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HSSB965: Here’s lesson number one


Looking at Xia Guang, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Can you what”

“I…” Xia Guang hemmed and hawed, unable to say it, “I…”

Yan Zhaoge looked rather interestedly at Xia Guang, “Do you insist on taking revenge by your own hand, not borrowing the strength of others, or do you not mind getting help from others”

Xia Guang did not hesitate at this, “It would be naturally be best if it were by my own hand.

Still, being able to succeed in my revenge is the most important.”

He paused for a moment before saying softly, “My family encountered a great disaster, being thoroughly slaughtered by the Three Foot Mountain dogs.

Still, I am not the sole survivor.”

“Oh” Yan Zhaoge was rather taken aback, not having previously been aware of this.

Xia Guang explained, “I have an older brother and an older sister who were out adventuring at the time.

They were away from Listening Thunder Peak when the incident occurred.”

A worried look appeared on his face, “When they learn what happened to our family, they will definitely hurry back.

Still, it is hard to say what will happen then.”

“I hope that nothing will happen to them.

If Three Foot Mountain can be destroyed quickly, I mind it not even if it is not done by my own hand.”

Xia Guang’s gaze swept across that soul flag and the Golden Crow Incinerating Heaven Sabre as he forced a smile, “I initially thought that with Three Foot Mountain having been terribly crippled by you, Young Master Yan, suffering a great blow to their vitality, the other powers of the Green Peak High Plains might turn into a ferocious pack of wolves, ripping apart that sick tiger together.

I would have a chance that way.”

Xia Guang seldom ventured into the outside world and was inexperienced, being a straightforward person too.

Still, when casually chatting with him, his family members had often talked about the conflicts occurring between the peak major powers of the Consecutive Drum Mountain Range.

Xia Guang was usually disinterested in this, treating it like a story at most.

Still, he had to force himself to think about such things now.

He was still able to consider the most basic things.

If one of the peak powers of the Consecutive Drum Mountain Range were to receive a huge injury from an accident outside, everyone else would definitely surge over, trampling on them completely.

The same principle had originally also applied for Three Foot Mountain and the other peak powers of the Green Peak High Plains.

Still, after learning about the relationship between Three Foot Mountain and the Upper Exalt from Yan Zhaoge, Xia Guang knew that that would be very difficult.

Who knew if the Upper Exalt might become enraged over Three Foot Mountain.

Under such circumstances, while there would be hidden pressures exerted on Three Foot Mountain, people might not be willing to unrelentingly go in for the kill upfront.

With that, it would be very difficult for Xia Guang to fish in turbid waters.

In wanting to seek revenge, besides diligently cultivating, he could only hope.

If he could become a disciple of a powerful sect, his hopes would naturally be boosted greatly.

Yet, who would be willing to offend Three Foot Mountain and the Upper Exalt for the sake of a newly entered disciple

Yan Zhaoge said, “If you are looking for a backer, I could introduce you to people from Ingenious Flying Peak.

Still, I cannot say for sure that they will accept you a disciple.”

“Ingenious Flying Peak…” Xia Guang was rather troubled.

Beside him, Ah Hu now said, “Central Jun Heaven Territory’s Ingenious Flying Peak is the lineage of the Brocade Emperor of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors.”

Xia Guang opened his mouth wide in surprise.

Yan Zhaoge continued nonchalantly, “Besides Ingenious Flying Peak, I can also introduce you to the northeastern Sky Heaven Territory’s Green Sky Mountain’s Grave Thunder Palace, the Northeastern Exalt’s lineage.”

“Still, I can only pave you a path, and cannot guarantee that they will definitely accept you.

Whether you can become their disciple would still depend on yourself.”

“I have heard of your Xia Family’s martial arts, which are related to thunder and electricity.

If you are talented, there would be a greater probability of Grave Thunder Palace accepting you.”

Hearing Yan Zhaoge’s words, Xia Guang was rendered dazed as he was totally stunned.

Never would he have thought that Yan Zhaoge’s network of acquaintances had actually already long since extended to beyond the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, with those people all being very extraordinary as well.

“You said earlier that you want to return to the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory to look for your kin That is only understandable,” Yan Zhaoge said, “If it is the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, I cannot say for other lineages, but my Broad Creed Mountain can still accept you, as long as you can pass our entrance trials.”

Xia Guang was greatly shocked, “I…really”

Yan Zhaoge cocked his head slightly, “Why not I said earlier that if the Upper Exalt wishes to find trouble because of Three Foot Mountain, it would be me that he first looks for.”

“I definitely won’t leak the news!” Xia Guang hurriedly said.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, pointing at the Golden Crow Incinerating Heaven Sabre and that soul flag, “I believe you.

Still, with these in my possession, it is probably simply a matter of time before they connect things to me.”

“Of course, besides my Broad Creed Mountain, if you wish to look for them in the vicinity of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, I am also very familiar with the lineage of the Southeastern Exalt at Golden Court Mountain.

Still, just like Ingenious Flying Peak and Grave Thunder Palace, I could only introduce you as I cannot say for sure that they would definitely accept you…”

Xia Guang interjected, “No, I am willing to enter Broad Creed Mountain! So long as Broad Creed Mountain is willing to accept me, I can accept whatever trials are given!”

Interrupting people while they were speaking was very impolite.

Still, Xia Guang bowed very deeply even as he did so, his attitude sincere to the extreme with a pleasantly shocked expression on his face.

“Oh” Yan Zhaoge smiled, “While the Southeastern Exalt may be inferior to the Upper Exalt, as one of the Ten Exalts, he has much greater face to use than my Broad Creed Mountain.

Are you worried that Golden Court Mountain wouldn’t be willing to accept you”

Xia Guang replied resolutely, “No.

Even if Golden Court Mountain were willing to accept me, I would still want to enter Broad Creed Mountain.”

Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu exchanged a look.

They had already gained a basic understanding of Xia Guang as they could generally grasp his mind.

First not considering if they could resist the pressure from the Upper Exalt, Broad Creed Mountain was definitely stronger than Three Foot Mountain.

They possessed unordinary strength as even if they did not act against Three Foot Mountain, as Xia Guang received tutelage there, he would also improve much more quickly than if he were a solitary practitioner.

Thus, he would have a higher chance of exacting vengeance alone.

Broad Creed Mountain had his benefactor, Yan Zhaoge.

Broad Creed Mountain likely shared a common enemy with him.

As a result, Xia Guang just felt a strong sense of belonging towards them.

This sense of belonging held just too great an allure to he who had just suffered the loss of almost all his kin, having died in great numbers before his very eyes.

If it were a cooler, more rational person, they might weigh the pros and cons.

Still, Xia Guang was heavily influenced by his emotions in making his decisions.

He had hoped to enter Broad Creed Mountain in the first place, only having been worried that they might not accept him.

Now that he knew that this was not the case, Xia Guang was literally overjoyed.

Looking at Xia Guang, Yan Zhaoge suddenly smiled, “We do not know who your Master might be if you can enter my Broad Creed Mountain.

Here, I will teach you a first lesson on their behalf.”

Xia Guang was instantly left dazed.

Yan Zhaoge gazed towards the horizon.

Xia Guang gazed over in the same direction.

A moment later, radiance suddenly flickered over there, displaying how experts of the martial dao were approaching.


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