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HSSB99: The fire seed within his dantian


Yan Zhaoge rubbed the ring that was riddled with cracks.

This ring had been in the form of light earlier, even having merged into Ye Jing’s body.

Now, it had regained its true form once more.

It was only that the ring which had originally been dazzling and eye-catching like flames was currently dim and completely without light as it appeared filled with dust, as well as extremely mottled.

Numerous cracks riddled the exterior of the ring, resembling spiderwebs as the ring looked as though it could shatter at any moment.

However, holding the ring within his hand, Yan Zhaoge could still vaguely feel the blazing heat contained inside of it.

Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes, focusing his mind to gradually sink within the ring.

The scene before his eyes instantly changed.

First was pitch darkness.

Next, in that darkness where one would be unable to see even their own outstretched hand, a glow suddenly lit up.

The glow was actually extremely weak, only a faint line of light.

However, because the surrounding environment was completely dark, even that one line of light appeared extremely dazzling and eye-catching.

Looking over carefully, it seemed to be but a mere spark of fire, flickering with a crimson red glow.

The spark slowly grew bigger and bigger, the light of the fire correspondingly blazing brighter and brighter as it gradually expanded into a small ember.

The flame blazed stronger and stronger, its strength increasing more and more, from a small ember, turning into a large, dominating fire that surged high into the skies, till eventually, it had formed an infinite sea of flames.

At the end, the darkness had completely vanished, the glow of fire illuminating the heavens and the earth as all before them was completely a world of flame.

All other objects no longer existed, only leaving behind a burning flame blazing through the heavens.

Yan Zhaoge calmed himself down, slowly proceeding through the sea of flames, feeling the concept from which their strength stemmed.

All around him was blazing fire, but observing the area carefully, he could feel that although the flames were all around, they were not chaotic and unordered.

Like the tides of seawater, the flames too possessed their own pulse and natural direction of flow.

Scrutinising and pondering on it carefully, Yan Zhaoge gradually came to an understanding.

The surrounding flames engulfing this world which had originally appeared chaotic, now seemed to take form before Yan Zhaoge’s eyes.

The flames seemed to have solidified into strange characters, lining up and arranging themselves into innumerable rows of words before intersecting and moving past one another, flowing non-stop within the air, layer and layer stacked upon one another.

As Yan Zhaoge looked at these words, the corners of his mouth gradually curved upwards, “Words from before the Great Calamity, created by the Flame Devil Emperor.”

“Although I have not specifically done any research into it before, I am still familiar with some general laws about this.

Half-guessing and half attempting blindly, I can also come to understand these contents.”

“As expected, it is indeed the legacy of the Flame Devil Emperor.”

Yan Zhaoge didn’t know whether he should laugh or he should cry, “As a person of the Eight Extremities World, having come into possession of such a legacy, I now really don’t know if I should say that Ye Jing was lucky or unlucky.”

Carefully scanning over these strange characters, also comprehending the concept behind their power, Yan Zhaoge gradually achieved some understanding within his heart.

“As expected, it is very different from the current cultivation methods of the Flame Devil tribe.

As an expert from before the Great Calamity, part of the Flame Devil Emperor’s legacy also included the ‘One Dao Birthing Many’ technique.”

“Borrowing the one dao of fire, and from it birthing numerous concepts.”

Yan Zhaoge thought, “It was only that accompanied by the changes in Ye Jing’s mental state, his cultivation methods began leaning towards that of the current Flame Devil tribe more and more.”

The flames coiled up, gradually forming a massive sealed door.

Feeling it, Yan Zhaoge unconsciously retreated from the world of flames, returning to reality.

He activated the spiritual energy of the seed of Li Yan True Fire, leading it to enter the ring as the ring which was riddled with cracks, as though being nourished, flickered slightly with a faint red light.

Yan Zhaoge’s consciousness descended into it once more.

Now, he saw that the sealed door had already opened.

Within the door, the sky was completely dark red in colour, lava erupting forth from within the earth and spraying about in all directions.

The scene of the end of the world which he had seen previously, once again appeared before Yan Zhaoge’s eyes.

The all-encompassing flames slowly solidified within the air, gradually forming the illusory image of a massive divinity of flame, ancient and powerful.

An air of great calamities, great destruction, great suffering emanated from him, desolate and ancient, completely different from the style of the Eight Extremities World today.

It was only that because it had been damaged first by Shi Tie and then again by Yan Zhaoge, the ring was currently abnormally weak.

Whether it was the dark red sky or the lava-filled earth, this world of flame was riddled with numerous pitch-black cracks, the very space seeming as though it might collapse at any moment.

While the aura of that massive divinity of flame still spoke of the strength of its origins as well as background, looking at it now, it also seemed much more mistlike and illusory than before.

Yan Zhaoge met the gaze of that massive divinity of flame.

Within its gaze, it was as though real emotions had surfaced.

The powerful lifeform seemed like it was a true existence of this world, rather than just a sliver of aura, a mere shadow of its former self.

Meeting its gaze, Yan Zhaoge felt as though his emotions were slightly thrown into turmoil.

He became very temperamental and unstable, an irritable feeling welling up within its heart as he only wanted to destroy and vent.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze flickered as he stabilised his mind.

Those violent negative emotions were instantly quelled.

The all-encompassing flames once again took the form of numerous strange, ancient characters, lining themselves up before Yan Zhaoge’s eyes.

Staring at these characters, Yan Zhaoge slowly deciphered, “Sacred Heavenly Fire Scripture…is it”

As he continued deciphering them, these lines of characters transformed into numerous streaks of flame, flowing within Yan Zhaoge’s body.

Yan Zhaoge could only feel that the meridians of his entire body had become scorching hot as a result, as the remnant qi of the Li Yan True Fire that still resided within all his orifices grew more and more restless.

It was as though countless heaps of firewood had come into contact with a spark, wanting to blaze up together all at once.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm as within his dantian’s qi ocean, the chaotic mass of qi that was concealed beneath layers and layers of clear qi abruptly rotated in reverse.

The scorching hot feeling permeating throughout his entire body instantly found a goal, as like a hundred rivers entering an ocean, it converged in the direction of the chaotic mass of qi within Yan Zhaoge’s dantian all at once.

The streams of heat finally condensed into a fire seed within the chaotic mass of qi that flickered with the dim glow of fire.

The clear qi produced through the Clear Qi Profound Art converged slowly, as that chaotic mass of qi came to be concealed once more.

Yan Zhaoge smiled.

Of the supreme secret scriptures that had been stored within the Divine Palace, he had chosen to cultivate in the Peerless Heavenly Scripture.

Other than how powerful it was, one of the major reasons for this was a special, major characteristic that it possessed.

Chaos is peerless.

It has no beginning and no end, being able to tolerate all things, birth all things, exterminate all things.

The strongest point of the Peerless Heavenly Scripture was its extreme tolerance, being able to store, accumulate and in effect assimilate other martial scriptures into itself while not revealing any traces of this whatsoever, moreover even being able to emulate as well as switch between said possessed arts after the assimilation was complete.

Like Broad Creed Mountain’s direct lineage Clear Qi Profound Art.

Like this Sacred Heavenly Fire Scripture.

In cultivating in it, he naturally wouldn’t become like Ye Jing.

Yan Zhaoge nodded slightly.

The Sacred Heavenly Fire Scripture indeed had its unique areas.

It just so happened that it would also be useful in his upcoming experiments.

As he returned to the world of reality, Ah Hu was currently standing by the side, gazing into the distance.

Yan Zhaoge kept the ring, himself also gazing into the distance.

There, an inverted massive dark, black hemisphere engulfed the boundless heavens and the earth.

It was precisely the unique Twilight Dark Moon domain of the Sacred Sun Clan’s Twilight Lord.

Within the hemisphere, a glazed golden light was flashing interminably.

As time passed, the glazed golden light had been getting brighter and brighter.

Now, it began penetrating out from the hemisphere.

Finally, cracks appeared on the top of the hemisphere as it began to shatter, a golden light rising to the heavens!

A faint figure could be seen at its centre, seemingly rising slowly into the air!

“Eldest apprentice-uncle really is eldest apprentice-uncle,” Yan Zhaoge praised as the Ah Hu beside him nodded repeatedly in agreement.

Still, Ah Hu’s expression soon changed as he turned to look elsewhere into the distance.

From there, there seemed to be a powerful domed aura currently approaching, obscuring the heavens and covering the earth!

From the fist intent it contained, it was evidently someone from the Sacred Sun Clan.

The newcomer’s cultivation, was even higher than the Twilight Lord’s!

Ah Hu said in a low tone, “I’m afraid that, it’s that grandfather of Xiao Shen’s.”

Yan Zhaoge similarly looked towards it, a distant look on his face.


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