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HSSB979: No one at all who can fight


Those two additional chances at rebirth were his greatest trump card against evenly matched opponents.

They were extremely useful even against enemies who were slightly stronger than him.

Being able to undergo rebirth, he had the confidence to put his life on the line.

Even if he traded blow for blow with his enemy, sustaining injuries in the process as they dragged each other down into death, he would still be fine with that.

One who puts his life on the line cannot be defeated by ten thousand enemies-this phrase might be rather exaggerated.

Still, as two enemies fought and one did not fear death in the least, the other side would inevitably gradually be left hard pressed to parry their blows.

This was because they could not afford to lose.

As compared to the likes of the Night Magnificence Sect, Vast Spirit Mountain and Purple Tide Sword Sect or even the Radiant Light Sect, Dim Darkness Sect, North Sea Sword Pavilion, Grand Xuan Dynasty and Three Foot Mountain etcetera, Wutong Slope’s martial legacies naturally exceeded theirs in all areas.

Still, in comparison to the legacies like that of Golden Court Mountain and the northeastern Green Sky Mountain’s Grave Thunder Palace, Wutong Slope’s Phoenix True Form Scripture seemed rather more proficient in defence than offence.

Still, when martial practitioners of Wutong Slope clashed with those of Golden Court Mountain and Grave Thunder Palace, their opponents still had to be cautious, not daring to underestimate them.

This was because descendants of Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope dared to put their lives on the line in battles as their attacks were vicious and frenzied without a care for their own safety.

This had remedied the characteristic of Wutong Slope’s martial arts being powerful in defence but weak at offence.

It was just that in front of opponents who were stronger than them by too much, a powerful vitality and high defensive power or being able to undergo rebirth would then simply be completely useless.

If your enemy had to go all out just to kill you once, he would naturally be left without the strength to continue battling after you had been reborn.

Still, if your enemy did not find it very difficult to kill you once, after you were reborn, you would simply end up being slain again.

Yuan Xiancheng now discovered that this Yan Zhaoge was probably this very kind of enemy!

He did not fear Yan Zhaoge’s Yin Yang Finger, Cyclic Heavenly Seal and Taiji Yin Yang Palm.

However, that sword art, Slaying Azure Dragon, posed an extremely great threat to him.

The despondence of Shen Lingzi, Kang Ping and the others that year was shared by Yuan Xiancheng at this moment.

It would be fine if it was just a Slaying Azure Dragon.

Such a brutal and mighty sword art which could injure an expert at his level was something that ordinary Seeing Divinity Martial Saints would not be able to unleash even once.

Yet, for Yan Zhaoge who had the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, Cyclic Heavenly Scripture, Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture, Taiji Yin Yang Palm and Life Creation Heavenly Scripture as his foundation, ten or even a hundred of such swords would not be a problem for him.

As a result, Yuan Xiancheng felt that even his three lives would not be sufficient for him against such an opponent.

He would not be able to dwindle down Yan Zhaoge’s stamina till he was exhausted.

On the contrary, Yan Zhaoge would be able to do that to him!

The greatest emotion within Yuan Xiancheng’s heart at this moment was actually…awkwardness!

Right, it was awkwardness.

Having experienced countless battles before, he had already realised that his side’s greatest problem was actually that their offensive capabilities were not capable of giving Yan Zhaoge enough pressure.

The most powerful of the trio, Yuan Xiancheng, was able to battle late Immortal Bridge Martial Saints.

Yet, as compared to late Immortal Bridge Martial Saints, he lacked offensive power, depending more on his defensive prowess in battle.

If he was Long Hanhua who cultivated in the powerful sword arts of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory’s Golden Court Mountain, while he would be in greater danger, Yan Zhaoge would have to be more cautious when battling him.

While this did not appear major, it was actually a deciding factor which could break the equilibrium.

Yan Zhaoge bore the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture as he did not fear being surrounded by enemies.

Unless his opponent’s martial arts just happened to dispel the profundities of his Yin Yang Finger, an expert who posed a clear threat to him would be needed to suppress him, drawing away most of his attention as they worked together to kill him.

Otherwise, just an increase in quantity alone would be of no use.

If Daoist East Spring unleashed the full power of Vast Spirit Mountain’s grand formation in executing the mighty Crouching Dragon Vast Spirit Fist, they would have some chance of success.

However, Yan Zhaoge had restricted his control of the grand formation and eventually slain him, the weakest of the trio, on the spot.

After killing Daoist East Spring, Yan Zhaoge continued attacking the just reborn Yuan Xiancheng with his sword.

At the same time, he stood atop Eight Trigrams, roaring loudly!

As the grand formation of Vast Spirit Mountain circulated, a golden Eight Trigrams diagram appeared within the sky once more, enveloping the mountain peak.

It was just that as the formation circulated this time, it actually vaguely seemed to have fallen under Yan Zhaoge’s control.

Bolstered by the power of the formation, Yan Zhaoge grew increasingly rampant as after forcing Yuan Xiancheng into retreat with a Slaying Azure Dragon, he immediately struck out with a palm towards Zhao Zhen.

Seeing this, Vast Spirit Mountain’s sole remaining Immortal Bridge Martial Saint Elder hurriedly led disciples of the sect in taking control of the grand formation, going all out to wrest back control of it.

However, even Daoist East Spring’s grasp of the grand formation had been disrupted by Yan Zhaoge, much less these guys.

Yan Zhaoge stomped downwards as the Eight Trigrams diagram in the air above the mountain peak directly circulated in reverse.

All the Vast Spirit Mountain martial practitioners besides that Immortal Bridge Martial Saint Elder were directly jolted into collapse as they simultaneously vomited blood.

“Everyone else, come at me too,” Yan Zhaoge said casually, “Wasn’t the purpose of this alliance meet of yours to discuss how to gather enough chicken feathers into a gall, ganging up on me”

Amidst his words, Yan Zhaoge’s figure flickered as he instantly arrived before that Grand Elder of Vast Spirit Mountain, striking down with a palm as he sent him to the netherworld to meet Daoist East Spring.

An Immortal Bridge Martial Saint was instantly slain beneath a single palm!

Hearing his words, the other martial practitioners of the south instantly shivered.

They all exchanged looks, yet none of them moved.

The same thought occupied all their minds.

Come at him together

That was a joke, right

Wasn’t that suicide

Hadn’t they seen even Yuan Xiancheng being unable to withstand this scourge

If surrounding him and attacking him together might be effective, they would not mind doing so.

If they could really kill Yan Zhaoge, Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope would definitely be grateful to them.

Yet, seeing how three mid Immortal Bridge Martial Saints, Yuan Xiancheng, Zhao Zhen and Daoist East Spring had failed to bring Yan Zhaoge down with their combined attacks, instead having been completely overwhelmed by him, these martial practitioners of the south knew that it would not be of any use even if they provided their assistance.

They would end up being pointlessly killed instead.

“Chief Wang, doesn’t your Stranger Mountain Sect have deep enmity with Broad Creed Mountain” Someone suddenly asked, “You were saying earlier that a junior apprentice-brother of yours died to someone of Broad Creed Mountain known as Yuan Zhengfeng when attacking the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory two years ago.

Now that Yan Zhaoge has appeared in the southern Blazing Heaven Territory this time, you will be wanting to seek vengeance for this.”

An old man who was not far away from him visibly jolted upon hearing this as shock and rage were visible within his eyes.

This old man who was surnamed Wang cursed inwardly.

He had indeed been very enthusiastic in coming to attend this alliance meet as he wished greatly to see Yan Zhaoge dead.

Still, was asking him to make a move any different from asking him to die now

Those words might even draw Yan Zhaoge’s attention to him.

Indeed, Yan Zhaoge gazed over, smiling with a look of pleasant surprise on his face, “My Grand Master did indeed kill a few martial practitioners of the south in battle that year.

So there was such a sect too”

Hearing this, Chief Wang of Stranger Mountain Sect instantly felt bitter within.

His Stranger Mountain Sect was a flourishing entity in the lands of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory.

Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope’s Yuan Xiancheng was right there.

Most of the Announcing Peace Mountain Range’s martial practitioners were also present.

Yet, the problem was that even Yuan Xiancheng was unable to protect himself now!

At a time like this, how was he supposed to answer


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