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HSSB960: Great Sun Glorious Heavenly Thunder


While grabbing onto that Three Foot Mountain Elder, Yan Zhaoge smiled, asking him, “This is the sole survivor of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory’s Consecutive Drum Mountain Range’s Listening Heaven Peak’s Xia Family, right”

The other party’s face was deadly ashen as he nodded numbly.

“Did you keep him alive just for his unique Thunderbolt Blood” Yan Zhaoge asked, “Logically speaking, such an outstanding talent should not be totally unknown.”

The power of the Listening Thunder Peak’s Xia Family was not to the extent that it would hide its geniuses for them to shockingly rise to prominence in a single go thereafter.

What they should be doing was solidify their foundation and attain greater fame, finding allies or seeking a backer.

That Three Foot Mountain Elder said disinterestedly, “This brat was living in a secluded courtyard that was locked down by restrictions.

If we had not levelled the Xia Family’s manor, we would not even have been able to discover him.”

“So after you discovered him, you captured him alive” Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Well, it is no wonder.

You might not care much about the Thunderbolt Blood, and it is also impossible that someone with such great enmity with you would enter your sect.”

“Still, the Great Sun Glorious Heavenly Thunder holds great allure for you, right”

This Three Foot Mountain Elder appeared rather taken aback as he looked at Yan Zhaoge, “You…”

Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “I what”

The other party regained his wits, his face turning deadly ashen once more as he spoke no longer.

The Great Sun Glorious Heavenly Thunder was ranked eighth amongst the Nine Heavenly Immortal Thunders.

Thunderbolts were the greatest manifestation of yang existing between the heavens and the earth.

As for the Great Sun Glorious Heavenly Thunder, it was at the supreme peak of yang amongst the transformations of two extremities where yin and yang intermingled.

At the opposing end was the Great Yin Wilderness Thunder that was ranked seventh amongst the Nine Heavenly Immortal Thunders as the supreme manifestation of yin that had great profundities.

It had commonly been said before the Great Calamity that those who bore Thunderbolt Blood were conducive for gaining control over Great Sun Glorious Heavenly Thunder.

This was not a mere guess as it was confirmed by actual experimentation.

While the martial arts of Three Foot Mountain were unrelated to thunderbolts, they saw this tough, hot power of the Great Sun Glorious Heavenly Thunder as something that could really benefit them.

This was the reason they had left Xia Guang alive.

While they had no inkling of where to find Great Sun Glorious Heavenly Thunder, it was better to be prepared in case they did find it, right

This news was extremely hard to come by as few people knew of it.

It was not mentioned within the legacies of Three Foot Mountain.

Instead, it had inadvertently been mentioned by that bigwig who had once restored their Golden Crow Incinerating World Scripture that year, having always been remembered by them thereafter.

Therefore, this Three Foot Mountain Elder was rather astonished by this.

It was not surprising that Yan Zhaoge knew of Great Sun Glorious Heavenly Thunder.

Yet, those who knew the relationship between this thunder and Thunderbolt Blood were rare indeed.

As a result, this Three Foot Mountain Elder could not help but speculate that Yan Zhaoge might really be related to the Exalted Solar Luminary of legend.

Yan Zhaoge was unconcerned about his suspicion as he felt more interested in how Three Foot Mountain was so clear on such an obscure piece of information.

Although they had obtained a legacy of pre-Great Calamity times, the Golden Crow Incinerating World Scripture that their founder had obtained had been incomplete.

They should have learnt of such an obscure piece of information elsewhere.

Yan Zhaoge grew increasingly curious about the backer of Three Foot Mountain.

Even as he pondered, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze remained on Xia Guang down below.

“Do we not head on down now, Young Master” Ah Hu asked him curiously.

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, looking rather interestedly at Xia Guang, “No rush.

Let us first see what he intends to do next.”

Xia Guang tore off his clothes, bandaging his wounds simply before circulating his profound arts and moderating his condition.

“These injuries are very serious.

The external ones are bad enough, but the internal ones are worse,” Xia Guang was rather troubled after he had done so.

For his external injuries, he was naturally worst injured at his right eye, having been rendered blind.

He could only be a ‘one-eyed-dragon’ from here on out.

Thinking of this, fury surged in Xia Guang’s heart again as he wished that he could immediately rush to slaughter Three Foot Mountain, exterminating his foes.

His internal injuries were even worse, however, all these having been left behind by that battle with that Elder of Three Foot Mountain earlier.

Executing the Blood Thunderbolt Ritual itself already depleted his vitality.

He had also put his life on the line in ignoring defence and concentrating only on offence.

It was only natural that he was badly injured.

As a result, he was currently fatigued and gravely injured as he felt devoid of energy, also hurting all over.

“I should first treat my injuries.

My body is currently very weak from overexertion.

If I do not treat myself fast, my foundation may be damaged for good.

Let alone improving my strength, I may even topple back into the Martial Grandmaster realm.”

Xia Guang was not someone who was good at planning things out long term.

He could only make an easy decision on what he was going to do next.

He would first get his wounds treated before looking for his sole remaining kin, his brother and sister who had been away when the family had been decimated.

Afterwards, they would think of a way to exact revenge together.

Thinking of his family members who had died, sorrow overcame Xia Guang yet again.

He bore Thunderbolt Blood, his talent and comprehension abilities in the martial dao being extremely outstanding.

The family originally had high hopes of him, not even having intended for him to succeed their martial arts as they had instead to tried to get him inside a major sect.

Back then, the Listening Thunder Peak’s Xia Family had been subordinate to a major power of the Consecutive Drum Mountain Range which had been their backer.

Sadly, Xia Guang had a bad, fierce temper.

Before even having entered the sect, he had caused some major trouble, hence causing everything to fall through.

Not only that, in order to avoid trouble, the Xia Family had announced to those of the outside world that he had died young.

A supreme genius who had yet to truly shine vanished in the eyes of the outside world just like that.

Xia Guang had almost never been able to leave the family after that as he was effectively confined.

Xia Guang too had been dissatisfied about this in the past.

Still, thinking about it now, he felt that that was also a form of protection by his family towards him.

His mother’s painstaking efforts in raising him and his father’s sadness that iron could not turn into steel was currently deeply imprinted within his mind.

Thinking about it, tears uncontrollably trickled down his face.

“What are you crying for! What use is there in crying!” After crying for a while, Xia Guang suddenly slapped himself twice, “Can you take revenge for everyone by crying”

He wiped his face, forcibly raising his spirits as he forced himself to get up.

“Where exactly am I now” Xia Guang gazed around blankly.

In the end, he randomly chose a direction and went to look for a populated area.

When he learnt that he was in the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, Xia Guang had a rather foolish look on his face.

He thought for a moment before deciding that it was still best to focus on getting his injuries treated first.

Injuries like these could not be treated by ordinary doctors.

There were only martial practitioners who were proficient in alchemy who might have a remedy.

While Xia Guang was rather knowledgeable, also being a Martial Saint, there was little that he knew about alchemy.

There was an old adage that medicine and martial arts were inseparable.

The more powerful a martial practitioner, the better the grasp they had over the intricacies of their bodies.

Still, there was still a big difference between the two at the end of the day.

First not speaking of how Xia Guang did not have a pill furnace on hand, even if he had, he would only be able to try refining some ordinary medicinal pills.

However, he would really have no way of concocting some which could cure his current serious injuries.

Maybe he was lucky, for not far away in the Endless Mountain Range of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory up ahead of him, there just happened to be a sect known as Bright Origin Pavilion.

While their Pavilion Lord here was not all that outstanding in terms of martial arts within this Endless Mountain Range, he was rather skilful in the area of alchemy.

It was said that Bright Origin Pavilion’s Clear Radiance Pill was greatly efficacious in treating internal injuries of one’s qi and blood.

After ascertaining how to get there, Xia Guang headed for Bright Origin Pavilion, seeking to obtain medicine.


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