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HSSB941: The other half of the whisk


If he could not obtain a supreme martial art of the Grand Clear direct lineage and Prime Clear direct lineage, Yan Zhaoge would only have two choices.

He could either give up on his previous cultivation and switch to a different method or hence remain at the late Seeing Divinity stage just like this, thereon not advancing his cultivation base.

While simultaneously cultivating in the Three Purities let Yan Zhaoge preside arrogantly over those of the same cultivation level, the difficulty in advancing forward was also correspondingly higher.

After keeping the whisk in his hand, Yan Zhaoge stood up, leaving his lodgings.

His father Yan Di had still yet to leave secluded cultivation as he had already been in seclusion for two years.

He had entered secluded cultivation immediately upon his return, still having yet to emerge.

Yan Zhaoge went to Heaven Rising Peak and took his leave of Yuan Zhengfeng, Fang Zhun and the others who were currently managing Broad Creed Mountain’s affairs.

Then, he brought along Ah Hu and rode Pan-Pan in leaving the Mountain together.

Xiao Ai was currently in secluded cultivation too.

While her mind was insufficiently focused and drifted off easily as she liked to think about some totally random things, Xiao Ai did not slack off in her martial cultivation and the dao of formations.

She was extremely talented and was also supported by Broad Creed Mountain and Yan Zhaoge’s vast repertoire of martial arts and material resources.

Not only was her cultivation speed not low, it could even put many descendants of notable lineages to shame.

In the dao of formations, she presided over countless others as well as she currently had the highest attainments in it in Broad Creed Mountain beneath the Martial Saint realm.

At the same cultivation level, there was no one in the entirety of Broad Creed Mountain besides Yan Zhaoge who could match her in this area.

Fortunately, Xiao Ai seldom left Broad Creed Mountain after having gotten there, not being known of by outsiders.

Otherwise, she would render everyone stunned just like Ah Hu.

This was because in front of Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di, this girl was also willing to call herself a maid.

While Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di actually saw Xiao Ai as a disciple of Xue Chuqing, she herself did not think this way.

Therefore, those of Broad Creed Mountain would all speechlessly watch on as this late Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster and formations grandmaster called Yan Zhaoge ‘Young Master’, spending much time salivating as well as she stared fixatedly at the handsome guys in the sect.

Xiao Ai had entered secluded cultivation this time to attempt to breach that bottleneck, hence advancing her cultivation base.

If she succeeded, Broad Creed Mountain would have another Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster.

Also, she would be a Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster who was so young it was scary.

It was still fine for the Broad Creed Mountain disciples who had come from the Eight Extremities World, having long since grown used to hearing about the growth rate of Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di.

Those few people of the World beyond Worlds seeking to enter Broad Creed Mountain in recent years ended up suffering one mental shock after another.

One or two would still be acceptable.

How was it that Broad Creed Mountain had so many of such heaven-defying figures

Was this really a sect that had arisen from a lower world

While they had come to enter Broad Creed Mountain after hearing of its esteemed name, many people were still completely stunned by this.

After their initial astonishment, what remained was just a feeling of conviction as they rejoiced.

Having been able to enter a sect like this, their future prospects were clearly infinitely dazzling.

Yan Zhaoge, Yuan Zhengfeng and the others were naturally happy to accept them into the sect.

Broad Creed Mountain had currently still yet to officially open its doors and begin recruiting its disciples.

When that day officially came, there would surely be a flourishing air within their sect.

“When father or I have stepped into the Immortal Bridge stage, we should more or less be ready.”

Yan Zhaoge pondered on this as he sat on Pan-Pan’s back, hurrying along.

Having already previously asked Shi Jun where he had found this half-broken whisk, he had a good idea of this now as he headed eastwards.

Pan-Pan possessed remarkable abilities with powerful strength and swift speed.

He could traverse some tens of thousands of kilometres in a mere instant.

As Yan Zhaoge travelled, a thought from earlier drifted again to the surface of his mind.

Appraising the broken whisk before him, he wondered, “I have half of this whisk.

In that case, what about the other half Has it been completely destroyed or does it still exist intact”

If it was still intact, could it have fallen into the possession of someone else

There might be some trouble as he searched for the cave manor this time.

Arriving at the place where Shi Jun had previously obtained the whisk, Yan Zhaoge got Pan-Pan to descend.

Amongst numerous valleys, while the sun was currently blazing high overhead, one could still seemingly see a streak of white light descending from up above.

Yan Zhaoge raised that broken whisk.

After coming into contact with the white light, the radiance on the surface of the whisk instantly grew denser.

A thin ray of white light extended far into the distance.

Still, this white line was illusory and ethereal, being intangible.

Only those who held that half-broken whisk could see this white line.

As Yan Zhaoge held onto the whisk now, Ah Hu and Pan-Pan were unable to see it.

“Let us continue,” Yan Zhaoge passed the whisk to Ah Hu who smilingly received it, tapping Pan-Pan’s head.

Pan-Pan got up rather lazily, resuming his pace once more as they headed off into the distance.

The distance this time was much greater than before.

While Pan-Pan was not slow, some time would still be needed before they arrived.

This was still within the territory of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

Still, analysing the point to which the whisk led, Yan Zhaoge knew that it should still be extremely far away.

It was likely in the easternmost region of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory where the Wilderness Sea was at.

The Wilderness Sea was as its name suggested, devoid of people as it was ancient and primordial.

It was a vast piece of land that was much larger than even the likes of the Royal Reed Sea and the Setting Sun Archipelago.

It virtually encompassed a whole one-third of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory in its size.

There were many risks within that would cause one to hesitate, not venturing any further in.

In the entire southeast, there was probably no one besides the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie who could assuredly enter and leave as they pleased.

This was understandable, really.

With the World beyond Worlds having existed for so long, if it was located somewhere where there were a lot of people, any good treasures would long since have been acquired by others.

Cases like how the Evil Sword Taotie and the phoenix bone had been left behind by Ancestor Hei in the Clear Scenic Region of the Royal Reed Sea were extremely rare indeed.

It had been entirely due to the Clear Scenic Region being enveloped by Endless Magnetic Storms all year round that that place had been preserved and not discovered.

“Speaking of this, one of the backup choices that Yunsheng decided upon back then was the Wilderness Sea,” Yan Zhaoge muttered to himself, “I wonder where she is right now”

Knowing that their destination was the Wilderness Sea, Ah Hu seemed to understand the reason for Yan Zhaoge’s sudden low spirits.

He scratched his head and thought for a moment, saying nothing in the end as he just mimicked Yan Zhaoge and sighed.

Yan Zhaoge quickly regained his calm as he returned his attention to the whisk before him.

The Royal Reed Sea was in the westernmost part of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

Meanwhile, the Wilderness Sea was in the easternmost part of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

Yan Zhaoge’s group had basically traversed the entirety of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

Fortunately, according to the indication by the whisk, the cave manor was just set to open as there was still some time before it opened completely.

Yan Zhaoge still had sufficient time.

Still, as Yan Zhaoge passed an area known as the Consecutive Drum Mountain Range while passing through the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, he suddenly sensed the half- broken whisk jolting in a strange manner.


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