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HSSB983: Great axe chopping Wutong!


As Zhang Shuren struck out with his palm, both attack and defence were incorporated within as it did not rely on intricacies, simply pressuring over with its great momentum.

This great momentum sufficiently manifested the strength of a late Immortal Bridge Martial Saint.

When Yuan Xiancheng was at his peak, he had outstanding power which granted him the ability to compete with many late Immortal Bridge Martial Saints.

Still, his senior, Zhang Shuren, was still more ruthless and reliable than him.

“Well met!” Yan Zhaoge praised, extending a palm as he raised the Extreme Yang Seal.

The profundities of the Cyclic Heavenly Seal, Yin Yang Heavenly Seal and Extreme Yang Scripture were all merged together as one at this moment, being completely in harmony with the Extreme Yang Seal.

The Extreme Yang Seal which had already been majestic and tyrannical displayed unprecedented power at this moment.

Yan Zhaoge wielded the Extreme Yang Seal with the palm arts of the Cyclic Heavenly Seal, clashing head-on with Zhang Shuren.

The crimson crown on Zhang Shuren’s head flickered with radiance, transforming into flowing fire as it spread within the sky.

The flames combined with the Wutong tree manifested of Zhang Shuren’s palm arts which obscured the heavens and concealed the sun.

As this moment, one would be able to see fiery light shooting into heavens in the Announcing Peace Mountain Range from the surroundings of Vast Spirit Mountain, a treasured Wutong tree towering high as it suppressed the endless mountain ranges.

Beside the treasured Wutong tree, a great golden sun slowly rose into the skies.

Yan Zhaoge raised the Extreme Yang Seal with one hand as a dark green bamboo cane appeared in his other hand.

Seeing this, Yuan Xiancheng’s expression changed slightly, “Be careful of that bamboo cane, senior apprentice-uncle! The news previously sent over by the Heaven Emperor’s lineage was really true!”

Zhang Shuren’s gaze hardened as he struck out with a palm towards the Extreme Yang Seal while retracting his other palm to guard before him, blocking the dark green bamboo cane Yan Zhaoge held.

“Rise!” Yan Zhaoge yelled, throwing the Extreme Yang Seal upwards with his palm.

The great sun slowly rose high into the horizon, presiding mightily over the great earth as it suppressed the treasured Wutong tree which was surrounded by blazing fire from up above.

Soon after that, Yan Zhaoge took out his Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword once more, attacking towards Zhang Shuren with a Slaying Azure Dragon.

“What a great killing aura this sword art possesses,” Seeing this, Zhang Shuren frowned.

He raised a hand, blocking the Extreme Yang Seal as it smashed downwards.

His other palm abruptly changed direction, no longer blocking Yan Zhaoge’s dark green bamboo cane as it whistled down towards Yan Zhaoge himself!

While it was said that ‘Treasured Branch Suppressing Peak’ Zhang Shuren was conservative in his actions, when it truly came to a battle situation in which anything could happen in an instant, he never lacked the determination to grasp the initiative and attack.

At this moment, the purple light of fortuitous virtue, the thick earth of meritorious virtue, the white qi of nether virtue and the water ripples of holy virtue surfaced about his body all at once.

Four Virtues bolstered his body as he forcibly withstood Yan Zhaoge’s sword.

Zhang Shuren also ignored Yan Zhaoge’s dark green bamboo cane that was striking down upon the Phoenix Cry Crown on his head.

He wanted to see whether Yan Zhaoge was powerful enough to forcibly withstand a full-powered blow by him, a late Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, in a head-on clash!

Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change as he kept the dark green bamboo cane, unrelentingly striking out with a Cyclic Heavenly Seal!

The palms of the two collided in mid-air as both their bodies shook slightly.

Yan Zhaoge, a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint, did not lose out in the slightest!

Meanwhile, wielding the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword with his right hand, Yan Zhaoge continued hacking down towards Zhang Shuren with a Slaying Azure Dragon!

Roiling true essence of blazing fire protected Zhang Shuren’s body.

Still, beneath the brutal attacks of the purplish-red sword-glow, the blazing fire was forcibly broken through.

The thick earth of meritorious virtue which replenished the heavens and extended the dao and the water ripples of holy virtue that were untainted by all arts began to exert their functions, seeking to replenish the blazing fire which had been broken through and assist him in blocking that sword-light.

Beneath the attacks of the brutal sword-glow, the purple light of fortuitous virtue was stimulated as well as it sought to dispel the killing crisis, a strand of the white qi of nether virtue being indistinctly visible.

Still, that brutal purplish glow which resembled the spurting of dragon blood turned life into death at this moment, the killing crisis surging to the heavens as it unceasingly advanced.

One side attacking domineeringly, the other defending tightly, the two sides seemed to have vaguely fallen into a stalemate.

While Zhang Shuren had to pay some attention to the pressure brought about by the Extreme Yang Seal up above as he fought, he could completely exert the power of the high-grade Sacred Artifact on his head, the Phoenix Cry Crown.

The power displayed by a ninth level Martial Saint with a high-grade Sacred Artifact was naturally remarkable.

Both boosted the other’s strength, manifesting majestic might.

Not only was Yan Zhaoge unable to exert the full power of high-grade Sacred Artifacts, his weapon and sword arts were also incompatible.

Still, red, black and white lights suddenly flashed within Yan Zhaoge’s pupils.

The sword-light of the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword gradually changed.

The Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword which had originally been calm as water as it resembled the passing of time was covered by a layer of bloodied light at this moment.

The endless, long river of time was stained entirely with blood now!

It was as if countless lifeforms had perished amidst the flow of time.

The end of time would see a situation where all lifeforms had been extinguished, nothing remaining in existence.

Instantly, the Slaying Azure Dragon sword art which Yan Zhaoge was executing with the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword rose in killing power once more!

“The killing crisis has encroached on even time” Zhang Shuren immediately detected the threat that lay therein.

Helplessly, he finally retreated.

The purple light of fortuitous virtue flickered and the white qi of nether virtue surged as Zhang Shuren avoided Yan Zhaoge’s sword.

As he retreated, however, the Extreme Yang Seal instantly smashed down from overhead.

Zhang Shuren could only halt and raise his left hand to block the descending golden sun.

As he halted, Yan Zhaoge’s sword caught up with him.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge waved a hand now, the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword flying out of his hand and transforming into a long bloodied beam which shot straight for the Phoenix Cry Crown on Zhang Shuren’s head!

Being locked in place by the Extreme Yang Seal, Zhang Shuren was hard pressed to avoid it as he could only chop out with his right hand, seeking to deflect the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge executed the Taiji Yin Yang Palm, all returning to primordial yin and yang on his palm, extinguishing all things even as an immense suction force was formed, sticking onto Zhang Shuren’s right hand and forcing away his palm.

Helpless, Zhang Shuren tilted his head away slightly.

However, the bloodied beam drew a graceful arc within the air, still cleaving downwards as it struck the Phoenix Cry Crown on Zhang Shuren’s head flying!

Seeing that his high-grade Sacred Artifact had been dislodged by Yan Zhaoge’s Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword, a bad premonition arose within Zhang Shuren’s heart.

Indeed, the next moment, a massive axe of white jade appeared within Yan Zhaoge’s hands.

He grasped its hilt before turning it round and hacking it over towards Zhang Shuren’s waist!

The bystanders saw streams of spiritual light congregating between the heavens and the earth, transforming into a huge heaven splitting axe that hacked the trunk of the towering Wutong tree!

As it chopped down, even the treasured Wutong tree that seemed to tower into the heavens even as it stood on the great earth trembled.

Countless branches and leaves fell as the tree trunk which was like a towering pillar that supported the heavens actually tilted slightly over to the side!

Seeing the Heaven Earth Reversing Axe which Yan Zhaoge grasped, even the usually stable and calm Zhang Shuren felt stifled and useless as rage arose within his heart.

Ignoring that strange dark green bamboo cane, this youth still had a third high-grade Sacred Artifact besides the Extreme Yang Seal and the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword

The other party was clearly burying him to death beneath a pile of treasures, bullying him based on his superior quantity of weapons

The problem was that it seemed that it was he, Zhang Shuren who was the Immortal Bridge Martial Saint!

This fellow who was loaded with treasures was just a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint, right

With Zhang Shuren’s time and experiences ever since having attained the Immortal Bridge stage, with his cultivation base and strength, it would not be impossible for him to forge more high-grade Sacred Artifacts.

The main thing which had stopped him from doing so was the scarcity of materials.

Yet, this Yan Zhaoge who had yet to ascend the Immortal Bridge was armed to the teeth with treasures here.

As opposed to feeling defeated, the thought that filled Zhang Shuren’s mind now was that this was utterly absurd.

He felt despondent to the point of wanting to vomit blood.


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