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HSSB954: The ambition of Yan Zhaoge


With the combination of the thick earth of meritorious virtue and the blessed purple light of fortuitous virtue, they already possessed shocking defensive power.

As the two Wutong Slope martial practitioners raised their cultivation bases, under normal circumstances, even those of a higher cultivation level than them would be hard pressed to penetrate through their defences.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge had never been someone who could be appraised using normal standards.

First not speaking of the might of the Extreme Yang Seal, as Yan Zhaoge attacked now, beneath his palm was integrated the profundities of the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture, Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture and Extreme Yang Scripture all at once.

The powerful, majestic force was heaviest, biggest, simplest, toughest, most blazing.

The skies circulated in reverse, yin qi no longer existing as only the extremity of yang remained, combined with a power that could flip over the heavens and earth, leading to the collapse of the universe!

The terrifying force was suffocating as it left one in acute despair.

Beneath the great tribulation of the heavens and the earth where all lifeforms were affected, who could be spared Even if they fled, where could they even flee to

Even more frightening was the fact that the force of Yan Zhaoge’s palm was in perfect harmonisation with the Extreme Yang Seal.

In forging the Extreme Yang Seal, the Exalted Solar Luminary had combined the concepts of the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture, Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture and Extreme Yang Scripture etcetera in an imitation of the legendary Cyclic Heavenly Seal.

Yan Zhaoge had deeply grasped its essence now as he let loose the power of the Extreme Yang Seal.

While he had yet to ascend the Immortal Bridge, being theoretically unable to unleash the full might of the Extreme Yang Seal, at this moment, the Extreme Yang Seal gradually exhibited incomparable power reminiscent of its peak!

Yan Zhaoge’s full-powered blow in combination with this mighty treasure-how could his enemies possibly withstand this

Beneath that single blow, they were swept away!

The thick earth of meritorious virtue that replenished the heavens and extended the dao and the blessed purple light of fortuitous virtue that kept the threat of death away rapidly dissipated, soon vanishing.

Only a tiny wisp remained of the white qi of nether virtue that gave one a lease of life.

However, it was ethereal and illusory, seeming almost non-existent as it showed that there was virtually almost no chance of survival at all.

It was like the actual sun was close before them.

Zhuang Chaohui could even see the embers of the sun and the dark sunspots.

Pressured beneath the Extreme Yang Seal, the two of Wutong Slope felt as though their innards were being incinerated.

They felt rather unresigned within.

Sadly, their accompanying treasures and weapons had all been destroyed by the protective restrictions of the Daoist temple earlier.

Otherwise, they would not be totally unable to retaliate like this.

Still, thinking about it, they would not be Yan Zhaoge’s match even with these things.

These would only be able to assist them in fleeing at most.

Thinking about this, they could not help but despair further.

As the son of the Southern Exalt, Zhuang Chaohui had a substantial background.

He himself was also a Heaven’s favoured son, seldom meeting a match amongst similarly-aged martial practitioners from the World beyond Worlds.

He had gotten used to acting overbearingly and doing whatever he wanted.

Otherwise, he would not have audaciously trespassed into the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory to search for the phoenix bone that year.

Having suffered a loss at the hands of Yan Zhaoge and Golden Court Mountain back then, it could still be said that he had been at a disadvantage in terms of time, location and personnel.

Yet, Zhuang Chaohui’s pride was completely shattered today!

It was not that Zhuang Chaohui had never seen greater geniuses before.

While they had never clashed before, it had long since been widespread in the World beyond Worlds that the Brocade Emperor’s only daughter, the Grand Red Lotus Fu Ting, was much younger than he was and a genius who surpassed even him.

While Zhuang Chaohui felt dissatisfied, there was nothing he could do about this.

Still, whatever the case, that was the Brocade Emperor’s only daughter, a Heaven’s favoured daughter who had an even more substantial background than him.

Yet, the person who had defeated him today was Yan Zhaoge who hailed from a lower world!

Also, despite having yet to attain the Immortal Bridge stage, he was already able to suppress him completely.

How could Zhuang Chaohui not feel stifled to the point of wanting to vomit blood at this

He had still been thinking about how he would completely topple Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain earlier.

However, who would have thought that it would instead be him about to die beneath Yan Zhaoge’s palm in the blink of an eye!

Moreover, it definitely must have been Yan Zhaoge’s lot who had activated the protective restrictions of the Daoist temple and killed a whole bunch of Wutong Slope disciples earlier.

Pressured beneath the Extreme Yang Seal, Zhuang Chaohui was enraged to the point of near insanity.

“Yan Zhaoge, in killing Li Jing, my Wutong Slope might still be able to tolerate you,” That middle-aged man roared, “If you kill me and Chaohui, senior apprentice-brother Zhuang will definitely not let it go just like that.

Your Broad Creed Mountain and Wutong Slope will be irreconcilable enemies!”

Zhuang Chaohui raged, “What is the point in speaking further, senior apprentice-uncle Let him bury us all here for good if he thinks he has what it takes!”

Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “No need for threats, no need for reverse psychology, no need for noisy bluster.

Whatever you say, I never intended to let you people go in the first place.”

While he was smiling, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze was exceptionally icy cold.

A chill arose in the hearts of his two foes as they realised something.

They just stared dazedly at Yan Zhaoge, shocked by their own guesses.

“You…could it be…”

Yan Zhaoge curled his lips, “As my Broad Creed Mountain unceasingly improves, we will naturally need a larger space to expand in.”

“While the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory is large, the saying goes that one mountain cannot tolerate two tigers.

Still, the amicable relationship between Golden Court Mountain and my Broad Creed Mountain and the care they have shown us over the years is not something this Yan has ever forgotten.”

“Since that is so, expanding elsewhere is naturally our only option.”

Looking at the two, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Bar any exceptionally great occurrences, our two lineages are destined to be enemies.

Therefore, I do not mind killing the two of you here.”

“Whether by a lot or just a little, diminishing the power of your Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope is something I would be very happy to see.”

“The only things I need to consider is if the time is right and if my sect has already made sufficient preparations.”

Zhuang Chaohui and the middle-aged man both stared on in shock at Yan Zhaoge.

While their guesses had been verified, they only felt even more shocked, finding this even more absurd.

This youth who was speaking leisurely before them was but a late seeing Divinity Martial Saint.

The lineage from which he hailed originated from a lower world, the entire sect containing fewer than ten Martial Saints.

Yet, he had set his target as Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope!

What place was this

The lineage of one of the World beyond Worlds’ Ten Exalts, that of the Southern Exalt who ruled over the entire southern Blazing Heaven Territory, being an invincible existence within that area.

Its lineage could be traced back to over a thousand years ago.

Even ignoring their Human Exalt, Zhuang Shen, Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope itself already housed numerous experts.

Wutong Slope had more Immortal Bridge Martial Saints than Broad Creed Mountain had Martial Saints!

This youngster before them was actually deluded to the point of wanting to compete with Wutong Slope Was he even sane

After his shock, Zhuang Chaohui was so angered he laughed, “Just based on you lot If not for the protection of Ingenious Flying Peak and Golden Court Mountain, this minor lower world power of yours would already have been decimated a hundred times over by my Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope!”

“It is precisely because of this that I said just now that I have to consider if the time is right, if my sect has made sufficient preparations,” Yan Zhaoge’s smile did not diminish in the least, “At this present time, while the time is still not fully right yet, everything is at least developing in a good direction, right”

Zhuang Chaohui wanted to break out into curses, but suddenly stopped short.

He stared on in shock at Yan Zhaoge in front of him.

In the Clear Scenic Region of the Royal Reed Sea six years ago, he had been a sixth level Martial Saint and Yan Zhaoge a second level Martial Saint.

Meeting again six years later, he was a seventh level Martial Saint, while…

Yan Zhaoge was a sixth level Martial Saint!

Broad Creed Mountain who had fewer than ten Martial Saints, not even having a single Immortal Bridge Martial Saint…

Had already domineeringly slain an invading expert of the ninth level of the Martial Saint realm!


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