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HSSB947: Slaughtering Golden Crow!


Yan Zhaoge had many methods of dealing with things like the remnant soul of the Golden Crow that could not be maintained for long, only temporarily erupting with power.

For example, he could slowly drag it out, grinding down those of Three Foot Mountain.

Yan Zhaoge usually struck swiftly and domineeringly in battles with victory and defeat being decided within a short period of time, either side hence falling into defeat.

If he could obtain victory, he would virtually be crushing his opponent.

If he ended up being defeated, he would have no chance of turning the tables.

Still, this did not entail that he was unable to stably and slowly fight a battle.

While he was still a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint, Yan Zhaoge who cultivated in supreme martial arts like the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture, the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture and the Taiji Yin Yang Palm had abundant true essence with a qi returning speed that was virtually unrivalled amongst those below the Human Exalt stage.

Yan Zhaoge’s personality was such that he disliked such a conservative fighting style.

Still, if the situation required it, he would not mind using such a method.

Currently, it was most beneficial to drag out the battle against these Three Foot Mountain martial practitioners.

Three Foot Mountain’s legacy of the Golden Crow World Incinerating Scripture was extremely outstanding and their Chief possessed remarkable strength too.

While not on the level of Long Hanhua and Zeng Mo, he was close to the level of strength of the late Shen Lingzi.

Still, without the remnant soul of the Golden Crow, his combat power would plummet drastically.

It was evident indeed that the remnant soul of the Golden Crow would disappear if too much time went by.

Currently, it had already been depleted greatly just by protecting those of Three Foot Mountain as they entered the Wilderness Sea.

Still, Yan Zhaoge had other thoughts of his own.

He was rather interested in this Golden Crow remnant soul.

As the Evil Sword Taotie drew a circle in mid-air, its target was not that incoming Great Sun Golden Crow.

The black ring of light that flickered with a white glow expanded into the surroundings with Yan Zhaoge as its centre.

Of the golden lotuses of fire which enveloped the area, it was originally the case that only those close to Yan Zhaoge would explode into a sea of flames, those in the distance remaining tranquil.

Yet, swept along by Yan Zhaoge’s sword-light, whether they were close by or far away, the golden lotuses of flame all erupted simultaneously!

The violent golden flames transformed into a boundless world of flames at this moment which surrounded Yan Zhaoge and that Great Sun Golden Crow.

Whether it was Yan Zhaoge who was accompanied by the Extreme Yang Seal or that Three-Footed Golden Crow which seemed to have transformed into the great sun, both felt unbearably hot at this moment.

“Is he insane!” Those of Three Foot Mountain were left gaping and dazed, “Does he wants to bring them both into death together”

This would be a very normal choice for those for whom no further hope of surviving remained.

Yet, so long as they still had a chance at life, who would choose such a crazy method

They had only just begun their battle.

Why was this youth choosing this method of no return right from the get-go

It seemed as if Heaven’s favoured sons like him who had attained their fame at a young age should first resist based on their cultivation bases, only attempting to do this when it was certain that they definitely had no way of surviving

Yet, from how it looked now, it was as if Yan Zhaoge had specifically waited for them to come before dragging them all into death together with him.

“Bluffing, are you” Three Foot Mountain’s Chief snorted coldly, “You are still not qualified enough!”

He dispelled all his fears on the puzzlement of this sudden occurrence and the golden sea of flames before him.

His hands that brandished that sabre seemed to be bolstered by an additional force as it attacked towards Yan Zhaoge even more fiercely!

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge chuckled.

He sheathed the Evil Sword Taotie, also handing the Extreme Yang Seal to Ah Hu beside him.

He brought his hands apart, each individually grasping something.

One was a long, ancient metallic seal that resembled a sword without a blade, its tip having been levelled and engraved with a seal.

The other was a dark green bamboo cane that was seven feet long and had seven segments, faint purple light circulating about its surface as it appeared ordinary and innocuous.

Yan Zhaoge tapped out with that ancient seal in the form of a sword.

Struck by that seal, the Three-footed Golden Crow before him cried out, seemingly fatigued as it folded up its wings, its radiance growing dim.

It actually returned to the soul flag now.

Those of Three Foot Mountain were all stunned.

Having lost the power boost by that Golden Crow remnant soul, while the attack of the Chief of Three Foot Mountain was still supremely powerful, it no longer possessed its earlier momentum.

At the same time, Yan Zhaoge raised his dark green bamboo cane, swinging it and bringing it down upon his high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Golden Crow Incinerating Heaven Sabre.

The Golden Crow Incinerating Heaven Sabre instantly trembled as its glow hence dimmed as well.

“What is this thing” The Chief of Three Foot Mountain was rendered speechless.

Yan Zhaoge rained down numerous consecutive blows with his bamboo cane as his opponent was hard pressed to block them.

That Golden Crow Incinerating Heaven Sabre seemed as though it had a life of its own as it shook unceasingly, emitting a sharp, piercing wail.

The sunlight had dissipated on the surface of the sabre as faint cracks had even appeared on its blade!

The Chief of Three Foot Mountain was enraged to the point of his goatee standing on end, yet all he could do was rather painedly keep that sabre.

Even as he kept his sabre, he was also rapidly retreating.

He had no choice but to retreat!

Unable to use both the Golden Crow remnant soul and his high-grade Sacred Artifact, however powerful he was, faced with these chain exploding golden lotuses, he still dared not resist them.

He did not know if Yan Zhaoge would come out intact if he did not retreat, but he would definitely perish within that golden sea of flames then!

He had originally come to catch Yan Zhaoge in a pincer attack with the help of the golden lotuses of fire.

Never would he have expected that Yan Zhaoge might immediately set off all the exploding lotuses in the surroundings, next even having methods with which he suppressed the supreme treasures of Three Foot Mountain.

As a result, the situation was instantly reversed completely!


At the command of that old man, the other Three Foot Mountain martial practitioners all hurriedly retreated as well.

The fearsome momentum of that attack was such that just a single move was all it took.

As those of Three Foot Mountain rapidly retreated, they did not feel all that troubled.

The heavens and earth before them were filled with those terrifying golden flames.

While Yan Zhaoge had borrowed them to repel they of Three Foot Mountain into retreat, he himself still had to face the attack of the golden sea of flames.

Yan Zhaoge seemed to be utterly confident regarding this.

He smiled, a new object appearing in his hand even as he kept the Light Yin Sword Seal.

It was a jet-black plume that flickered with golden light.

Seeing that object, the eyelids of those of Three Foot Mountain all twitched madly!

They could not be any more familiar with this object.

Divine Crow’s Golden Plume!

It was the plume of a Three-Legged Golden Crow, and not just any ordinary feather as it was one of the three feathers from the top of its head, being the most precious and miraculous.

This was one of Yan Zhaoge’s spoils of war from having slaughtered the Sacred Sun Clan back in the Eight Extremities World that year.

It originated from the Radiant Light Sect.

He had not found an appropriate use for this all these years, having just kept it in his possession.

He had originally thought that he would use it as a material along with some other precious treasures when forging some treasure.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge found a more appropriate use for it today!

He flicked out with his finger, the Divine Crow Golden Plume that he held transforming into a golden ray of light that shot directly towards those of Three Foot Mountain.

At the same time, Yan Zhaoge inhaled deeply, slowly pointing with the Yin Yang Finger.

This occurred in an unprecedentedly slow manner as it was unprecedentedly solemn as well.

This was also an unprecedentedly powerful Yin Yang Finger, the strongest to be unleashed by Yan Zhaoge ever since he had begun cultivating in the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture.

Beneath this finger, yin and yang circulated in reverse.

Stimulated by that Divine Crow Golden Plume and Yan Zhaoge’s finger, the remnant soul of the Golden Crow that had previously been induced into a deep slumber by the Light Yin Sword Seal instantly shook again within the soul flag as it awoke once more.

The variations that occurred were indiscernible indeed.

Those of Three Foot Mountain had still yet to rejoice when embers arose amidst the golden sea of fire, transforming into a rain of fire that enveloped the heavens and covered the earth.

Guided by Yan Zhaoge’s Yin Yang Finger and the Divine Crow Golden Plume, the golden flames seemingly gained a target as they shot towards those of Three Foot Mountain!


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