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HSSB937: A gathering of Exalts


Yan Zhaoge had already long since heard from those of Golden Court Mountain that the Brocade Emperor possessed an Immortal Artifact.

Unlike the Dim Radiant Emperor Yin Tianxia who had died young, it had already been over a thousand years since the Brocade Emperor Fu Yunchi had ascended into the Immortal realm.

Yan Zhaoge and Mu Jun exchanged glances, both having rather strange expressions on their faces.

Mars Halberd was too unique.

Even though this Immortal Artifact saw himself as a weapon, everyone else, Yan Zhaoge and Mu Jun included, habitually saw him as an Emperor.

Perhaps it was only at a time like that that everyone would realise that Mars Halberd was indeed a weapon.

He had no way of forging new Immortal Artifacts or drawing on the power of other, existing ones.

Even if someone were to give him an Immortal Artifact now, he would only be able to stare at it.

Still, the problem was that his opponent, the Brocade Emperor, was not actually empty-handed.

No one said that the Brocade Emperor had to battle Mars Halberd bare-handed.

It was really impossible too for Mars Halberd to be so naïve.

Indeed, as the two combatants gradually vanished from sight, seemingly disappearing amidst endless space, a powerful aura soon surged into existence.

With the vision of Yan Zhaoge and the others, they were already unable to clearly see the battle situation as the two experts clashed.

Still, an unprecedently intense collision erupted in the distance.

The violent aftershocks of that clash surged, spreading outwards in all directions like oceanic tides.

The Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel that Yan Zhaoge and the others were on shook intensely, being jolted directly backwards in retreat!

The world of yellow earth formed of the Earth Exalt’s true essence, however, remained stable as it did not budge an inch.

However, the spherical world clearly shrunk with its power becoming more condensed, only then successfully blocking the aftershocks from the clash between the two Emperors.

The crimson light in the form of a colossal red lotus around the Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel was retracted as well now.

Yan Zhaoge and the others who had originally been on its petals were scattered, their figures simultaneously flying backwards in retreat.

“A pity.

We cannot watch on any further,” Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin rather regretfully as Mu Jun beside him evidently shared the same sentiment as well.

The Brocade Emperor was wielding his own Immortal Artifact to battle Mars Halberd.

Still, Yan Zhaoge and the others had no way of telling how the battle was currently going.

Still, Yan Zhaoge had already benefited greatly from watching the battle up to now.

His concern as to the battle’s conclusion was currently more related to how the overall situation would further develop after this.

Yan Zhaoge naturally hoped that the Brocade Emperor could obtain victory.

This was unrelated to Mars Halberd having caused him to end up in the Immortal Court back then.

On the contrary, while the trip had been rather perilous, Yan Zhaoge was very happy, knowing the existence of the Immortal Court.

He looked at Mu Jun, “I wonder if I can meet your Master, the Southeastern Exalt, after this battle”

Mu Jun answered, “I’m afraid not.

Coincidentally, Master is currently away.”

“Huh” Yan Zhaoge was taken aback, not having heard about this during his previous conversation with Chief Liu Xiangtong of the central Jun Heaven Territory’s Jade Mountain Sect.

Mu Jun explained, “Just recently, shortly before this battle was set to take place, the Earth Exalt returned from extradimensional space, next inviting Master to head to the central Jun Heaven Territory.

There seems to be something major going on.”

“Not just Master, I have heard that the other Exalts were all invited too.”

Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes slightly, “You mean that the Ten Exalts have all gathered in the central Jun Heaven Territory”

Yan Zhaoge had actually already taken notice initially when Liu Xiangtong had mentioned how the Earth Exalt and the Brocade Emperor had left the World beyond Worlds together after the date of today’s battle had been decided.

Unlike the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors who often traversed extradimensional space, the Exalts of Ten Territories usually stayed in the World beyond Worlds, seldom leaving the area.

The sole exception was the Upper Exalt whose movements were very hard to grasp.

The Earth Exalt was virtually equivalent to the Lord of the central Jun Heaven Territory as he took care of most of its general affairs as well.

Yan Zhaoge felt that this Earth Exalt who was a personal disciple of the Earthly Sovereign and the most active person amongst the descendants of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors was like the head steward of Kunlun Mountain.

This was really the case, in truth.

When the Sovereigns and Emperors were in seclusion or away, Wang Zhengcheng managed the central Jun Heaven Territory and even the entire World beyond Worlds very competently.

It was definitely unusual that such a person had suddenly left the World beyond Worlds.

And now, it was not just Wang Zhengcheng but all the other Exalts as well who had left their own Territories, gathering in the central Jun Heaven Territory.

Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “Pardon me, Mister Mu, but has anything similar happened before”

“Yes,” Mu Jun replied, “Around a hundred years ago.”

A pondering look appeared on his face as he was clearly concerned about this too.

Yan Zhaoge nodded slightly, thinking, “Might this be related to the Immortal Court and Daoism According to those of the Lofty Towering World, the battles between the two sides have recently been escalating.”

“From the looks of it, around every hundred years of so, this will culminate in a peak confrontation.”

Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes, “Slightly longer than the longevity of mortals.

Generally speaking, the longest lived amongst mortals live to around a hundred years old.”

He had already previously guessed that the Brocade Emperor, the Heaven Emperor and the other peak experts of the World beyond Worlds had left for extradimensional space due to the conflict between the Immortal Court and Buddhism.

While there was no concrete evidence, Yan Zhaoge believed even more now that his earlier guess was correct.

He just did not know how things would be after the Ten Exalts gathered in the central Jun Heaven Territory.

Would they remain in the World beyond Worlds or head off into extradimensional space as well

There were at least still the Concealed Sovereign and the Female Emperor guarding over Kunlun Mountain.

The situation in the World beyond Worlds was still stable overall.

Still, with no Exalts to supress the situation back in the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, southern Blazing Heaven Territory and eastern Vast Heaven Territory etcetera, there would definitely be some degree of upheaval.

Without the great mountain weighing above their heads, there would be more room for the heroes of various lands to move around.

There would surely not be much upheaval in the Royal Reed Sea where Broad Creed Mountain was, though.

In the past, there might still be some ferocious dragons crossing the river.

It was like this that the Grand Xuan Dynasty had entered the lands of the Royal Reed Sea around a hundred years ago.

Still, after the earlier battle at Broad Creed Mountain where the Star Plucking Practitioner Guan Lide of the late Immortal Bridge stage had perished, many within the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory had been shocked.

While many believed that it was due to the might of an Immortal Artifact, whatever the case, a ninth level Martial Saint had indeed fallen there.

As a result, a warning bell had tolled within the hearts of many as they dared not move lightly at all.

There would definitely be those desirous of the Immortal Artifact.

Still, they would not dare to blindly invade.

It would not also be easy for others to trespass on the borders of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

While the Southeastern Exalt was not present, the martial practitioners of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory would themselves repel invaders.

It was just that Yan Zhaoge felt this to be a pity, having originally wanted to make use of this chance to pay a visit to the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie and ask about his mother’s situation.

Anyway, in the eyes of Cao Jie, it should already be ‘too late’ for Yan Zhaoge who had already been to the Immortal Court once.

“A pity, truly a pity,” Yan Zhaoge looked regretful indeed.


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