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HSSB966: Yan Zhaoge’s lesson number two


From their trajectory, it seemed like those martial practitioners were headed in their exact direction.

While they were still a long distance away, Xia Guang’s hairs stood on end as he could sense a clear killing intent.

“They…” Thoughts flashed through Xia Guang’s mind, but he was unable to quite grasp them.

Yan Zhaoge said casually, “The one leading them is a late Merging Avatar Martial Saint.

With such a cultivation base, they could only be targeting you, and definitely not me.”

“They are targeting me…” Xia Guang pondered.

Yan Zhaoge asked, “Have you entered a conflict with anyone in the vicinity After the conflict, there were people left alive who revealed your movements.”

“Huh” Hearing his words, Xia Guang was rendered dazed.

After regaining his wits, he looked rather disturbed, “I…”

Yan Zhaoge patted Pan-Pan’s head.

Pan-Pan yawned, lazily extending his claws and walking towards the incoming martial practitioners.

Leaving Pan-Pan to handle it, Yan Zhaoge no longer paid them any attention as he continued looking at Xia Guang, “So there really was something”

“Wanting to treat my wounds back then, I learnt that there is a Bright Origin Pavilion in the vicinity which has an efficacious pill known as the Clear Radiance Pill.

I originally wanted to plead for their medicine,” Xia Guang explained, “I failed.”

Yan Zhaoge asked, “Did a battle ensue”

Xia Guang nodded.

“I’m guessing you won then,” Yan Zhaoge smiled.

Xia Guang was rather taken aback, “How did you know”

Yan Zhaoge said, “You may have heard of it, but aren’t clear on how badly the relationship between the southern Blazing Heaven Territory and the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory has deteriorated these past few years.”

“Your accent is clearly of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

These people of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory need only hear it once to know that you are from the southeast.”

Hearing Yan Zhaoge say so, Xia Guang came to a sudden realisation, “No wonder…”

“As you are of the southeast, even if you have no enmity with them, they may capture or kill you.

It will be fine if they do nothing, but if they attack, it definitely will not be to the point of just sparring,” Yan Zhaoge continued, “Since you were able to leave in one piece, you naturally could defeat them.”

Xia Guang pressed his lips together, “I was not going to rob them.”

“Yes,” Yan Zhaoge simply said, “Since you are stronger than that sect and they cannot do anything to you, they will naturally contact other martial practitioners of the south in the vicinity in surrounding and attacking you together.”

Gazing in the distance at that bunch of martial practitioners who had been intercepted by Pan-Pan, Xia Guang gradually came to the realisation, “These guys were called by that Bright Origin Pavilion.”

Rage surfaced on his face, “And to think I even showed them mercy!”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “So what They did not know where you come from, also having no way to be sure that you will not make a comeback and make things difficult for them due to this matter in the future.

In contrast, killing you would not be a mistake, and might even earn them the commendation of major figures of the south.”

“If I had known…” Xia Guang was so mad he was trembling in his entirety, a baleful look surfacing in his sole remaining eye.

Yan Zhaoge glanced at him, saying neither hurriedly nor slowly, “You do not understand much about the hostility those of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory have towards martial practitioners of the southeast.

Therefore, it was only natural that you acted according to what you thought was right.”

“Still, you have to know that since you are heavily injured, with your movements having been leaked now, there may be not just a single wave of enemies coming over to look for you, kicking you during your moment of weakness.”

“The first lesson I am giving you is this.

When you are in a worrying predicament, you have to be exceptionally careful, especially when you don’t know who may suddenly become your enemy.”

Xia Guang pursed his lips as he was silent, though a vicious light flickered within that left eye.

“You want to go back and settle things with that Bright Origin Pavilion” Looking at Xia Guang, Yan Zhaoge understood what he was thinking about.

Xia Guang did not deny this as he answered very frankly, “Yes.”

When there was no enmity between them, he did not like bullying the weak as the strong.

Still, this gunpowder barrel that was Xia Guang was really ignited as he learnt that they had called other martial practitioners over to encircle and attack him.

Besides fury, his current vexation also contained some embarrassment at his earlier failures.

Just having been promised by Yan Zhaoge that he would have a chance to enter Broad Creed Mountain, before he had even officially entered, he had already brought about some trouble.

As he was closer to them now, Xia Guang could basically distinguish the cultivation bases of those enemies.

The southern Blazing Heaven Territory martial practitioner leading them was a late Merging Avatar Martial Saint of the third level of the Martial Saint realm.

Besides him, there were also many other experts.

These were all martial practitioners of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory who were active in the region of the Endless Mountains close to Bright Origin Pavilion.

The one leading them was an Elder of a major power here.

If such a bunch of people was to murderously pursue and surround the gravely wounded Xia Guang, he would truly be unable to withstand them.

The chances of him escaping alive would be very low.

Now that he was with Yan Zhaoge’s group, safety was naturally not a problem.

Still, Xia Guang felt rather embarrassed due to this.

Left terribly destitute after having suffered a great disaster, besides his lofty goal of taking revenge for his family which completely presided over his personal self-esteem, this was precisely the time when Xia Guang was feeling the most self-abased regarding other matters.

Off in the distance, Pan-Pan sufficiently verified Xia Guang’s earlier guess.

As Yan Zhaoge’s steed, he smoothly dealt with that group of southern Blazing Heaven Territory martial practitioners in a matter of seconds before leisurely plucking off some bamboo leaves, throwing them into his mouth.

Xia Guang stared on in shock as those southern Blazing Heaven Territory martial practitioners were totally dumbfounded as well.

Pan-Pan left someone alive and brought him back for interrogation.

These people had indeed come for Xia Guang after receiving news from Bright Origin Pavilion.

Also, it was not just this group of people who had come after him.

There were a few other batches who had gone off searching in other directions.

Their group had just happened to find Xia Guang’s tracks, hence having pursued him straight over.

“Senior ap…Young Master Yan, please wait a moment.

I will be right back,” Xia Guang clenched his teeth, intending to head back.

Yan Zhaoge waved a hand dismissively, “Didn’t you hear him There isn’t just a single group of them who have all split up looking for you.

If you return to Bright Origin Pavilion now, if it does not all go well and you run into others who have come together to kill you, wouldn’t you be a lamb for the slaughter then”

“With your great enmity yet to be settled, could it be that you would be willing to take that risk just to drag those people of Bright Origin Pavilion down into death with you”

Hearing his words, Xia Guang abruptly halted.

Yan Zhaoge glanced at him, “Lesson number two.

Fury can be a powerful force much of the time.

There is no need for us to reject this force.

Rather, we should make use of it.

Still, the precondition is that we are not blinded by it.

Such would only make one die even faster.”

If he was being lectured like this by anyone else, Xia Guang might not be able to accept it even if the other party made sense.

Still, he gradually calmed down now.

He did not have the high ground to plead with Yan Zhaoge to bring him back to settle his grudges with Bright Origin Pavilion.

“It’s just too bad I can’t get at them,” Xia Guang said hatefully.

Yan Zhaoge casually struck the captive martial practitioner dead with a palm, “Since you mean to seek your kin, we should return to the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory as soon as possible.”

Xia Guang’s spirits rose, “How will we return”

He knew now that this southern Blazing Heaven Territory was full of enemies for him and Yan Zhaoge who hailed from the southeast.


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