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HSSB946: Golden Crow Remnant Soul


The three-footed golden crow appeared, flickering with sunlight.

Its line of vision involuntarily fell on the Extreme Yang Seal hovering above Yan Zhaoge’s head.

Beneath the heavens, there were talents abound.

It was often not just a single lineage that studied similar martial principles.

In cases like this, there was generally no sense of unity amongst them.

On the contrary, there were clear divisions of power amongst them.

Otherwise, they would be unhappy with one another most of the time, believing that only they were of the orthodox path, others all following an evil way.

As a result, the relationship between them was usually not good.

As one of the Nine Luminaries and the most commonly seen dazzling sun up in the sky, the Solar Star was naturally studied by many.

Before the Great Calamity, Vast Yang Palace, Golden Crow Valley and the Dim Radiant Sect had all been versed in this.

Comparatively speaking, the Dim Radiant Sect had simultaneously studied the profundities of the sun and the moon primarily to comprehend the intricate principles of radiance within.

Rather than saying that they studied the Solar Star, it was more like they were analysing the true intent of brightness.

The Golden Crow Incinerating World Scripture leaned towards the eternal blazing of the Solar Star when unleashed to the maximum, resulting in terrifying might which could incinerate the heavens and decimate the earth.

Its martial legacies also delved on the essence of fire besides analysing the yang qi of the Solar Star.

Comparatively speaking, Vast Yang Palace had been the most focused as it had been fully devoted to analysing the variations of the sun.

With the Vast Yang Scripture as its foundation, the Extreme Yang Scripture that had thereafter arisen had been more in depth and more focused.

Before the Great Calamity, things had been disharmonious between Golden Crow Valley and Vast Yang Palace with both sides vehemently refusing to acknowledge the other.

Still, while the current Three Foot Mountain had obtained the legacy of Golden Crow Valley, it greatly desired the Extreme Yang Scripture as well.

This was because of something that the major figure who had helped them to replenish the incomplete Golden Crow World Incinerating Scripture had once coincidentally mentioned.

“The Vast Yang Scripture notwithstanding, the Extreme Yang Scripture and Yang Extremity World Creating Scripture that the Exalted Solar Luminary was acclaimed for would be priceless treasures for you indeed.”

Seeing the Extreme Yang Seal hovering above Yan Zhaoge’s head at this moment, the gazes of those of Three Foot Mountain instantly flickered.

“Chief, from the Young Master’s guidance that year, there should be three tribulations in this cave manor.

These golden lotuses are the third tribulation,” Someone sent via sound transmission to the old man in the lead, “There will be no further tribulations thereafter as one will be able to enter the true central region of the temple.”

The old man in the lead with the goatee and a face of pale gold was the current Chief of Three Foot Mountain.

He looked expressionlessly at Yan Zhaoge in the distance, not saying anything.

The person beside him continued, “This person is that Broad Creed Mountain’s Yan Zhaoge.

It is said that he is a genius blessed by the heavens, possessing extreme strength.

From the looks of it now, it is indeed so.”

“What is worse is that he is even accompanied by the Extreme Yang Seal.

I can even tell that while the sword he wields is inferior to the Extreme Yang Seal, it is still an extremely powerful high-grade Sacred Artifact…”

At this point, that old man mildly interjected, “As compared to our sect’s Golden Crow Incinerating Heaven Sabre, that sword is probably superior.”

The Three Foot Mountain martial practitioners present all frowned.

The person who had spoken earlier nodded, continuing, “While we brought the soul flag over this time, it was depleted greatly in the Wilderness Sea earlier.

I wish not to raise the morale of others while diminishing our own, but we might not be able to defeat that Yan Zhaoge here.”

As soon as this had been said, those of Three Foot Mountain all felt very uncomfortable indeed.

Yet, seeing Yan Zhaoge moving comfortably forward without obstacle, breaking through all the restrictions here as he acted readily and with disregard with mighty treasures in hand, their rationality attributed a single word to this youth before them.


“What do you say we do then Do you mean to say that we should turn back just like this” Someone asked dissatisfiedly.

Still, this person’s expression quickly changed, “Wait, could it be that you mean to…”

The person who had first spoken said softly, “It is said that this Yan Zhaoge is close with Ingenious Flying Peak’s Red Lotus Fu.

Second Young Master is quite unhappy about this.”

“For us, this is precisely a chance to relieve Second Young Master of his worries.

Coupled with the treasures in this cave manor, that Extreme Yang Seal and maybe even the Extreme Yang Scripture, this is literally killing four birds with one stone!”

The Three Foot Mountain martial practitioners all felt silent.

Someone said slowly, “Irrevocable death enmity.”

They were not afraid of sowing enmity with others, not being merciful people as well.

For example, they had directly exterminated that Listening Thunder Peak’s Xia Family just like that.

The strength that Yan Zhaoge had demonstrated thus far was what really caused them to hesitate.

In failing to overturn the tiger, they might be hurt by the tiger instead.

“It is fine,” The old man with the goatee who had been silent for a long while, the current Chief of Three Foot Mountain, now spoke, “The backup measures that we made earlier can be put to use.”

A sabre appeared in his hand, a magnificent sun on its blade in which the figure of a three-footed golden crow could vaguely be seen.

In the other hand of that Chief of Three Foot Mountain appeared a bright yellow flag.

Another Three Foot Mountain Martial practitioner took the flag from him, waving it as the shrill cry of a crow instantly resounded.

It did not sound as piercing as normal crows.

Instead, it sounded rather profound and moving.

As the cry of the crow resounded, it was like the great sun was rising, surging with vitality.

Blazing flames of sunlight now surged which actually seemed no inferior to the Extreme Yang Seal at all in the short term.

As soon as this was taken out, Yan Zhaoge immediately sensed it.

Gazing over, he saw that Three Foot Mountain martial practitioner waving a flag, the silhouette of a golden crow taking form.

Two pupils which resembled suns stared fixatedly at Yan Zhaoge with a piercing gaze that one could not directly look into.

“So it is a soul flag with the remnant soul of a Golden Crow sealed within!” Yan Zhaoge instantly realised, “This Golden Crow must have been extremely powerful when it was alive.

It is no wonder that it was able to protect them through the obstructing Baleful Black Devils, entering the depths of the Wilderness Sea.”

Still, this art would cause the spirituality of the remnant soul of the Golden Crow to deteriorate in an irreversible manner, being difficult to recover from as it dwindled unceasingly.

After it had been used for too long and too many times, that final bit of spirituality would dissipate.

Its soul would be scattered into the winds for all eternity, never again to recover.

This was Three Foot Mountain’s supreme treasure which they treasured exceptionally greatly.

They would not use it lightly.

Thee Foot Mountain had really given it their all in coming to this Daoist temple this time.

As the soul flag was waved, the remnant soul of the Golden Crow flew out, charging towards Yan Zhaoge with a ferocious momentum.

The Chief of Three Foot Mountain roared, clasping that sabre with both hands before he flew up and chopped towards Yan Zhaoge from up above.

The sabre-light merged with the remnant soul of the Golden Crow, golden flames blazing mightily as they enveloped the entire surrounding area.

In front of this Golden Crow, Chief Luo Zhiyuan of the Radiant Light Sect with the high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Sun Moon Wheels in hand, was just like a miniscule speck of light against the great sun.

Even a ninth level Martial Saint expert would have to temporarily avoid the sharpness of this blow.

Yan Zhaoge could even feel some of the overwhelming might of the Vast Yang Exalt, Pei Hua, within.

“Attacking as soon as you want to.

Straightforward indeed,” Yan Zhaoge was trapped amidst the sea of flames of the golden lotuses even as he faced the Golden Crow that bore down on him.

While he faced attacks from both front and back, Yan Zhaoge’s expression held no fear whatsoever.

The Extreme Yang Seal descended, landing on Yan Zhaoge’s palm.

At the same time, the tip of the Evil Sword Taotie drew a circle in mid-air.

The sword-light circulated, transforming into a circle that flickered with black light.

A white glow could vaguely be seen amidst that black light.


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