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HSSB96: Slapping him flying!


Even a rotten boat contains three jin of nails.

Although Yan Xu’s injuries were extremely grave, compared to the Yan Zhaoge who was currently still only in the outer aura Martial Scholar realm, his strength was still very much superior.

And suddenly erupting at this moment, he was vicious to the extreme, using all his power in that one strike!

Yan Xu had even the Black Nightmare Armour-clad Ah Hu within his calculations.

If Ah Hu dared to help Yan Zhaoge withstand this sword blow, both of them would be simultaneously slain with that one move!

Yan Xu had had his heart pierced through by that one sentence of Yan Zhaoge’s, which had revealed the deepest, darkest secret as well as greatest fear within his heart.

A figure intermittently flashed within his mind, that of an imposing man who bore a striking resemblance to Yan Zhaoge.

Even as he just thought of that person coming to know the truth of what had really happened that year, Yan Xu felt almost as though there was a hand constricting around his throat.

Even as his mind was greatly shaken, the worries which plagued him turned into anger and violence, as he felt that he had been stripped of his clothes and thrown naked onto the very public streets.

After Yan Xu’s sword-light paused, it quickly resumed its attack as it chopped down towards Yan Zhaoge even more vigorously and violently than before, as though it wanted to see this junior who had seen through his secrets, dismembered into ten thousand segments!

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze shone with a brilliant light as he stared closely at Yan Xu.

Just when Yan Xu’s sword-light was at its strongest, Yan Zhaoge suddenly took out a gourd.

Produced with Elder Qin’s Nine Treasures Ice Gourd as a base, the Glacial Dragon’s Roar!

Yan Zhaoge smiled coldly before abruptly shattering the gourd, releasing the power stored within.

The resonant roar of a dragon resounded, shocking the heavens and shaking the earth.

The temperature of the surrounding area abruptly decreased, as though they had once more returned to the extreme coldness of the Ice Age.

As white mist shrouded the area, countless particles of ice and snow quickly began agglomerating right before Yan Zhaoge’s eyes, actually coming together to form a massive Glacial Dragon!

The Glacial Dragon roared, soaring into the skies, its voice penetrating through the clouds, transcending the nine heavens.

Riding the winds and the clouds, mounting the sun and moon, a divinity gazing down upon the mortal realm, roaring arrogantly at the nine heavens-now, that was a true dragon!

The Glacial Dragon soared, shooting straight up into the skies, displaying the true power of a hidden dragon in its full glory as it intercepted Yan Xu’s Meteor Blade!

As the two sides collided in mid-air, that terrifying sword-light resembling a meteor plummeting towards earth, was instantly destroyed!

The Glacial Dragon also disintegrated in mid-air, transforming into frost which filled the entire sky, descending to envelop a large amount of the surrounding land in all directions, completely turning the world before their eyes into a world of ice and snow.

Yan Xu’s figure reappeared before them, as frost converged, directly freezing and sealing him in mid-air.

As ice and snow intermingled, the figure of the Ye Jing who, wanting to rush towards Yan Zhaoge, had just been attacked and hindered by Ah Hu, also slowed.

The crimson flames on his body were also momentarily extinguished as his entire person was enveloped by a layer of frost, causing him to resemble a person of ice.

The dark red ring on his finger, having also been suppressed by Shi Tie earlier, now dimmed and ceased radiating light, fusing with his flesh and blood once again.

The Glacial Dragon’s Roar which Yan Zhaoge had produced with a portion of the Glacial Dragon Bone Soul had erupted with an ocean’s worth of freezing ice qi within that instant.

Even if it were a Martial Grandmaster, they would also be frozen for a moment.

The Hidden Clear Sunlight Sword within the hands of Yan Xu, surrounded by snow and ice in mid-air, flickered with a faint light.

The imposing sword-qi surged, repeatedly attempting to break out of all that ice and snow as the rigid Yan Xu too sluggishly moved his own limbs, attempting to break free.

However, Ah Hu now appeared before him, grinning.

Raising his hand, a cylinder appeared within it.

One end was grasped within Ah Hu’s hands, while the other was aimed straight at Yan Xu.

Yan Xu’s eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets, as the next thing he knew, his entire field of vision was filled with an all-engulfing golden light.

Like the shining rays of the sun, whilst also like a torrential rainstorm!

Unable to move, let alone evade, Yan Xu couldn’t even move to block the blow.

He could only open his eyes wide as he endured the full impact of the Sun Rain.

A hoarse, enraged, howl resounded as the Divine Sun Needles broke through Yan Xu’s aura-qi defences, instantly riddling his entire body.

Some of the Divine Sun Needles sunk deep within Yan Xu’s body while others remained only half-pierced through, as, illuminated by the dazzling golden light, Yan Xu now resembled a porcupine.

As the Divine Sun Needles entered his body, the injuries which Yan Xu had had been trying so hard to suppress earlier now erupted completely.

Yan Xu let out a miserable howl towards the sky as mists of blood erupted from his body, his entire person riddled with thousands of wounds and hundreds of holes, his flesh and blood indistinct and mangled.

A rain of ice and a rain of blood simultaneously rained down from mid-air.

“You two beasts!” Yan Xu broke out cursing, yet was stopped as fresh blood constantly surged up his throat, spilling out non-stop.

Yan Zhaoge came before Yan Xu, looking at him calmly, “Looks like the matter that year really had something to do with you.”

“The branch of the Yan Family I belong to was disliked by the main branch of the Yan Family, over at our ancestral home Zhaozhou.

While what happened that year seemed like an accident, it was most likely somewhat connected to them.”

“Seeing you scared to this extent, it must be that it had not been an unintentional failure on your part that year.

Rather, you must be connected to the Zhaozhou Yan Family.”

Yan Zhaoge gently stroked the blade of the Jade Dragon Sword which resembled a streak of light, “Actually, whether you had already been on good ties with them before or they just gave you some benefits, it’s also not important.”

“As long as I know that you’re courting death, that’s enough.”

“Moreover, you still tried to render me dead”

The Yan Xu before him hissed and let out a crazed roar, struggling with his body as he lunged towards Yan Zhaoge once more!

Expressionlessly, Yan Zhaoge slashed out with his sword!

An azure light flashed through the horizon.

Bringing along with it Yan Xu’s head, flying directly up into the sky!

His two eyes, staring wildly forward, showed how dying at the hands of Yan Zhaoge whose cultivation was far inferior to his, he would never be able to rest in peace!

Having slashed out with that sword, Yan Zhaoge had long since turned away, turning over to face Ye Jing.

There, within the world of ice and snow, the glow of fire lit up once more, as a human figure moved himself about with much difficulty.

Although unlike Yan Xu, who had been hit straight on by the Glacial Dragon’s Roar, he had only been hit by the shockwaves of the impact, Ye Jing was currently still struggling even to move.

Looking over, Yan Zhaoge saw that Ye Jing’s entire body was currently completely surrounded by flames.

The crimson patterns of flame on his body were moving and coiling rampantly about his entire body as they liked.

Ye Jing exuded an intimidating aura, dissimilar to how he had been previously as power stemming from the qi ocean within his dantian erupted from all the orifices of his body.

At this moment, the source of his strength seemed to be the patterns of flame which had already completely enveloped his entire body.

A shocking heat rose up from him in an unending wave, clashing with the surrounding world of ice and snow.

White water vapour condensed all around, resembling mistlike clouds as the ice fragments as well as melted water descended to the ground in the form of a huge rain.

Looking at Ye Jing, Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly, “As I thought, your aura is close approaching that of the Flame Devil tribe.”

“Accompanied by you falling deeper and deeper to that technique of yours, the changes in your physique have correspondingly become more and more obvious.”

Ye Jing’s five senses had already been completely overwhelmed by the pattern of flames enveloping his body as he radiated a sense of wild, aesthetic beauty, whilst also appearing ferocious and violent.

The wild fire seemed like it was left to run amok, it would incinerate the very heavens, expanding limitlessly till there was nothing further left in this world.

Ye Jing glared at Yan Zhaoge, “Yan—Zhao—Ge!”

Facing the sky, he let out a long howl, “You’ve harmed me time and time again, wishing to render me dead!”

“This enmity, this hatred- we cannot survive together under these same heavens!”

“On what basis was Yushao snatched away by you”

“On what basis are you always loftily above”

“On what basis is it that you don’t have to put in any effort whatsoever, yet can achieve results that others would be hard pressed to reproduce in their entire lifetime”

“On what basis is it that while you obviously tried to kill me in the Sealing Dragon Abyss, those of Broad Creed Mountain are all on your side!”

“Was all of this fated Is it all the arrangements of the Heavens I spit on it!” Resembling two otherworldly clumps of ghostly flame, the light within Ye Jing’s eyes flickered, “I don’t trust fate! I don’t trust the Heavens! I only trust myself!”

“I want to become strong; if I were strong, Yushao wouldn’t have left with you!”

“If I were strong, I would definitely stomp you down within the mud!”

“If I were strong, others wouldn’t all lean towards you just because of that dog Elder father of yours!”

“If I were strong, in the Sealing Dragon Abyss, I would have seen you dead, rather than seen myself harmed by you!”

“If you wanted to kill me, I’d kill you! If Broad Creed Mountain wanted to protect you, I’d destroy Broad Creed Mountain!”

“Either you’d die, or I’d perish!”

Ye Jing howled madly, transforming into a blazing figure as he hurtled towards Yan Zhaoge!

Not even blinking once, the orifices of Yan Zhaoge’s entire body shook as his aura-qi surged.

It transformed into a massive palm, sending Ye Jing flying with a single slap!


As the loud boom resounded, Ye Jing was directly slapped flying!

Yan Zhaoge rotated his neck a little, “The wind’s too strong; what you said, I couldn’t hear.”


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