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HSSB974: The outcome of playing petty tricks


Daoist East Spring’s brows were knit tightly as he sensed that his sect’s guardian grand formation was actually rippling slightly at this moment.

Off by the side, Chief Zhao Zhen of the Purple Tide Sword Sect who had not spoken much earlier turned to look at Yuan Xiancheng of Wutong Slope, “Have those of the southeast already broken past Circumference Mountain at the border”

Everyone else gazed towards Yuan Xiancheng too.

If the person outside really was Yan Zhaoge, how had he dared to come so blatantly to Vast Spirit Mountain here

The sole explanation seemed to be that the experts of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory were already launching their assault.

Yan Zhaoge had received this news from somewhere, thus daring to be so audacious in his actions.

With that in mind, the astonishment on their faces gradually faded as they all began to worry.

They were worrying not about Yan Zhaoge but about those experts of the southeast breaking through the defences of Circumference Mountain.

“No, senior apprentice-uncle Zhang’s defences at Circumference Mountain are rock solid.

If the southeast wants to launch an attack, they would need a large-scale invasion,” Yuan Xiancheng said calmly, “If that were the case, we would long since have received news of it.”

Chief Zhao Zhen of the Purple Tide Sword Sect nodded, “This means to say that the fella surnamed Yan is really coming here alone just like this”

Everyone’s expressions turned strange once more as they all seemed to find it totally inconceivable.

“Could it be that he does not know that so many of us are gathered here for an alliance” Someone asked disbelievingly.

Still, even if they were not attending this alliance meet now, Vast Spirit Mountain was still one of the two strongest powers of the Announcing Peace Mountain Range.

Entering the Announcing Peace Mountain Range, Yan Zhaoge had not borrowed the local geography to conceal himself as he had actually come to Vast Spirit Mountain instead.

This was really a boundlessly arrogant move.

Daoist East Spring inhaled deeply, calming himself as he pushed horizontally forward with a palm within the great hall.

Spirit patterns intermingled as they surfaced on his palm, transforming into a sigil which flickered with light.

Outside, streams of light circulated about Vast Spirit Mountain which towered into the clouds.

The spirit patterns which had already appeared beforehand condensed completely, manifesting tangibly.

“Since he has the courage to come onto your mountain, let him come then,” Yuan Xiancheng did not move from his seat as that silhouette of a fiery phoenix within his pupils seemed somewhat brighter.

Hearing this, Daoist East Spring said, “Mister Yuan’s words make sense.

It is this humble Daoist who has been petty.”

With that, Daoist East Spring retracted his palm as the guardian grand formation which enveloped Vast Spirit Mountain subsequently vanished.

“Since you have come, dare you ascend the mountain” He asked as he sat again on his host’s seat.

Yan Zhaoge’s smiling reply could be heard, “It is naturally best that the host is at home, lest this Yan becomes an unwelcome visitor.”

The other martial practitioners of the south in the great hall simultaneously rolled their eyes at this.

If you are not an unwelcome visitor, what kind of person would we consider an unwelcome visitor

…Still, this might not actually be the case.

While Daoist East Spring had motives of his own therein, this time’s meet had been organised in name for the very sake of dealing with Yan Zhaoge.

Everyone composed themselves, simultaneously gazing towards the entrance of the great hall.

They were all filled with curiosity towards that youth whose audacity rivalled the heavens.

While they had already heard news that Yan Zhaoge had been unstoppable thus far as he left the Endless Mountain Range and traversed many regions of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, facing many local martial practitioners along the way, having heard as well of Yan Zhaoge’s domineering might in the neighbouring Broad Dong Mound Plains, not having witnessed or experienced it in person, it was only natural that they found this hard to believe.

Daoist East Spring sat within the great hall, not activating the guardian grand formation.

Still, feeling angered by Yan Zhaoge’s actions, the other martial practitioners of Vast Spirit Mountain were not planning on letting him ascend the mountain so easily.

As he ascended the mountain, numerous Vast Spirit Mountain martial practitioners utilised the local geography in establishing a great many formations, wanting to take Yan Zhaoge down a peg.

After hearing of this, Daoist East Spring chose to tacitly ignore it, wishing to sound out Yan Zhaoge’s background.

If Yan Zhaoge turned out to be too powerful and also ruthless in his actions, with those disciples of his sect being unable to withstand him, he planned to act in a timely manner to protect them then.

Having decided on this plan of action, Daoist East Spring simply waited patiently.

Martial practitioners of Vast Spirit Mountain unceasingly reported on Yan Zhaoge’s progress up the mountain to Daoist East Spring.

Who knew that as time passed, it was soon the case that no news at all was still being transmitted.

As Daoist East Spring was feeling puzzled about this, the gaze of Yuan Xiancheng in the upper seat of honour suddenly lit up, “Extraordinary!”

Everyone was greatly bemused by this whereas Daoist East Spring and Chief Zhao Zhen of the Purple Tide Sword Sect seemed to have sensed something as well.

Daoist East Spring’s expression changed intensely as he abruptly shot up again from his seat, roaring in rage, “Scoundrel, you dare!”

The grand formation which enveloped Vast Spirit Mountain began circulating once more.

At the same time, however, brilliant rays of sunlight also lit up amongst the mountains, illuminating the nine heavens.

It was like a great golden sun was slowly rising into the air about the middle of Vast Spirit Mountain just like that.

The vast, majestic power jolted the guardian grand formation of Vast Spirit Mountain till it began to collapse!

“Vast Spirit Mountain can also be considered a hegemon of this Announcing Peace Mountain Range, yet this is the way you treat visitors” Yan Zhaoge’s voice resounded, “Since you have opened your door and invited me up your mountain, why must those of your lineage resort to these petty tricks”

“Daoist East Spring As the Lord of Vast Spirit Mountain, your sect actually lacks rules to this extent.

This being so, this Yan will help teach them a lesson for you.”

Some of the martial practitioners of the south exited the great hall, looking down the mountainside.

They instantly exhaled a breath of cold air at what they saw.

The mountainside of Vast Spirit Mountain around its centre was enveloped completely by darkness.

The darkness was like a belt of light which wrapped around the midsection of Vast Spirit Mountain, gradually rising upwards.

Amidst that darkness which resembled night, a great golden sun slowly rose.

Yet, the radiance and darkness did not interfere with each other as they were distinct and separate.

The belt of darkness rose neither swiftly now slowly, stably and surely rising based on its own pace.

As Daoist East Spring activated the grand formation, its strength was obstructed by the golden sun.

He felt vexed as he swiftly informed those of his sect to quickly retreat, avoiding the black light and ceasing to make things difficult for Yan Zhaoge lest they were devoured by it.

After the Vast Spirit Mountain martial practitioners had retreated, that black light was retracted too.

A few moments later, Yan Zhaoge’s figure appeared in front of everyone as he arrived on the top of the mountain.

“This is one of the Nine Immortal Heavenly Thunders of legend of pre-Great Calamity times, Thunder of Eternal Night” The Elder of the Night Magnificence Sect who had spoken little ever since arriving at Vast Spirit Mountain suddenly asked now.

Hearing his words, the expression on Daoist East Spring’s face changed slightly.

Those of Vast Spirit Mountain only knew that they had suddenly lost contact with all those who had initially been blocking Yan Zhaoge’s path.

Whether it was those who had been unable to stop themselves from launching an attack against Yan Zhaoge or those who had left to scout, everyone who had approached the black light afterwards had vanished without a trace, with no one returning and no news being sent back.

While Daoist East Spring had not descended the mountain to check things out, as the Lord of Vast Spirit Mountain, he could clearly sense a dense air of death suffusing the foot of his mountain.

All the Vast Spirit Mountain martial practitioners who had been devoured by the black light had perished on the spot, never to return!

Having ascended the mountain, Yan Zhaoge smiled nonchalantly, “I have come here to exchange pointers with all of you present.

The others of your sect are really too temperamental.

What does this have to do with them”

Daoist East Spring glared at Yan Zhaoge but did not speak.

First not mentioning the domineering might of that magnificent sun, just that strange black light of thunder alone was already shocking indeed.

Of those who had gone to obstruct Yan Zhaoge earlier, the strongest had been a late Seeing Divinity Martial Saint just like him.

He had actually vanished soundlessly without a trace just like that as well.

After the black light had vanished, those Vast Spirit Mountain martial practitioners who had managed to retreat in time earlier hurriedly went around the other side of the mountain to investigate the situation.

After they had reported how all those dead martial practitioners had died, Daoist East Spring’s face turned totally black as a pot’s bottom.


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