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HSSB958: Thunderbolt blood


Looking at that red-clothed youth who seemed crazed like a devil, Ah Hu pulled back the corners of his lips, “Young Master, doesn’t the sabre arts he uses look like…”

“That of the decimated Xia Family from the Consecutive Drum Mountain Range of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory” Yan Zhaoge replied.

Ah Hu nodded.

They had not interacted with the Listening Thunder Peak’s Xia Family.

Still, the martial practitioners of the Consecutive Drum Mountain Range who had mentioned the terrible incident to them back then had still provided some information regarding the Xia Family.

At this moment, Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu saw that the attacks of the red-clothed youth somewhat resembled the Booming Thunder Sabre of the lineage of the Listening Thunder Peak’s Xia Family.

It was just that the Booming Thunder Sabre they had heard of did not possess such extraordinary might.

The Listening Thunder Peak’s Xia Family was apparently from a lower world.

Despite having come to successfully stand stably in the World beyond Worlds, let alone being comparable to most peak lineages, they were not all that remarkable even in the Consecutive Drum Mountain Range.

Therefore, Ah Hu felt rather uncertain about this as he looked hesitantly at Yan Zhaoge.

“The legacies of the Listening Thunder Peak’s Xia Family consist not just of their martial arts but also one of the Five Element Creation Thunders, the aged gold supreme thunderbolts of the gold element,” Yan Zhaoge said, “They temper their lungs with the thunder, their breathing resembling thunder as it is sharp and piercing as gold.

Merged with sabre arts, their power rises greatly.”

“Actually, all weapons can benefit from this, in truth.”

Yan Zhaoge possessed the thunder of blazing flames of the fire attribute of the Five Element Creation Thunders, both of these being closely related as it was easy for him to detect the unordinary aspects of this red-clothed youth.

Still, this was not the core reason for the red-clothed youth’s outstanding strength.

“Look closely at his body,” Yan Zhaoge got straight to the crux of the matter.

Ah Hu had a lower cultivation base than the two combatants as it was more difficult for him to grasp the details of their battle.

Still, reminded by Yan Zhaoge, as Ah Hu gazed over carefully, he saw that on the exposed skin of the youth’s body that was not concealed by his red clothes, some tattoos could actually be seen on him.

Those tattoos were crimson as blood as they resembled thunder and flashing lightning, making for a shocking sight.

Due to the clothes he was wearing, only a small portion of that tattooed image was currently visible.

Yet, as they battled, the youth unceasingly drew out his potential as the tattoos could visibly be seen extending on his body!

Soon, that image which resembled thunderbolts of blood had already enveloped his arms and neck as it extended towards his face.

It looked just like tragic wounds had been opened up on his body’s exterior as they all crisscrossed.

It was wild, primal, tyrannical, terrifying.

Accompanied by the extension of these bloodred thunderbolt patterns, that youth became increasingly violent and vicious in his attacks, only attacking as he totally ignored defence.

He was actually becoming stronger and stronger as well, his strength rising unceasingly!

Herein was the frenzied resolution of one burning the rest of their life force as no further path was available to them.

It gave off the feeling that he was already at the end of his tether, this being a moment of strength and clarity that came at the end before all strength was lost.

It was as though if just a bit of time passed, without any external influence, he would already have run completely out of steam and vitality, perishing on the spot.

Yet, his power was simply rising and rising just like that as there seemed to be no end to this at all.

That injured Three Foot Mountain Elder whose mind was not completely in this was actually left at a disadvantage by the merciless momentum of the red-clothed youth, going all out in forcibly trading his life for his opponent’s.

The glorious sun hung amidst the horizon.

Yet, bloodred thunder flickered unceasingly within the golden sun, carving out numerous cracks on it.

“Young Master, that…what exactly is it…” Ah Hu swallowed his saliva.

Observing their battle, Yan Zhaoge casually replied, “A strange physique is recorded in the ancient texts, known as thunderbolt blood.”

“Those who bear thunderbolt blood have extremely vigorous qi and blood which is like fire and thunder, being violent to the extreme.

This would give them an exceptional advantage if they cultivate in martial arts.”

First not speaking of advantage in cultivation speed, one would be extremely powerful in actual fights as each of their blows would contain explosive power that far surpassed that of their peers.

Still, there were disadvantages to this as well.

If they were careless in their cultivation, they would instead bring harm upon themselves.

“After the Great Calamity, there has been almost no news of those bearing thunderbolt blood.

This guy whom we are witnessing in person may very well be the first,” Yan Zhaoge pointed at that red-clothed youth, “These blood-coloured thunderbolt patterns are not visible all the time.

Usually, he would look no different from the average person.”

“His qi returning rate is high and his explosive power high when he usually fights.

Still, it would not be as fearsome as he is now.

This is because he executed the Blood Thunderbolt Ritual.”

Yan Zhaoge smacked his lips, “I had only heard of this before.

I never thought that I would witness this in person today.”

“Blood Thunderbolt Ritual” Ah Hu repeated, “Seeing the tattoos appearing on his body, he makes me remember that Ye Jing with his reforged Flame Devil body that year.”

“It is just that Ye Jing had tattoos of flame, whereas his are of thunderbolts.”

Observing that red-clothed youth, Yan Zhaoge said nonchalantly, “They are intrinsically different.

Ye Jing reforged a Flame Devil body using the legacy of the Heavenly Fire Scripture, his tattoos being condensed of the concept within the scripture as a long-term existence which would not change according to his own will.”

“The Blood Thunderbolt Ritual is a secret art that a martial practitioner can stop by their own will.”

“Also, because Ye Jing’s cultivation base was too low and his mind unstable back then, the external influence of the Flame Devil body was able to influence his soul as well as personality.”

“As for this guy here, his temperament is probably inborn, being unrelated to the thunderbolt blood he bears.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “The Blood Thunderbolt Ritual is a secret art that does not have to be taught.

All martial practitioners who bear thunderbolt blood will slowly comprehend it themselves and merge this into those martial arts they are cultivating in.

It is only they who can comprehend and utilise it.”

This secret art would draw out the explosive power of the thunderbolt blood greatly, leading to an immense boost in strength for a limited amount of time.

Still, this was like pulling up the shoots to make them grow faster as they would surpass their actual limits.

Their longevity would be harmed as a result.

Still, the unleashed power was mighty indeed.

As a first level Martial Saint, that red-clothed youth was now able to properly battle an expert of the third level of the Martial Saint realm.

As he fought like a crazed tiger, only attacking and not defending at all, most third level Martial Saint experts would have to go on the defensive and avoid his sharpness for the time being.

“From the looks of it, Young Master, this person should be someone of the Listening Thunder Peak’s Xia Family” Ah Hu scratched his head, “Perhaps it is because he is unique that the people of Three Foot Mountain did not kill him, simply capturing him alive”

Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “It would be impossible for him to enter a sect who decimated his family.

It should be that they have some other use for him.”

Ah Hu felt curious, “Young Master, logically speaking, with his outstanding talent as he is even a Martial Saint already, how is it possible that we have never heard of him before”

While he had just entered the Martial Saint realm, the potential and strength displayed by this red-clothed youth was virtually already no inferior to that of the son of the Southern Exalt, the Phoenix Prince Zhuang Chaohui.

This was even when he simply cultivated in martial arts of the Listening Thunder Peak’s Xia Family that could not be considered all that high-level in the World beyond Worlds.

If he had the background and environment of the likes of Fu Ting, Gao Qing, Long Hanhua, Zeng Mo and Zhuang Chaohui, how would he be like now

“Well, we can only ask him that in person,” Yan Zhaoge chuckled, stroking his lower chin.

Ah Hu was too familiar with his Young Master.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge’s smile, he shivered inwardly as he began to give mentally give early condolences to this yet unnamed red-clothed youth.


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