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HSSB969: The Yan Zhaoge who goes against the usual flow


Before this, the Heaven Emperor had not been much acquainted with the Southern Exalt.

Still, they had become closer in recent years due to sharing a common enemy.

Not just the two of them, their disciples had become closer too.

Those of Wutong Slope had tried to learn about the reason behind the deterioration of relations between the Heaven Emperor and the Southeastern Exalt.

The reason was not very convincing.

It was said that the Heaven Emperor wanted to revenge due to someone of the southeast wrecking his plans.

News of the destruction of the Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation in the Royal Reed Sea and the Heaven Emperor looking for the whereabouts of the Earth Queen had been spread too.

The entire World beyond Worlds speculated greatly about this in private.

The Heaven Emperor seemed to have been enraged as he saw Golden Court Mountain and Broad Creed Mountain as enemies as a result.

It was just that if he really did not wish for this to be known by everyone, taking such revenge so overtly would seem very abnormal.

Especially noteworthy was how the others of the Three Sovereigns, Five Emperors and Ten Exalts had not expressed any stance.

Even the Brocade Emperor who had assisted the Southeastern Exalt had only done so due to their close relationship, never having mentioned the matter of the Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation.

While all of Wutong Slope was uncertain about this, the enemy of an enemy was clearly a friend.

Recently, the relationship between the two sides had thus improved greatly.

Peng He was not taken aback upon seeing Daoist Leading Mist.

“Why have you come here, Fellow Daoist Leading Mist” Peng He asked politely.

First not speaking of how this Daoist Leading Mist was a mid Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, he was also a personal disciple of the Heaven Emperor.

Unlike the likes of King Xuanwen, Shen Lingzi and Daoist Shi who had merely listened to the Heaven Emperor as he expounded on the dao and run errands for him, with few people knowing about the relationship between them, Daoist Leading Mist was widely known throughout the World beyond Worlds as being of the orthodox direct lineage of the Heaven Emperor.

The Heaven Emperor had few personal disciples, but all of them were correspondingly outstanding, being unordinary as they had achieved great fame in the World beyond Worlds.

“I greet the Blazing King,” That thin man in Daoist robes boarded the Rising Wind Heavenly Vessel and greeted him before saying, “This humble Daoist had originally been heading to Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope to discuss some matters with your lineage.”

“Still, on the way there, I heard that things have not been peaceful in your southern lands recently.”

Hearing his words, Peng He’s expression did not change, “Some unsightly clowns have been making a fool of themselves here.

In truth, this old man is on his way to deal with them right now.”

Hearing this, Daoist Leading Mist got straight to the point, “I hear that it is that Yan Zhaoge who hails from a lower world”

“Yes, it is precisely him,” Peng He did not mention the matter of Zhuang Chaohui’s group, “He might have returned directly to the World beyond Worlds from extradimensional space and ended up in our southern Blazing Heaven Territory.

He can count himself unlucky.

We will not be letting him return this time.”

Daoist Leading Mist pondered for a moment, “This humble Daoist heard that he appeared in the region of the Endless Mountain Range.”

“That’s right,” Peng He nodded.

“If it is the Endless Mountain Range that is in the north of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, heading on north and crossing the Region of Thousand Lakes, it would be the central Jun Heaven Territory that they end up in,” Daoist Leading Mist said.

Hearing this, Peng He’s gaze turned somewhat heavier.

This was exactly the thing he was most worried about.

While it was rumoured that Yan Zhaoge possessed an Immortal Artifact, while Guan Lide of the ninth level of the Martial Saint realm had perished at Broad Creed Mountain, while Yan Zhaoge’s strength likely surpassed all his previous estimates, this was not what Peng He was the most worried about.

This was the basic self-confidence and pride that he possessed as a descendant of Wutong Slope’s lineage and a late Immortal Bridge Martial Saint who had reigned in the World beyond Worlds for many years.

Peng He was not afraid of battling with Yan Zhaoge.

Still, as Daoist Leading Mist had said, the Endless Mountain Range was already in the north of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory.

Heading further north, one would be able to quickly leave the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, arriving in the central Jun Heaven Territory.

In the eyes of all the martial practitioners of the south, there was only one way for Yan Zhaoge to safely flee from the southern Blazing Heaven Territory.

That was heading north and reaching the central Jun Heaven Territory before switching direction and returning to the southeast.

Peng He and the others would not dare to act rampantly within the central Jun Heaven Territory.

It was not that the martial practitioners of the south could not go to the central Jun Heaven Territory.

Still, it would definitely be less advantageous for them than in their own territory.

This was especially so when Yan Zhaoge did have connections in the central Jun Heaven Territory.

It was said that he was on rather friendly terms with Ingenious Flying Peak’s Red Lotus Cliff of the Brocade Emperor’s lineage.

If Ingenious Flying Peak received news of this and sent someone to pick Yan Zhaoge up, it would inevitably be much more difficult for Peng He’s lot to make a move on him.

The Heaven Emperor could obstruct the Brocade Emperor, and the Southern Exalt could resist the Southeastern Exalt.

Still, the Southern Exalt would definitely be unwilling to enter a head-on conflict with the Brocade Emperor unless there was really no other option available.

With that in mind, Peng He looked at Daoist Leading Mist, “If that rascal flees into the central Jun Heaven Territory, it would naturally be disadvantageous for us to capture him.

Sadly, our lineage does not have any experts active in the Region of Thousand Lakes.

Just those local powers alone would probably be insufficient to block him.”

“I have to admit that while the rascal is damnable, his martial arts are powerful indeed.

Even though there were Immortal Bridge Martial Saints in the Endless Mountain Range, they were unable to stop him from acting wantonly and uninhibitedly.”

Hearing Peng He’s words, Daoist Leading Mist nodded, “This humble Daoist’s eldest apprentice-brother is currently not far away from the Region of Thousand Lakes.

If your lineage minds it not, this humble Daoist can contact him and invite him to hurry and guard over the Region of Thousand Lakes, blocking that Yan Zhaoge’s path north lest he escapes into the central Jun Heaven Territory.”

“Qing Shuzi” Peng He’s eyes lit up, “That would be best.

I only fear that he cannot make it in time.”

Daoist Leading Mist took out a bamboo flute, saying, “It is fine.

Contacting my eldest apprentice-brother with this treasure, he will immediately be able to receive the news.

If he sets off at once, there should not be a problem.”

This bamboo flute was a rare one-time use treasure which even Daoist Leading Mist did not have many of.

Still, to obstruct Yan Zhaoge who had wrecked the plans of his Master, Daoist Leading Mist used it unreservedly now.

“Fellow Daoist Leading Mist, is there something that you came to visit my Wutong Slope for” After communication had been established and their plans had been set, Peng He casually asked as they continued travelling forth in the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel.

Daoist Leading Mist said, “Yes.

I just want to confirm the progress of the matter that your lineage previously mentioned.

How is it going You previously said that this was seventy percent certain.”

A rare smile appeared on Peng He’s face, “If we were seventy percent certain of success earlier, it has reached eighty percent, even ninety now.”

“Oh Virtually definite, how rare,” Daoist Leading Wind did not inquire further on this as he nodded, “Since that is so, we need only await the return of Master and your Southern Exalt.”

Peng He said, “That’s right.

But before that, let us first take care of that Yan Zhaoge!”

They accelerated, the fiery phoenix streaking across the horizon, passing by mountains and rivers for millions of kilometres as they headed north.

When they arrived at the northernmost region of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, the Region of Thousand Lakes, they received word from those who had been preparing to obstruct Yan Zhaoge.

They had all seen not a single trace of him.

Everyone was instantly rendered dazed.

Meanwhile, Yan Zhaoge was heading east at a leisurely pace back towards the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

As he travelled, Yan Zhaoge would look back from time to time, “While the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen isn’t here, could it be that all the other martial practitioners of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory have all died out too There should logically be some peak experts coming to chase me.

Could it be that that the martial practitioners of the south are all so slow-witted and dull”


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