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HSSB94: None of them can think of escaping!


Shi Tie said, “Whatever the truth of the matter, it is still not something that we can ascertain now.

However, being related to the Flame Devils, we must investigate it thoroughly.”

“The importance of this matter is such that it is even more pressing than the matter of the Decimating Abyss organisation.”

While viewing the Blood Soul Recollection Ceremony earlier, upon seeing that powerful aura emanating from Ye Jing’s ring, Shi Tie had already secretly noted it down within his heart.

It was just that he was someone who did not jump to conclusions lightly.

Therefore, he had only buried these queries of his within his heart.

Although the abnormalities in Hell were something that everyone had to guard against, at the end of the day, the danger it presented was still not all that significant.

The Flame Devils, however, were the Eight Extremities World’s longtime enemy, the two having clashed interminably all these long years, neither giving an inch to the other.

If Ye Jing had only obtained the Flame Devil Emperor’s legacy by chance, it would still be fine.

If he had a connection with the current Flame Devil World, it would be an extremely serious matter indeed.

While Shi Tie still hadn’t completely made this matter conclusive, its importance within his heart had undoubtedly risen by a lot.

His face a black as a pot’s bottom, Yan Xu squeezed out a few words from the slits between his teeth, “About this, this old man was completely not in the know!”

Yan Zhaoge said neither hurriedly or slowly, “Then I really can’t think of any other reason why Elder Yan wants me dead so much.”

Yan Xu snorted, a complicated expression appearing on his face.

Everyone was currently focused on Ye Jing, appraising him all over.

At this moment, though, Ye Jing was totally stumped.

The enraged and temperamental him, currently being the focus of everyone’s gazes, naturally had an extremely uncomfortable feeling well up within him.

His understanding towards the situation of this entire world was still limited.

However, he was naturally still familiar with what kind of existences Flame Devils were.

At this moment, hearing himself actually being lumped together with them, he was instantly startled and angered.

As he looked over, Yan Zhaoge saw the patterns of flame on Ye Jing’s entire body becoming more and more dazzling, as though his entire body was really going to spontaneously combust.

Ye Jing howled angrily, “Yan Zhaoge! Having ended up in your hands, whatever you want to do to me, if you want to kill me or cut me up, just do it if you think you can!”

“In order to put yourself on the side of reason, you still want to continue making up accusations about me! You, this dog who distorts the facts!”

Yan Zhaoge said carelessly, “You’ve also already said that you are currently a fish within a net, a turtle within a jar.

If I take care of you, it’d also be because you deserve it.”

“Why do I still need to make up accusations about you”

“Perhaps you yourself are unaware, but verification won’t be hard.

After taking you back to the clan, whereupon our experts will analyse that ring of yours, a conclusion will naturally be made.”

Yan Zhaoge looked calmly at Ye Jing, “Don’t have such an excessively high opinion of yourself.

There are many things that I have to do; I’ve no time at all to waste on you.”

Ye Jing was even more enraged by this, the patterns of flame on his body dazzling with an unprecedented brightness.

Soon, true flames actually began blazing!

The Ye Jing within the flames surveyed his surroundings, glaring at Yan Zhaoge, Shi Tie, the Disciplinary Elder of the East Heaven Region and the others.

“As I thought, your Broad Creed Mountain people are all in cahoots, covering up for one another!”

“Peoples’ hearts are evil and treacherous, killing others without drawing blood, not spitting out bones from devouring others-you are even more vicious and malicious than the flame devils!”

“Being on the same team as people like you; I’d much rather be as refreshingly straightforward as the Flame Devils!”

Facing the sky, Ye Jing let out a crazed roar.

On his hand, beneath his flesh and blood, a red light surfaced, forming a dark red circle of light that slotted himself on his finger.

It was precisely that dark red ring.

The ring erupted with a dazzling light, an illusory scene being faintly projected in the air behind him.

Within that illusion, the entire ground was covered by lava; the entire sky was engulfed by fire!

It was as though a terrifying giant of flame had appeared within it.

It was a powerful aura far from what Ye Jing could possess at his current level, sometimes visible, sometimes unseen, shocking peoples’ hearts.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge instead rolled his eyes, “Your brains must really have been fried by the heat.”

It was different from the illusory figure that they had viewed through the Blood Soul Recollection Ceremony earlier.

At this moment, they all saw it for real.

Looking at the current Ye Jing and feeling the power held by that illusionary figure, the spectators by the side, Yan Xu included, all began to mostly believe in Yan Zhaoge’s earlier conjecture.

Seeing the dark red ring on Ye Jing’s figure, Yan Xu thought, “So it had fused within his body; no wonder we were unable to detect it all along.”

Shi Tie said expressionlessly, “At the base of it, it may be the strongest that this Shi has ever seen in my life; even exterminating the entire Eight Extremities World might be a simple thing for it.”

“However, it cannot even be considered a remnant portion of soul or even some remnant will; only a sliver of its aura still remains.

It still cannot overturn the heavens.”

Having said thus, Shi Tie extended a hand, that palm instantly transforming into a glassy, transparent state, a golden light being emanated from within, resembling Vajra.

As that one palm landed, Ye Jing and that illusory figure simultaneously let out screams of pain and rage.

As the light of the fire was instantly extinguished, Ye Jing was once again pinned down onto the ground, completely unable to move, only able to glare at Yan Zhaoge and Shi Tie with an unresigned expression on his face.

Originally about to speak, Shi Tie’s expression suddenly flickered slightly as with a single stride, he was already outside of the manor.

At this moment, outside the manor where the sun had originally been blazing strongly high overhead, the sunlight suddenly dimmed.

The sky turned dark, as though it had descended into night in an instant.

Within the darkness of the night, a bright moon was sometimes visible, sometimes not.

Shi Tie’s entire body was enveloped in a glazed golden light that seemed ancient and inextinguishable as he faced off with the enemy.

Light and darkness clashed between the heavens and the earth, neither giving way to the other in the slightest, causing numerous raging waves to be formed which directly shook the foundation of the manor below it till it caved in and collapsed!

Faced with these shockwaves, the Disciplinary Elder of the East Heaven Region as well as the other Broad Creed Mountain experts also felt great pressure.

“Twilight Dark Moon!” The Disciplinary Elder let out a muffled groan, “This level of cultivation; it’s the Twilight Lord of the Seven Reigning Suns!”

Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “As I remember, the Twilight Lord’s cultivation is of a similar level to the Dawn Lord, the head of the Seven.

His strength should be ranked second amongst them”

The Disciplinary Elder nodded, “That’s right; although his position is below the Dawn Lord’s, his cultivation and strength are not inferior by much.

He is a peak expert of the Sacred Sun Clan.”

“Also, we know that of the Seven Reigning Suns, it is the Twilight Lord who is in charge of doing all the dirty as well as tedious work.

While he usually keeps a low profile, he’s killed the most people.”

Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “They really think highly of me, huh.

I’ve not killed off that Xiao Shen for nothing, then.”

The Twilight Dark Moon was the most unique of the Seven Great Sun Arts.

It formed an independent domain of its own, turning black into white and day into night.

Fluctuating between real and illusionary, switching between sun and moon, something that was between illusionary and fist techniques, different from all of the Sacred Sun Clan’s other martial arts.

Currently, displayed by the Twilight Lord, it really had the power to alter the heavens and change the earth.

If not for the fact that Shi Tie stood there unyieldingly like an unmoving pillar, all those of Broad Creed Mountain here would have been instantly swallowed and engulfed by the moonlight.

“Iron Lion” A low, deep voice resounded from within the moonlight.

Seeing the Twilight Lord blocked by Shi Tie, the other experts of the Sacred Sun Clan, concealed within the darkness of the night, launched an attack on Yan Zhaoge and the others.

The Disciplinary Elder of the East Heaven Region as well as the other experts of Broad Creed Mountain immediately went up to meet them, as a new, chaotic battle erupted.

Now, the Yan Xu who had originally looked like he had meekly accepted his fate, suddenly erupted!

Directing a final glance full of hatred at Yan Zhaoge, he did not linger, instead quickly escaping into the distance.

Meanwhile, Ye Jing had also managed to get himself out of danger.

While he actually wanted to go trouble Yan Zhaoge instead, he was unable to determine the latter’s position within all this darkness.

Letting out a crazed howl in hatred, he could only escape towards the outside.

From mid-air, Shi Tie let out a cold snort.

A glazed golden light suddenly lit up within the darkness, striking Yan Xu’s body.

Currently in the midst of escaping, Yan Xu’s entire body shuddered intensely as a mouthful of blood spurted uncontrollably out of his mouth.

Bright red blood leaked out from all the pores of his entire body, as his entire person now resembled a man of blood.

Still, with the bulk of Shi Tie’s attention fixed upon the Twilight Lord of the Sacred Sun Clan, while Yan Xu had been heavily injured by his blow, he had still barely managed to preserve his own life.

Yan Xu didn’t dare to hesitate in the slightest, as, struggling, he continued escaping into the distance.

Yan Zhaoge sent a sound transmission over to Shi Tie, “Eldest apprentice-uncle, leave it to me.

I will look for him and Ye Jing.”

Shi Tie hesitated slightly before replying, “If the other party resists, you may kill them on the spot.”

“Eldest apprentice-uncle can rest easy.”

As he quickly began to move, a cold smile was revealed on Yan Zhaoge’s face, “None of them can think of escaping.”


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