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HSSB964: Two centuries ago Little Sword God, one century ago Heavenly Young Master


Two centuries ago Little Sword God, one century ago Heavenly Young Master.

This was a widespread phrase in the World beyond Worlds.

While not as deeply embedded within their minds as Three Sovereigns Five Emperors, Exalts of Ten Territories, it was still widely known.

The former half, ‘Little Sword God’, referred naturally to Long Xueji who had appeared for a time and shocked the world that year.

Of course, everyone in the World beyond Worlds believed his name to be Qian Xueji.

While he had not been active for a long time in the World beyond Worlds, having only been a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint then, Long Xueji had still earned quite a reputation for himself.

It was difficult for outsiders to determine the cultivation speed of Long Xueji whose origins were unclear.

Still, he had only been in thirties back then, so young it was unthinkable relative to what his cultivation base had been like.

Also, another reason for his great fame besides his youth and arrogance was that truly domineering might of his.

Traversing the world with his lone sword, he had beat all those of a similar age and cultivation level within the World beyond Worlds into submission.

Besides that well-known legend of how he had battled the Northern Exalt who had suppressed his cultivation base that year, when fighting those of the same cultivation level, Long Xueji had always ended the battle within three swords.

It was said that Long Xueji had set a marker for later geniuses of the World beyond Worlds which was truly difficult to surpass.

After he had mysteriously appeared and mysteriously disappeared again, a figure like him had not appeared in the World beyond Worlds for a long time.

It was until a hundred years later.

Around a century later, another monstrous genius had finally appeared in the World beyond Worlds.

Heavenly Young Master, Chen Qianhua.

He was a shocking talent, another Heaven’s favoured son who had shaken the entire World beyond Worlds at a young age.

Unlike Long Xueji’s short-lived reign, the Heavenly Young Master had been active throughout in the World beyond Worlds, having left behind many legends.

Eventually, he had become the youngest Human Exalt in the history of the World beyond Worlds.

He was well deserving of the title of the youngest legend of the past century in the World beyond Worlds.

Even more notable was how the young him had surpassed numerous predecessors within an extremely short period of time, even having surpassed the Earth Exalt Wang Zhengcheng.

While he fell short in front of Mars Halberd, Wang Zhengcheng who had already been an Exalt several thousand years ago was no weakling.

It depended on who he was pitted against.

Mars Halberd was an Immortal Artifact who had once roamed the vast universe alongside the Exalted Fire Luminary several thousand years ago as well.

The Brocade Emperor was famed throughout the world yet still could not defeat Mars Halberd bare-handed.

Wang Zhengcheng was an absolute expert in the Martial Saint realm.

Still, there were peak experts even amongst peak experts.

The Upper Exalt Chen Qianhua was that strongest person who had attained heights that most would eternally be unable to reach throughout their entire lives within a short period of time.

The strongest of the Ten Exalts.

This was everyone’s recognition of his abilities.

At the same time, virtually no one doubted that he would definitely push open the door to Immortality, becoming a True Immortal.

The question, really, was when he would get that Emperor title.

In truth, in the eyes of many, let alone an Emperor title, even a Sovereign title was virtually assured for him.

Still, this Upper Exalt’s movements were hard to predict and he possessed a strange temperament.

Even the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors could not easily discern and follow his thoughts.

Xie Guang did not really know much about this major figure who was too distant to him.

There was one thing he did know, however.

The peak expert whom he had been geographically closest to in the past, the Southeastern Exalt, was inferior to this Upper Exalt.

“I, I’m not afraid,” Xia Guang pursed his lips, exhaling slowly after a while, “I am just afraid that I might not be able to wreak vengeance on Three Foot Mountain.

I mind not even if I end up dying immediately afterwards.”

He suddenly regained his wits, looking like he had something to say to Yan Zhaoge yet not saying it.

Yan Zhaoge knew what he was thinking, “Yes, there is a bit of a relationship between the Upper Exalt and Three Foot Mountain.

Still, Three Foot Mountain is not where he comes from in the first place.

It is Three Foot Mountain that owes him, not he who owes Three Foot Mountain.

So, he may not stand up for Three Foot Mountain for sure.”

“More importantly, a whole bunch of Three Foot Mountain fellas was killed by me as I can be said to have crippled over half their sect.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled as he said, “If the Upper Exalt really wants someone to pay for this, I will be the first one he looks for.”

Xia Guang said resolutely, “I will definitely not leak the news.”

He had never even considered that Yan Zhaoge might silence him.

He was determined to protect Yan Zhaoge because he was his Xia Family’s benefactor, having slain a great many experts of Three Foot Mountain.

His hands behind his back, Yan Zhaoge appraised Xia Guang for a moment before smiling and asking, “And if someone said that they would help you to deal with your remaining enemies in exchange for selling me out”

Xia Guang was taken aback for a moment before he shook his head, “I would not do so even then.”

“As you said earlier, Young Master Yan, Three Foot Mountain has been greatly crippled by you.

If I succeed in my revenge, a great amount of it would still be thanks to you having acted against them.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, shaking his head, “Fate can be said to have brought us together.

You look heavily injured.

I have some medicinal pills here that can aid in your recovery.

If your injuries go untreated for too long, they will accumulate and be hard to cure, ending up harming your very foundation.”

Now, a small porcelain bottle floated over to Xia Guang.

Xia Guang dazedly took it.

Opening the porcelain bottle, a medicinal fragrance instantly wafted out from it which did not give off an intense feeling, instead feeling distant.

Just inhaling that medicinal fragrance, Xia Guang already felt much more comfortable.

He was shocked by this.

Even the Clear Radiance Pill that he had sought so desperately was probably less efficacious than this, according to what he had heard about it.

“Thank…thank you,” Xia Guang said slowly.

The debt he owed Yan Zhaoge was becoming greater and greater to the extent that he knew not how he should repay him.

Thinking about it, there seemed to be no way that he could be of any use to Yan Zhaoge.

After all, Yan Zhaoge’s cultivation base was already so much higher than his.

While it was rather hard to accept, Xia Guang felt that even his steed seemed stronger than he was…

Yan Zhaoge asked nonchalantly, “So, what are your plans now”

“Plans” Xia Guang recalled the second stage of his simple three-step plan, “I need to find a way to get back to the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.”

Now that fortune had literally fallen from the sky and he already had medicine to treat his injuries, the first stage of his plan was already a success.

That was one worry gone.

After this, he would find a way to reunite with his remaining kin and find Three Foot Mountain for revenge.

Still, how was he to go about it, exactly

Where was he to look for his Eldest Brother and Eldest Sister

Also, how could he raise his strength as quickly as possible, becoming stronger than his hated foes

Xia Guang felt somewhat at a loss regarding this for a time.

His hope of revenge was especially ephemeral considering how a major figure like the Upper Exalt stood behind Three Foot Mountain.

His enemies would not remain stagnant, waiting for him to surpass them and exact his vengeance.

Even as he strove to improve himself, his enemies would be improving too.

Just when would he be able to take his revenge then

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Xia Guang’s heart suddenly jolted as he blurted out, “Young Master Yan, can I…”

Partway through his words, he stopped.

A moment ago, he had wondered: Could he become a disciple of Broad Creed Mountain

The power that Xia Guang had the best impression of beneath all the heavens was none other than Yan Zhaoge’s Broad Creed Mountain.

Still, thinking carefully about it, he felt it absurd.

With Yan Zhaoge having killed so many people of Three Foot Mountain, it seemed like they shared a common enemy.

Still, if the news was not leaked, Yan Zhaoge might not become a target of Three Foot Mountain and the Upper Exalt.

If he pleaded to enter Broad Creed Mountain’s lineage and he really decimated Three Foot Mountain and succeeded in his revenge in the future, the Upper Exalt might take it out on Broad Creed Mountain then.

That being so, would Broad Creed Mountain still take him in


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