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HSSB967: Rampaging all the way back!


Yan Zhaoge looked at Xia Guang with a bemused expression on his face, “How will we go back We head east, of course.”

“Um…” Xia Guang coughed before smiling bitterly, “Young Master Yan, didn’t you say just now that with my movements having been leaked, there will be several batches of enemies coming endlessly over to find trouble”

“To we martial practitioners of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, this southern Blazing Heaven Territory is filled with enemies everywhere…”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “This would certainly be the case if you were travelling alone.

Still, aren’t you returning to the southeast with me”

Xia Guang was rendered dazed.

Opening his mouth, he was unable to utter even a sound now.

“Including the Southern Exalt, the Ten Exalts have all headed to the central Jun Heaven Territory by invitation,” Yan Zhaoge said, “Going by prior incidents, this is virtually equivalent to them being in a state of seclusion.

Even if martial practitioners of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory here wish to send any news to him, the Southern Exalt will not receive it.”

Other things aside, news of Zhuang Chaohui’s death would be sufficient for Zhuang Shen to set aside his matters on hand, returning to the southern Blazing Heaven Territory as soon as possible.

Yan Zhaoge spread his hands apart, smiling, “They all say that ‘When the tiger is away from the mountain, the monkey proclaims himself king’.

With the Southern Exalt, this tiger, absent, while acting unbridled as I like in the southern Blazing Heaven Territory might be rather difficult for me, this monkey, it would not be tough if I were fully focused on leaving.”

Xia Guang swallowed his saliva upon hearing this.

While Yan Zhaoge had spoken in a carefree tone with a bit of derision contained within, the meaning of his words caused him to tremble.

These mere few words clearly expressed that with the southern Blazing Heaven Territory not having their Exalt, he would be able to enter and leave entirely as he liked.

If it were a late Immortal Bridge Martial Saint saying this, Xia Guang would not find this unexpected.

Still, the problem was that the current Yan Zhaoge had still yet to attain the Immortal Bridge stage…

The southern Blazing Heaven Territory was naturally ruled by the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen who presided over the numerous heroes there.

Still, there were not just a mere few late Immortal Bridge Martial Saints beneath Zhuang Shen.

Any single one of them had lived for many long years as peak experts who were renowned throughout the entire World beyond Worlds.

Besides them, there were also numerous Immortal Bridge experts who were all important bigwigs.

Even if they were not Chiefs of sects, they would still be longtime Elders.

Under normal circumstances, any single one of these people would be able to casually slay a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint.

Descendants of renowned lineages like Zhuang Chaohui, Long Hanhua and Zeng Mo would be helpless facing opponents whose cultivation bases just exceeded theirs too greatly too.

Even famed geniuses of a generation like Fu Ting dared not claim to be able to traverse the southern Blazing Heaven Territory freely just based on their own strength alone.

They were able to suppress most martial practitioners of the same cultivation level, challenging early Immortal Bridge Martial Saints as late Seeing Divinity Martial Saints.

The problem was that their enemies would likely be of the eighth or ninth level of the Martial Saint realm.

It would also not just be one of them, far from it in fact.

“Young Master Yan…” Xia Guang asked in a slightly disbelieving tone, “What you mean is that if anyone stands in our way, we will just rampage all the way back through them”

Hearing this, an expression of solemn thought appeared on Yan Zhaoge’s face before he answered, “Rampage all the way back Right, not facing more than one late Immortal Bridge Martial Saint at a time, even if someone hinders us, it would be fine to go rampaging all the way back, yes.”

While Yan Zhaoge looked like he was considering this in great earnest, the words he had said would still cause many to think that he was either boasting or a madman.

Looking at Xia Guang, he smiled, “While I like taking risks once in a while, I will not joke around with my own life.”

“What, have I scared you Are you still willing to make this trip with me”

Seeing Yan Zhaoge’s calm, peaceful look, a feeling of guilt suddenly arose in Xia Guang’s heart.

Being a hot-blooded, fearless person by nature, he immediately declared loudly, “It would be my honour to make this trip with you, Young Master Yan.

How would I be unwilling”

Xia Guang had been residing at home all along before this.

While his family members had indeed told him some news about the outside world, the news he received was still limited.

Still, he had heard of Yan Zhaoge before.

This person was a Heaven’s favoured son who had drawn the most attention in the whole of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory in recent years.

Xia Guang was a temperamental person and a proud one too.

Still, he still rather admired someone who was of a similar age to him yet had already long since attained the Seeing Divinity Martial Saint realm.

He had doubted it at first.

Still, when Yan Zhaoge’s fame had filled the entire southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, it would have been impossible to still not believe it.

Xia Guang would naturally be filled with curiosity towards such a peer.

He had still felt slightly repressed earlier even as he had taken Yan Zhaoge’s teachings to heart.

Hearing Yan Zhaoge’s words now, Xia Guang felt like he really liked how this person did things.

He currently only hated that he lacked sufficient strength.

Otherwise, if he could be like Yan Zhaoge in going wherever he wanted and sweeping through all enemies who blocked his path, rampaging all the way back to the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, how joyful a thing would that be

Although Xia Guang had managed to survive the decimation of his family and escaped successfully, he had ended up suffering several setbacks afterwards.

He felt incomparably furious regarding this and somewhat stifled within.

Only now did he feel rather comfortable, like this could finally be vented.

“Let us speak of this after we return to that Bright Origin Pavilion,” Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Still, I will not provide you with any assistance.

It will all have to depend on your own capabilities.”

Xia Guang was both startled and overjoyed.


The disturbances within the Endless Mountain Range soon came to the attention of the peak experts there.

There were martial practitioners of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory active in the domain of the Endless Mountain Range.

Also, they were extremely powerful.

They had not thought much of this at first, just forming groups with others to encircle and kill them.

While most felt curious as to why martial practitioners of the southeast would have appeared in the Endless Mountain Range which was in the north of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, they had not paid this much heed since those disturbances were not great.

Yet, they soon found out that things were not as they had seemed.

They had actually lost all contact with those martial practitioners of the south who had first grouped up and set off to apprehend them!

With that, the local experts of the Endless Mountain Range grew vigilant, longtime experts of all the peak powers springing into action.

Yet, a bunch of Seeing Divinity Martial Saints actually vanished without a trace just like that as well.

The entire Endless Mountain Range blew up completely with that.

Experts of the Immortal Bridge stage were finally dispatched.

While they did not wish for others to intervene in the matters of the Endless Mountain Range, some who were more alert had already realised the severity of the situation at this time as they hurriedly sent people over to contact Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope.

In the end, even before Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope had given a reply, terrible news was heard in the Endless Mountain Range.

Treating this with the utmost priority and not letting any clues go, the martial practitioners of the south finally ascertained the identity of that trespassing martial practitioner of the southeast.

Broad Creed Mountain, Yan Zhaoge!

Yan Zhaoge did not slaughter wantonly and was also not really concerned about whether his identity was leaked.

While he did not flaunt, he did not conceal his identity as well as he would not slay those he met who were not his enemies.

Therefore, when the news spread, the entire Endless Mountain Range erupted in an uproar.

Soon, yet more news returned.

The Immortal Bridge Martial Saints who had been sent to apprehend him had all been slain!


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