the earth!


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