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HSSB963: Upper Exalt


Their Chief included, a great many of Three Foot Mountain’s peak experts had been slain by Yan Zhaoge.

Their two major treasures, the soul flag containing the remnant soul of a Golden Crow and the high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Golden Crow Incinerating Heaven Sabre, had both fallen into Yan Zhaoge’s hands as well.

Having suffered a great blow to their vitality, that Three Foot Mountain’s strength would drastically plummet was already virtually set in stone.

Still, they were not all that easy to take down even now.

Three Foot Mountain still had quite a few experts.

With their forces who had entered the Daoist temple having been completely wiped out, no longer would Three Foot Mountain reign supreme in the Green Peak High Plains like before.

Even so, Three Foot Mountain would still be a renowned major sect of the Green Peak High Plains or the Consecutive Drum Mountain Range.

It was still a massive entity to Xia Guang.

The Three Foot Mountain martial practitioners who had decimated the Xia Family were actually that batch who had entered the cave manor that was the Daoist temple.

While Xia Guang had not personally taken revenge, with that final Three Foot Mountain Elder having had his head separated from his body in front of him, the killers from back then could be considered completely exterminated.

It was just that he still had his rage over his destroyed eye which had not diminished in the slightest.

Glaring savagely at the Golden Crow Incinerating Heaven Sabre and soul flag that Yan Zhaoge took out, Xia Guang declared with pent-up fury, “Their Three Foot Mountain decimated my entire family, not leaving anyone else alive besides me at Listening Thunder Peak that day.

After I have seen some accomplishments in the martial arts in the future, I must definitely decimate Three Foot Mountain!”

“Only when one side between my Xia Family and their Three Foot Mountain has died out can this matter be considered over!”

Yan Zhaoge asked in a neutral tone, neither affirming nor refuting him, “Oh You’re so determined”

Xia Guang nodded vehemently in response.

Still, looking at Yan Zhaoge, he suddenly felt rather embarrassed.

It was rather laughable, how he was currently unable to even preserve his own life for sure yet was vowing in front of someone else that he would make sure an entire major sect paid for their deeds.

This was especially so when the person before him was really a benefactor who had helped him to slay many of his enemies.

“I know that this will be very difficult,” Xia Guang calmed greatly, yet spoke even more resolutely, “Still, I definitely won’t give up.”

“A hundred and twenty-seven people died at my Xia Family.

I want Three Foot Mountain to pay a hundred and twenty-seven lives at the very least!”

Looking at Xia Guang’s resolved, brutal face from the side, Ah Hu thought, “With his temperament, he definitely would not target those weaklings.

He definitely would not just casually look for some younger disciples of Three Foot Mountain with weaker cultivation bases to fill up these numbers.”

Xia Guang’s targets would definitely be the higher echelon experts of Three Foot Mountain.

To him, his greatest desire would really be to decimate Three Foot Mountain entirely.

Ah Hu was very calm despite this.

While exterminating entire lineages might seem rather brutal to ordinary people, it was very common in the world of martial practitioners.

“The courage when the blood rushes to your head is not true courage.

Ignorant courage is also not true fearlessness,” Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “Three Foot Mountain is also not as simple as you think.”

“Even if you have the ability to defeat the combined forces of everyone of Three Foot Mountain, it does not mean that you can really decimate Three Foot Mountain.”

Smiling, Yan Zhaoge said, “Also, if you decimate Three Foot Mountain and complete your revenge, things might still not end just like that.”

Xia Guang was rather dazed upon hearing this, “Mist…Mister Yan…”

“How much do you know about Three Foot Mountain” Yan Zhaoge asked.

Looking at the soul flag and Golden Crow Incinerating Heaven Sabre before him, Xia Guang said a bit awkwardly, “I only know that they are from the Green Peak High Plains, having several Immortal Bridge Martial Saints and a high-grade Sacred Artifact, the martial art they cultivate in being comprehended from the great sun, the Solar Star, and the profundities of the Three Footed Golden Crow.”

While he was temperamental and unwavering, he was not a real fool as he reacted somewhat upon hearing Yan Zhaoge’s words, “Mister Yan, do you mean that Three Foot Mountain has even stronger experts as their backer”

“You are not wrong.

Three Foot Mountain’s martial arts indeed involve the profundities of the great sun, the Solar Star, their direct lineage supreme martial art being the Golden Crow Incinerating World Scripture,” Yan Zhaoge said, “Still, the scripture which Three Foot Mountain’s founder obtained after the Great Calamity was fragmented and incomplete.”

“Therefore, while Three Foot Mountain was also unordinary a century ago, it had far from as high a status in the Green Peak High Plains as it has now.”

“Besides the hard work of its experts, the glory that Three Foot Mountain enjoys today is attributed to a great extent to someone having helped them to restore the originally incomplete Golden Crow Incinerating World Scripture.”

Yan Zhaoge smacked his lips, “The complete version of that scripture is still rather remarkable.”

Xia Guang fully understood now, “That person who restored it is the backer behind them”

“Who is it Is it the Southeastern Exalt”

Yan Zhaoge looked rather interestedly at Xia Guang.

The peak expert that Xia Guang was most familiar with was obviously the Lord of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie.

Still, despite asking this, Xia Guang did not look afraid.

While he seemed even more solemn, the gaze in his only remaining eye was resolute, not wavering or containing any fear in the least.

“It is not the Southeastern Exalt,” Yan Zhaoge shook his head, pausing for a moment before smiling, “He is someone who is even stronger than the Southeastern Exalt.”

As he said so, Yan Zhaoge pointed upwards.

Xia Guang was taken aback, “Up…Upper Exalt”

“Precisely so,” Yan Zhaoge said neither swiftly nor slowly, “The strongest of the ten.”

The peak existences of the World beyond Worlds were collectively acclaimed as Three Sovereigns Five Emperors, Exalts of Ten Territories.

The famed Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors aside, the Ten Exalts represented the eight cardinal directions and upper and lower, the two Exalts of Kunlun Mountain.

Upper and lower were superior to the directional ones here.

The Lower Exalt was the Earth Exalt Wang Zhengcheng.

He was the Lord of the central Jun Heaven Territory and of the direct lineage of the head of the Three Sovereigns, the Earthly Sovereign, having already been a Human Exalt a few millennia ago.

It was widely believed that if not for the heavy injuries he had sustained that year, he would long since have opened the door to Immortality, gaining an Emperor title.

Yet, this longtime Human Exalt of the World beyond Worlds with the highest seniority was inferior to one person amongst all those of the Martial Saint realm there.

He was the Earth Exalt not because it was similar to the title of the Earthly Sovereign who was his Master.

Instead, it was because he could not be the Upper Exalt!

There was someone who was even stronger than him!

The publicly acclaimed current number one Martial Saint of the World beyond Worlds.

Someone who was far younger than the Earth Exalt Wang Zhengcheng and even younger than the Southeastern Exalt and the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen too, being younger than all the other Exalts as he was even younger than many other martial practitioners whose cultivation bases were inferior to his.

Someone who was so young it was crazy.

At the present time, he had only lived for merely a bit over a century.

Relative to the longevity of Exalts, he was so young it was like he was still a mere infant.

He was publicly acclaimed as being the closest to Immortality amongst those of the World beyond Worlds.

“Two centuries ago Little Sword God, one century ago Heavenly Young Master,” Yan Zhaoge said smilingly, “The ‘Heavenly Young Master’ here refers to none other than him.”

“The former Heavenly Young Master and the current Upper Exalt-he is the one who helped Three Foot Mountain to restore their Golden Crow Incinerating World Scripture that year.”


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