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HSSB957: Entering the southern Blazing Heaven Territory


Sitting on Pan-Pan’s back, Yan Zhaoge exited the dimensional passageway.

Seeing the environment that he had walked into, he could not help but laugh.

A few Wutong Slope martial practitioners were currently encircling and ferociously attacking those two Elders of Three Foot Mountain.

While the Wutong Slope martial practitioners were all Seeing Divinity Martial Saints, being greatly proficient in their martial arts with the two Three Foot Mountain Elders also having suffered some grave injuries at the hands of Yan Zhaoge beforehand, they now held the upper hand in this battle.

Still, after Yan Zhaoge appeared, the two sides ceased to battle.

The Wutong Slope martial practitioners looked over at Yan Zhaoge in astonishment.

While they were full of themselves like Zhuang Chaohui, only viewing Ingenious Flying Peak and Golden Court Mountain as of any significance as they secretly looked down on Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain, with Yan Zhaoge having slain their fellow disciple, they had long since memorised how he looked like as they would never mistake him for anyone else.

With Zhuang Chaohui’s group not having exited the cave manor as it was instead Yan Zhaoge who had emerged, these Wutong Slope martial practitioners all felt shocked and doubtful too.

They were momentarily stunned before they all attacked Yan Zhaoge together!

The Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen had set down a strict decree long ago.

If Yan Zhaoge dared to enter the lands of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, he was to be slain without mercy.

All martial practitioners of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory could act against him.

Let alone the other experts of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, as descendants of Zhuang Shen’s lineage, Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope would certainly abide rigorously by this decree, acting unceremoniously against him.

Yan Zhaoge sat cross-legged on Pan-Pan’s back, not shifting even an inch as he just extended his left hand.

With a flip of his palm, the heavens and earth were instantly overturned in the eyes of those Wutong Slope martial practitioners!

Where the majestic, immeasurable palm force of the Cyclic Heavenly Seal passed, it swept through the entire surrounding area.

“An endless mountain range, with many Spiritual Bright Trees growing all around, filling numerous mountain peaks.

This place seems to be the Endless Mountain Range of the northern region of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory,” Yan Zhaoge surveyed the surroundings even as he attacked.

He had always treated information reports with great importance.

Having long since made an enemy out of the Southern Exalt and his lineage, he had naturally made more preparations for this.

He had collected various information reports from all around.

Who knew that they would turn out to be of use today

While this was the first time Yan Zhaoge had been in person to the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, he had already long since learnt from various channels about the more important landmarks here.

Observing the special features of the local geography now, while he could not say this for sure, he thought that this was someplace in the northern regions of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory.

Despite having landed within the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, Yan Zhaoge was not panicked.

He first raised a hand and took care of these disciples of Wutong Slope.

While he was not a hardcore killer, he had already long since gotten used to killing when necessary.

These Wutong Slope martial practitioners subconsciously feared Yan Zhaoge.

Still, they just rushed over without thinking further.

When they discovered that things were not simple as they had thought, it was already too late for regrets.

Instead, it was those two Three Foot Mountain Elders who focused fully on running away, making use of when Yan Zhaoge was taking care of the Wutong Slope martial practitioners to flee into the distance.

The two split up, fleeing in different directions as they hoped that they could survive this tribulation.

Yan Zhaoge smiled and patted Pan-Pan’s head before soaring into the air, chasing after the Immortal Bridge Martial Saint of Three Foot Mountain.

Pan-Pan carried Ah Hu, pursuing the other opponent of the Seeing Divinity Martial Saint realm.

The other party was already heavily injured.

Whether in fighting or running, he was no match for Pan-Pan.

That Immortal Bridge Martial Saint Elder of Three Foot Mountain felt a terrifying aura approaching from behind.

Looking back, he was instantly shocked.

“Yan Zhaoge, if you harm my Three Foot Mountain, know that…”

Before he had finished speaking, he was already interrupted by Yan Zhaoge, “I am well aware who the person who stands behind you is.

Still, this does not affect me in any way.”

“Your sect’s Chief and many others are waiting for you down below.

You will not be lonely in death.”

With that, he struck down with a palm!

The other party’s eyes looked on the brink of imploding as he blurted disbelievingly, “You actually…”

Partway through his words, the crown of his head was shattered by Yan Zhaoge’s palm, his brain fluids splattering.

After killing his foe, Yan Zhaoge did not linger as he calmly turned and headed off elsewhere.

Still, he caught up very soon, seeing the back figure of Ah Hu as he sat on Pan-Pan’s back.

“It’s already dealt with” Yan Zhaoge landed soundlessly on Pan-Pan’s back, “There is no blood stench.

You didn’t kill him”

Ah Hu answered with a rather strange expression on his face, “Young Master, something unexpected happened.”

He pointed towards the distance.

Actually, without him having to point, surveying the surroundings after discovering that Pan-Pan had not slain the other party, Yan Zhaoge was already gazing in that direction.

There, two people were currently clashing.

Looking over, Yan Zhaoge saw that one of them was that Three Foot Mountain Elder while the other was a youth.

That youth looked around twenty from the outside.

He was dressed in red and was swift as booming thunder.

Yan Zhaoge saw that his actual age was higher than twenty.

Still, as compared to others of the same cultivation level, he was still extremely young, so much so that most would be shocked by it.

Such a young first level Martial Saint was extremely rare even in the entire World beyond Worlds.

He could be called handsome if not for the tragic wound that ran across his face, destroying his left eye.

Still, this youth cared not about the wound on his face at all as he was fixated on fiercely attacking that Three Foot Mountain martial practitioner.

Attacking at full force, he paid no attention to his own wounds such that the right side of his face was stained in fresh blood.

That Three Foot Mountain Elder had long since already broke through space to see true Divinity.

Still, having been heavily injured by Yan Zhaoge, he was simply unable to exert his true abilities.

Fearing that Yan Zhaoge might soon catch up, he was totally focused on fleeing from this place.

Yet, the less he desired to do battle, the greater a loss he suffered as he was locked down by an opponent whose cultivation base was much weaker than his.

Still, after glancing over, Yan Zhaoge felt interested, “Oh, that’s something.”

While his opponent was hard pressed to exert his usual strength due to certain reasons, it was also true that the strength of that red-clothed youth far surpassed that of ordinary martial practitioners of the same cultivation level.

Let alone first level Martial Saint opponents, even most martial practitioners of the second level of the Martial Saint realm should be no match for this red-clothed youth.

While he wielded no weapon, brandishing his palm like a sabre, each sabre caused thunder light to surge to the heavens.

That thunder light was crimson like blood, terrifying and mournful.

Beneath that raging chain thunder, the Three Foot Mountain martial practitioner who emitted the golden radiance of the great sun seemed to be enveloped by a layer of blood.

The thunder-light and the sabre-light merged, stirring the winds and clouds of the surrounding area with a momentum that shocked the heavens and earth as the golden glow of the sun was shattered non-stop.

The red-clothed youth had a savage expression on his face, his roars loud as booming thunder as he seemed not to care for his life in the least, putting it on the line in frenziedly attacking his opponent.

“Speaking of this, it felt just now like that person of Three Foot Mountain had a living person stored in his Shadow Shrinking Pouch,” Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “At the time, I thought it was a fellow disciple with a lower cultivation base.”

“From the looks of it now, it was actually a captive”

Ah Hu nodded, “That’s right.

Not long after Pan-Pan and I started chasing him, that person’s sleeve suddenly broke apart with a streak of bloodred thunder light shooting out to attack him.”

“He is probably injured too badly such that he was no longer able to continue imprisoning him as a captive in the Shadow Shrinking Pouch.”

He scratched his head, “In the end, without us even doing anything, the two of them began fighting.”


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