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HSSB962: Already slaughtered by me


Sitting on Pan-Pan’s back like Yan Zhaoge, Ah Hu too was gazing down at the departing Xia Guang.

“He’s leaving just like that The other side clearly isn’t his match! He just struck a blow and left, even worsening his injuries.”

Ah Hu wondered, “Isn’t he hell-bent on getting his revenge So it seems that abiding by his principles is still more important than taking revenge for his kin in his heart”

“Maybe not,” Yan Zhaoge crossed his arms, “He still has not reached the point where all hope ceases to exist.

While no other powers besides Bright Origin Pavilion that are proficient in alchemy are to be found here, it does not mean that there is totally no hope at all.”

“When people have not felt true despair, many of their principles will not truly waver.

While one can say that they possess a firm will, you can also say that they still hold blind faith.”

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was as per usual, “Only at the true final juncture does one go against their own initial bottom line.

It can seem very easy sometimes.

Also, things like bottom lines are only sturdiest at the start.

After they have been broken through once, it generally happens again.”

Scratching his head, Ah Hu asked, “What do we do now then, Young Master Continue observing”

“No need,” Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “I have only observed him to gain an understanding of him.

After all, I did not know him before.”

In the world of mortals, meeting with disasters and wars with life being hard and despair setting in, there would be incidents even like people selling their children, or maybe resorting to cannibalism.

Still, it was not a usual situation for normal people to be fully plunged into despair in the first place.

For those to whom this naturally happened, that was something one could really do nothing about.

Still, intentionally forcing someone into a dead end and still demanding for them to retain their full humanity, principles and beliefs would itself be quite unethical.

Under such circumstances, while those who would rather die than go against their principles and stood firm were to be respected, those who had intentionally created this kind of situation would have done the equivalent of cruelly robbing them of their lives.

While Yan Zhaoge did not mind claiming the lives of others, he had no intention of killing Xia Guang.

Ah Hu gave a simple and honest smile, “I can see that one definitely shouldn’t speak of his one eye, or even a benefactor could turn into an enemy.”

Xia Guang was currently like a loaded cannon which could be fired at any moment.

Let alone the fact that he would immediately blow up if someone mocked him for his one eye, if the Pavilion Lord of Bright Origin Pavilion had not apologised earlier, Xia Guang would probably not have shown them mercy with that sabre at the end.

Even if he had not harmed the others and not deigned to forcibly wrest the Clear Radiance Pill, Xia Guang would still have slaughtered the Bright Origin Pavilion martial practitioner who had mocked him for only having one eye before leaving nonetheless.

While Xia Guang had left Bright Origin Pavilion now, he was in a bad temper like a provoked lion.

Standing in the dense forests of the Endless Mountain Range and gazing at the vast lands visible in the distance, his aggravated mood finally eased somewhat.

Calming down, Xia Guang could not help but smile bitterly, “I still failed to get a pill in the end.

What do I do now”

Wiping the fresh blood which was again leaking from a corner of his mouth, he felt frustrated within, “I cannot even settle my own matters and preserve my life now.

How can I still go about looking for Elder Brother and Elder Sister, taking revenge for everyone”

He had met with opposition at the very first stage of his simple three-step plan.

Feeling stifled, Xia Guang glanced unconsciously back in the direction of Bright Origin Pavilion but immediately shook his head quickly, resuming his journey.

He intended to continue walking for some time more before looking for someone and asking them if there were any other efficacious pills that could be used to treat his injuries in the vicinity.

After walking a little, Xia Guang suddenly heard a tragic cry emitted from above.

Gazing upwards, he immediately stared wide-eyed.

That Three Foot Mountain Elder who had escaped from him earlier had shockingly appeared within the sky.

Even more shocking was how a sword-light flashed, that Three Foot Mountain Elder instantly being decapitated as his head flew into the sky.

Hurriedly gazing at the source of the sword-light, he saw a giant panda with black and white fur and two dark eye circles standing on all fours within the air, hovering amidst the horizon.

On the back of this rare beast, a white-clothed, blue-robed youth had a single hand extended, his middle and index finger aligned into a sword with a sharp sword-glow flickering on his fingertips.

Seeing the scene before him, it was not triumph and joy at revenge having been exacted that Xia Guang felt.

Instead, he felt somewhat lost.

The enemy whom he had been engaged in heated battle with and had still managed to flee despite him going all out had died so simply at the hands of another…

He unconsciously leaned forward, now seeing the headless corpse of that Three Foot Mountain Elder plummeting from the sky.

When normal people fall from so great a height, they would probably be smashed into smithereens.

Yet, the body of that Three Foot Mountain Elder was extremely sturdy despite being heavily injured.

Currently, falling with no vitality remaining, it was not broken as it just rolled on the earth’s surface.

On his face could still be seen a shocked, panicked expression as he died with unresolved grievances.

Xia Guang stared unflinchingly at that head, suddenly starting to laugh loudly after a while, so much so that he bent over.

Still, after laughing, he instead began weeping loudly.

Yan Zhaoge lightly patted Pan-Pan’s head.

Pan-Pan descended to the ground below.

Xia Guang was startled as he gradually ceased to weep and looked up at Yan Zhaoge, “You…you are…”

Yan Zhaoge answered calmly, “I am surnamed Yan, Yan Zhaoge.”

“Broad Creed Mountain’s Yan Zhaoge” Xia Guang was shocked as he was rendered dazed for a moment before he suddenly bowed respectfully to Yan Zhaoge, “I am surnamed Xia, Xia Guang, being of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory as well, as a disciple of the Consecutive Drum Mountain Range’s Listening Thunder Peak’s Xia Family.”

“These people from Three Foot Mountain decimated my entire family.

I wish to seek revenge but lack the strength to do so.

I thank Young Master Yan for helping me in repaying this great enmity!”

Yan Zhaoge appraised Xia Guang all over.

Due to that previous battle, he had already turned from a youth to a white-haired person who was already about to enter old age.

Unlike many martial practitioners whose outer appearances changed as they liked, the changes in Xia Guang’s appearance reflected the changes in his longevity.

The first time Yan Zhaoge had seen him, Xia Guang had been extremely young for a Martial Saint, really being like a youth considering his longevity.

Now, relative to his longevity, he was truly about to reach old age.

“While I was on the way to a cave manor, I previously passed by the Consecutive Drum Mountain Range.

I have heard about your family’s matter,” Yan Zhaoge said candidly, “I just did not know at the time that someone of the Xia Family still lives on in this world.”

Hearing this, thinking of his deceased family members, sorrow arose in Xia Guang’s heart once more.

“I encountered quite a number of Three Foot Mountain martial practitioners in that cave manor.

This is only one of them,” Yan Zhaoge scanned the corpse of the decapitated Elder of Three Foot Mountain, “They must be the ones who decimated your Xia Family”

Xia Guang ground his teeth, “Definitely so! Back then, the Chief of Three Foot Mountain personally led them in slaughtering everyone of my Xia Family!”

“They have all already been slaughtered by me,” Yan Zhaoge said mildly.

Xia Guang was instantly stunned.

Yan Zhaoge continued, “Still, there is no need for you to thank me.

I only killed them because they were competing with me over the treasures in the cave manor.”

“That…even so, I still have to thank you!” Xia Guang regained his wits, exclaiming rather emotionally.

His hands behind his back, Yan Zhaoge looked at Xia Guang, “What are you planning to do next It is not just those who decimated your Xia Family and entered the cave manor who compose the entirety of Three Foot Mountain.

They still have many disciples in the Green Peak High Plains.”


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