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HSSB938: The end of the battle


While the Brocade Emperor and the Earth Exalt were in the know, Yan Zhaoge did not think that it would be a good idea to inquire about the situation from them.

The Earth Exalt need not be considered.

As for the Brocade Emperor, while he presently appeared friendly, it still could not be confirmed what his view was regarding Xue Chuqing’s matter.

From the looks of it now, he could only wait patiently.

Still, everything had both benefits and detriments.

The existence of the Dim Radiant Wheel would most likely draw the attention of the Immortal Court.

When he had slain the Vast Yang Exalt Pei Hua of the Immortal Court’s lineage, upon seeing the Dim Radiant Wheel, the emotions exhibited by Pei Hua had been somewhat abnormal.

Most of it was hatred and fury, of course.

The strongest ever expert of his Vast Yang Palace’s lineage, their sole Emperor, had been slain by none other than the Dim Radiant Emperor, Yin Tianxia.

Pei Hua’s hatred and fury were very understandable.

Still, Yan Zhaoge had acutely detected that Pei Hua seemed to have been feeling something else too.

Yan Zhaoge felt that this concerned not just Pei Hua himself but the attitude of the entire Immortal Court as well.

The information that he grasped the Dim Radiant Wheel was presently only widespread in the World beyond Worlds.

The situation might change if this news spread to the Immortal Court.

Still, that should be after the great battle between them and Buddhism had died down, no longer being so intense.

Before that, their attention should mainly still be on Buddhism as they sought to wrest more worshippers and territory.

Yan Zhaoge pondered on this even as he continued retreating.

Far away in the distance, the two Emperor-level experts were in the midst of heated battle, no longer paying attention to their surroundings.

Streams of white cloud qi clashed with streaks of fiery crimson light, sweeping through the entire region of space.

As they fought, they gradually drifted further and further away from their original battlefield as they moved amidst a larger portion of extradimensional space, battling non-stop.

Gradually, those terrifying aftershocks weakened.

It was not that the two had run out of power.

Instead, the distance between they and the spectators was gradually increasing.

Yan Zhaoge and the others did not try to follow them.

As these True Immortals fought to such an extent with their full power, it was no longer something that could still be spectated.

Of everyone present, there was only the Earth Exalt who still had the ability to continue spectating.

He was the only one who left his original location and followed after them.

As he was the one officiating this battle, this was also an expected thing.

As for everyone else, including Yan Zhaoge and the Ingenious Flying Peak martial practitioners aboard the Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel, the spectating was actually already over as they needed merely to patiently await the result.

This did not take too much time.

A short while later, a dazzling beam of red light suddenly streaked through the darkness of space in the distance, seemingly tearing it apart.

The red light was gone in a flash, disappearing without a trace.

The sweltering heat amidst space gradually subsided as the earlier cold, solitary feeling returned.

Everyone exchanged looks.

The battle between Emperors seemed to have reached a conclusion.

The Brocade Emperor had won.

Beside Yan Zhaoge, Mu Jun heaved a sigh of relief.

From what had been said when the battle had been arranged, the Brocade Emperor was the representative of all those of the Grand Clear direct lineage in bringing an end to their enmity regarding them having helped the dragons to seal Mars Halberd that year.

Before he defeated the Brocade Emperor, Mars Halberd would not make trouble for others of the Grand Clear direct lineage.

In the current World beyond Worlds, there was only Golden Court Mountain other than Ingenious Flying Peak which still remained of the orthodox Grand Clear direct lineage.

In truth, the situation this time was unique.

In order to prepare for the battle, if the Brocade Emperor had such intentions, the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie would likely provide him with the Numerous Heavens Orthodox Arts and the Three Enclosures Emperor Sword for reference in this.

Still, the Brocade Emperor who possessed an Immortal Artifact of his own clearly had his own pride and confidence as he had ultimately still risen to the challenge with his own power.

The conclusion of this battle seemed to have proven his decision to be the right one.

“That Mars Halberd seems to mean what he says.

Such a conclusion to things should be fine, right” Yan Zhaoge sighed in relief as well.

After a long time, the purple qi reappeared.

The vast purple qi returned, re-enveloping the space before them.

The martial practitioners of the World beyond Worlds cheered simultaneously.

While Mars Halberd had ties with the World beyond Worlds as well, this was already something of historical times as he had only recently suddenly reappeared.

The Brocade Emperor had been a hegemon of the World beyond Worlds over the past thousand plus years, his fame running deep.

Even if for nothing else, the spectators would naturally lean towards the Brocade Emperor in this.

Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “It looks like Mars Halberd retreated.

The Brocade Emperor was unable to destroy or subdue him.”

“For some reason, Mars Halberd hates the dragon race to the core.

While he also has enmity with us of the Grand Clear direct lineage, it is still not a death enmity,” Mu Jun said, “He is not the opponent of the Brocade Emperor.

Still, he does not have to battle to the death.

With his abilities, if he wants to leave, it would still be very difficult to stop him.”

Now, he smiled at Yan Zhaoge, “Moreover, Mars Halberd was still the accompanying weapon of the Exalted Fire Luminary at the end of the day.

If it is not a death enmity, the Brocade Emperor would not battle to the death with him.”

“As for subduing this Immortal Artifact, while this surely sounds tempting, first not speaking of how he is different from other Immortal Artifacts, just the Exalted Fire Luminary alone is already a cause for concern.

It is said that this bigwig is alive.

With him saying nothing, anyone would be cautious.”

Mu Jun reminded Yan Zhaoge, “While your Broad Creed Mountain has the Extreme Yang Seal and the Extreme Yin Crown that are extremely powerful high-grade Sacred Artifacts, they are still not Immortal Artifacts at the end of the day.

It is different for Mars Halberd.”

As the two spoke, that vast purple qi which enveloped space landed in the Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel, disappearing without a trace.

The spectators collectively approached the Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel, preparing to give their congratulations.

Still, while they were given permission to board the vessel, the Brocade Emperor did not meet anyone as he instead went to see the Grand Plainness Origin Lady, Tao Yu.

The hearts of Zeng Mo, Mu Jun, Liu Xiangtong and the rest all jolted slightly.

While the Brocade Emperor had obtained victory against Mars Halberd, could it be that he had suffered a serious injury in the process, thus not seeing anyone

Of course, if the Brocade Emperor was injured, Mars Halberd would only be injured worse.

Yan Zhaoge instead felt differently about why he was only meeting Tao Yu and not Fu Ting.

With he and Fu Ting having inadvertently travelled to the Immortal Court, in the eyes of the higher echelons of the World beyond Worlds, they had probably already broken some sort of taboo.

After learning of the existence of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord and the Immortal Court, while Fu Ting could not explain it clearly, she just felt some abnormal feeling.

Yan Zhaoge believed that this was not baseless or a hallucination.

From the previous warnings of the Brocade Emperor, the Southeastern Exalt and the Northeastern Exalt, Yan Zhaoge guessed that Fu Ting’s feeling was real.

Having birthed a daughter late yet seen this kind of situation occurring, the Brocade Emperor would naturally be nervous.

Yan Zhaoge even thought that the Brocade Emperor had probably not seen Fu Ting earlier, having immediately entered battle upon arriving.

Instead, he had only come to learn of what had befallen her afterwards.

If he had learnt about this prior to the battle, might it have instead turned into a battle of life and death


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