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HSSB972: Voice quaking Vast Spirit Mountain!


Yan Zhaoge had a leisurely look on his face.

Yet, that martial practitioner of the south looked like he was looking at a madman.

“You…you…” Recovering after a long while, the other party was so furious he laughed, “Do you even know what you are saying”

“First not speaking of the high strength of the Lord of Vast Spirit Mountain, Daoist East Spring who is a longtime Immortal Bridge Martial Saint expert, and how Vast Spirit Mountain has as many experts as there are clouds, most of the experts of the Announcing Peace Mountain Range have gathered here this time for the alliance meet,” That martial practitioner of the south smiled coldly, “Even excluding the Announcing Peace Mountain Range, a great many experts of the eastern region of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory have accepted the invitation and come too!”

“First not speaking of how you are just a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint and would have to be careful for any random Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, besides the great many experts gathered on Vast Spirit Mountain now, Daoist East Spring and the others also hold the geographical advantage!”

Hearing this, Yan Zhaoge felt amused, “Since that is so, shouldn’t you hope that I go there and send myself to my death Having revealed the background and strength of the current number atop Vast Spirit Mountain, what will you do if I don’t go there anymore”

That martial practitioner of the south was rendered speechless.

Only now did he realise that he had actually just done a very foolish thing.

Even if he did not scare Yan Zhaoge off and Yan Zhaoge still decided on going, he would be able to make preparations in advance for his trip now with his knowledge on the experts gathered at Vast Spirit Mountain.

What he had just done was literally boost his enemy’s strength.

He was actually able to understand this principle.

Still, upon seeing how arrogant Yan Zhaoge was, he had inevitably been angered as he wished to strike a blow at Yan Zhaoge’s flames of arrogance.

As he regained his wits now, this person immediately shut up and spoke no further, just that he still could not help but feel stifled within.

“Just lead the way, yes I don’t mind slaughtering you before looking for someone else,” Yan Zhaoge said in a totally nonchalant manner, “Since Vast Spirit Mountain is the northern main peak of the Announcing Peace Mountain Range, I believe there should be many who know the way there.”

Hearing his words, a chill arose within the heart of that martial practitioner of the south.

He thought viciously, “Since you are so arrogant and know not how to restrain yourself, knowing not the height of the heavens and the boundlessness of the earth, I will take you to Vast Spirit Mountain and watch how you are taken care of by the experts there!”

Thinking of this, he forcibly raised his spirits, “Follow me then, if you dare.”

Yan Zhaoge kicked him rolling as he smiled, “All bark and no bite.

Shut up.”

While Yan Zhaoge did not have a deep understanding of the Announcing Peace Mountain Range of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, he had still heard of it before.

It had two main peaks, one at the north and one at the south.

The southern main peak was called Light Mist Mountain while the northern main peak was called Vast Spirit Mountain.

The former was the headquarters of the Night Magnificence Sect while the latter was known as Vast Spirit Mountain after the mountain itself.

The Night Magnificence Sect and Vast Spirit Mountain were the two hegemons of the Announcing Peace Mountain Range.

One mountain did not allow for two tigers, and there were often conflicts between them.

It was just that neither was able to do anything to the other.

These past few years, even though the south and southeast had clashed, the conflict between the Night Magnificence Sect and Vast Spirit Mountain which were both close to the border at Circumference Mountain had not quelled.

As the news that Yan Zhaoge had appeared in the eastern region of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory and would probably enter the Announcing Peace Mountain Range was transmitted over, Vast Spirit Mountain instantly thought to make use of it.

They had organised an alliance meet to deal with Yan Zhaoge on one hand and to make use of this chance to expand their influence on the other, gathering and winning over the other sects of the Announcing Peace Mountain Range and wresting the leadership position, thus suppressing and isolating the Night Magnificence Sect.

Besides the experts active within the Announcing Peace Mountain Range, experts of other areas, including Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope, had also come this time.

If their alliance was a success, even if they did not capture Yan Zhaoge in the end, the influence of Vast Spirit Mountain would still expand greatly as their image improved in front of Wutong Slope.

As soon as they obtained Wutong Slope’s support, Vast Spirit Mountain would have the possibility of suppressing the Night Magnificence Sect.

Yan Zhaoge was able to easily understand this underlying rationale.

“Is the Chief of the Night Magnificence Sect away from the Announcing Peace Mountain Range or in secluded cultivation at the moment” Yan Zhaoge asked as they walked.

A panicked look flashed on the face of that martial practitioner of the south as he wanted to deny it.

However, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Otherwise, the alliance meet would definitely have been organised at a neutral location.

How would they have allowed Vast Spirit Mountain to preside over them”

“Ahem…” The other party opened his mouth, forcing a smile after a moment.

The Chief of the Night Magnificence Sect, the sect’s number one expert, indeed happened to be in secluded cultivation at the moment.

In the end, the other martial practitioners of the sect were only able to helplessly watch on as their longtime enemy, Vast Spirit Mountain, made use of this chance and snatched an advantage.

Yan Zhaoge looked slightly disappointed, “I heard that the Night Magnificence Sect has a set of sabre arts known as the Dark Night Magnificence Lotus, having well inherited some of the true legacy from pre-Great Calamity times as it is comparatively complete.

I still thought I would have a chance to see it.”

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, that martial practitioner of the south secretly ground his teeth, feeling stifled though all he could do was simply lead the way.

He had originally thought that Yan Zhaoge’s movements would quickly be exposed while on the way to Vast Spirit Mountain.

Yet, no one at all was actually alerted throughout their journey.

As they arrived close to the northern main peak of the Announcing Peace Mountain Range, Vast Spirit Mountain, the place was still totally calm.

This so-called calmness was not actual calmness.

It just meant that everything was as per usual.

While the martial practitioners all around were nervous and vigilant, these were only against whatever they thought Yan Zhaoge would do.

And in front of Yan Zhaoge, their vigilance was just like it was simply for show.

“So this is Vast Spirit Mountain” Yan Zhaoge shaded his eyes with his hand, gazing far into the distance at a solitary peak which was clearly taller and more perilous than the other mountains nearby.

That mountain peak was extremely steep as it resembled a sword that pointed straight up into the heavens, soaring into the lofty clouds.

“Yes, this is Vast Spirit Mountain,” The martial practitioner of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory was currently meek as a quail.

Looking at the ever calm Yan Zhaoge, the chill in his heart was getting increasingly greater as he was hard pressed to maintain his original confidence.

“Alright, very good,” Yan Zhaoge smiled, “You can leave now.”

The other party was slightly dazed, fearing that Yan Zhaoge did not really mean it.

He knew that there were some people out there who liked toying with those weaker than them.

Who knew that Yan Zhaoge would completely ignore him after that as he sat on Pan-Pan’s back, flying towards Vast Spirit Mountain.

This martial practitioner of the south was rendered wide-eyed and tongue-tied, “He really let me go”

His first thought was to quickly contact the martial practitioners of Vast Spirit Mountain in the vicinity and ask them to report this to Daoist East Spring and the others up on the mountain.

Still, he immediately realised that he would not be faster than Yan Zhaoge no matter what.

By the time Daoist East Spring and the others received the news, Yan Zhaoge would already long since have ascended the mountain.

Also, seeing how Yan Zhaoge was simply strolling in just like that, it was like he did not care about being found out at all.

His arrogant manner had initially caused this martial practitioner of the south to feel enraged.

At this moment, however, the chill in his heart was only growing more and more intense.

“Daoist East Spring and the others can definitely take care of him,” As the same thought surfaced in his mind as it had earlier, it was instead more like a reassuring thought than one he wholeheartedly believed to be true.

Amidst his thoughts, he saw Yan Zhaoge arriving at the foot of Vast Spirit Mountain before opening his mouth and proclaiming in a righteous, upright manner, “Broad Creed Mountain’s Yan Zhaoge has come.

Is the owner of this place here”

While his voice did not seem loud, the entire Vast Spirit Mountain began quaking slightly as a result!

The guardian grand formation of the mountain was stimulated as a result, countless spirit patterns surfacing amidst space before they all distorted together, actually instantly seeming like they were about to shatter!


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