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HSSB98: A great harvest


As that palm landed, it was as though strange scenes departing from the ordinary had appeared before Yan Zhaoge’s eyes.

It was as though the qi flow of the heavens and the earth could be seen, all coming together to give their support to Ye Jing.

When the times, the heavens and the earth give power together, the luck of the heavens and the earth do converge.

And with that one palm of his, the qi flow of the heavens and the earth gradually dissipated, turning illusory alongside the surging of the clouds and the rising of the wind.

“When the times, the heavens and the earth give power together, which lucky hero doth not possess freedom”

Yan Zhaoge let out a carefree laugh as he gently blew towards that ethereal scene.

The winds surged along with the remnant clouds, as that illusory luck of the heavens and the earth was blown away and scattered as easily as simple smoke.

The deep crater before Yan Zhaoge’s eyes was still continuing to collapse.

Ye Jing having been turned into dust by that palm of his, only that mottled dark red ring still remained, which fell downwards towards the underground river.

“Disappearing just like this; who knows when it will recover its vitality, seeing the sky and the sun once more, taking the form of a fortuitous encounter for yet another hot-blooded youth, giving it a chance to soar up once again, a golden finger that defies the heavens wherever it points, achieving yet another legend and myth…”

Yan Zhaoge curled the corner of his mouth, “…As if.”

Making a grabbing motion with his palm, he sucked the dark red ring from mid-air into it with the help of his aura-qi.

Stepping into the air, exerting a little bit of strength with his foot, Yan Zhaoge’s figure rose from the bottom of the deep crater, flying outside of it.

Ah Hu came up to meet him, “Young Master.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Collect Yan Xu’s body well, and also his belongings.”

Ah Hu gave a simple and honest laugh, “Hehe, Young Master, you don’t have to tell me that.

His belongings-I took them all the moment I could.”

Yan Zhaoge curled his lips, “En, I have always trusted you on that.”

Ah Hu said, “Young Master, I’ve glanced through, and there really are quite a few good things inside!”

“What a pity that most of them, like that mid-grade spirit artifact of his, are damaged; that must have been caused by that attack of Elder Shi’s.”

Yan Zhaoge sighed, “That’s only to be expected; otherwise, we also wouldn’t have been able to take care of him that easily.”

“However, at the very least, there should still be some rewards,” Yan Zhaoge perked himself up.

As a Principal Elder of a territory, Yan Xu’s private stash was rather abundant.

He would not carry many of these belongings along with him, rather keeping them safe within his own private residences.

The things that he had on him were either something that he had urgent need of recently, or something that could help him increase his current combat ability.

While there was a shortage of artifacts as well as spirit artifacts, as the Principal Elder of Broad Creed Mountain, one of the few Sacred Grounds of this world, the powerful weapons that were suited for someone of Yan Xu’s cultivation would naturally not be lacking.

Besides that mid-grade spirit artifact, the Hidden Clear Sunlight Sword, Yan Xu also had two accompanying low-grade spirit artifacts.

Although neither of them was as powerful as the Hidden Clear Sunlight Sword, they both still had their own subtle uses.

A protective light armour-while unlike Ah Hu’s Black Nightmare Armour, it did not possess dual functions in being able to both attack and defend, it was not inferior in terms of defensive ability.

A green belt-specifically made to coordinate with the Wind Calamity of Broad Creed Mountain’s Wind Fire Calamities, causing martial practitioners to be like tigers given wings when executing the Wind Calamity movement techniques.

These two low-grade spirit artifacts having fallen into Yan Xu’s hands, unleashing their true power under normal circumstances, their use would definitely be extremely great.

A pity that whether it was Yan Xu or them, they were completely not on the same level of power as Shi Tie at all.

Earlier, when Yan Xu had wanted to escape, he had directly activated the power of the green belt to withstand Shi Tie’s blow, whereas the light armour had automatically moved to protect him.

As a result, the two low-grade spirit artifacts had suffered the same fate as their owner and been damaged.

Looking at them now, they were riddled with cracks, from which spiritual qi was leaking out unceasingly.

Let alone not being able to use them, they were about to be completely destroyed.

The extent of their damage was even more severe than it was for the Hidden Clear Sunlight Sword.

Especially that light armour; while it had been unable to perform its function when Ah Hu had attacked Yan Xu with the Sun Rain earlier, it had still suffered a portion of the damage from that attack.

A little pained, Ah Hu said, “But it’s a spirit artifact.”

Having followed by Yan Di’s side since young, his vision was far broader than that of others.

However, seeing a spirit artifact damaged to this extent, he still felt that it was a pity.

Yan Zhaoge scrutinised the artifacts for a moment, then, not saying a word, rummaged through Yan Xu’s belongings, from which he retrieved a few crystalline rocks in the form of ice.

Ah Hu looked, “Young Master, these seem to be the Suppressive Ice Rocks which martial practitioners use to temporarily suppress and treat their injuries.”

“Get me some Caltrop Flower Grass,” Yan Zhaoge said as he crushed the Suppressive Ice Rocks.

Ah Hu was somewhat puzzled, his entire brain full of question marks.

He did have Caltrop Flower Grass on him, but such spirit grass primarily only served as a guiding drug for the medicinal properties of a few unique medicines.

Whether it was the Caltrop Flower Grass or the Suppressive Ice Rocks, both were only used by the living.

Neither could help in the refining of artifacts.

However, he still did as was asked of him, giving Yan Zhaoge some Caltrop Flower Grass.

Receiving the Caltrop Flower Grass, Yan Zhaoge clapped out with his palms.

The spirit grass dried up, and he crushed their leaves to dust, adding it to the fine powder that was left of the Suppressive Ice Rocks.

As the two met, a green smoke was gradually emitted from their mix as they actually began burning up on their own.

Yan Zhaoge waved his hands, and the blazing flames landed on those spirit artifacts of Yan Xu’s.

While they still remained weak, the outflow of spiritual qi gradually stopped as it ceased to leak out.

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Some emergency treatment will have to do for now.

Afterwards, put them back in the Internal Crystal Furnace and refine them once more, and they will have a chance of recovering.

Now, at the very least, we can be assured they won’t be completely destroyed.”

Ah Hu stared till his eyes saw stars, “Young Master, this…this…”

Yan Zhaoge appeared as though there was totally nothing out of the ordinary at all, “In this boundless world, countless wonders abound.

In our daily lives, we should try to gather up all those various minor bits of general knowledge as well as little methods of doing things that we encounter.

Who knows, they might come in useful sometime.”

Ah Hu opened his mouth wide for quite a few moments before finally closing it again, as he now exclaimed with a fawning look on his face, “Young Master, you’re really a genius!”

Yan Zhaoge rolled his eyes, “Your expression is too fake.”

Ah Hu chortled happily.

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, his attention falling on yet another of Yan Xu’s belongings.

As opposed to his spirit artifacts which were currently damaged and unable to be used, this thing actually drew Yan Zhaoge’s attention even more.

“Oh, how rare; Yan Xu actually has one of these things” Yan Zhaoge’s eyes shone as he beheld a red orb within his palm that was bright red as blood, clear as crystal.

Within the bloodred orb, it was as though there was a liquid substance constantly flowing about.

The orb faintly emanated a bit of yin qi as well as baleful qi.

Ah Hu’s large head squeezed over, looking at it from quite some time before he asked hesitantly, “Young Master, isn’t this thingy a Blood Refining Orb”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “That’s right, it is precisely a Blood Refining Orb.”

The Blood Refining Orb was a rare, unique treasure.

It only had a slight possibility of being found in battlefields which were like hell on earth, where blood flowed into rivers.

This was one of the favourites of martial practitioners who trained in the demonic arts.

However, the Blood Refining Orb itself was actually not bloody and brutal, only being a crystallisation of the purest of yin qi and blood qi.

Demonic martial practitioners could use it to cultivate, whereas normal martial practitioners, when heavily injured, could also use it to replenish their qi and blood.

It was only that absorbing the Blood Refining Orb required one to be seated in the meditative position for a rather long period of time.

Having been murderously pursued by Yan Zhaoge so closely, Yan Xu had not had the time to do so.

“This thing’s greatest function is actually that it can be used to refine a Blood Devil Plate; just that I’m not sure whether in this time and age, there is still anyone who knows that this can be done.”

“Unexpected gains; what a great harvest, what a great harvest.”

Smiling, Yan Zhaoge happily kept the Blood Refining Orb well.

He checked over the other valuable items as well as precious medicines that Yan Xu had on him, collecting all of them.

Next, Yan Zhaoge took out the dark red ring that he had obtained from Ye Jing.


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