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HSSB989: Since I have come here, this place is my territory


Peng He, Qing Shuzi and the others possessed limited knowledge regarding the local geography of Circumference Mountain, only having heard about it before.

It was different for Zhang Shuren who had previously been guarding this location throughout, even having set up the Wutong Phoenix Perching Formation.

Having tapped on the local spiritual qi to set up the formation, Zhang Shuren was naturally familiar with the circulation of spiritual qi of the earth veins.

There had previously seemed to be some changes with the circulation of spiritual qi of the Dynasty River which had drawn his attention.

Those changes had been mild, though.

While Zhang Shuren had been unable to see through them, they had not affected the region of Circumference Mountain greatly then.

At this moment, however, he could clearly sense a massive change happening with the spiritual qi veins of the Dynasty River in the distance.

Along with this, the spiritual qi circulation of the earth veins of the entire Circumference Mountain changed greatly as a result!

Even the Wutong Phoenix Perching Formation that he had established was vaguely shaken at this moment.

Although no one had attacked the formation, it had still been shaken.

Such circumstances were virtually unheard of.

Zhang Shuren gazed in the direction of the Dynasty River, seeing dark yellow water surging as the skies were dyed all turbid.

“The waters of the Dynasty River are usually clear.

Why are they so turbid now” Zhang Shuren felt uneasy indeed.

Reminded by him, Qing Shuzi, Daoist Leading Mist and Yuan Xiancheng all gazed in the direction of that great river as well.

The Dynasty River was not a river of Circumference Mountain as it was a massive water vein which passed through the central Jun Heaven Territory and southern Blazing Heaven Territory.

Broad as the sea, it was like a heavenly river as it was famed throughout the entire World beyond Worlds.

Seeing how its turbid waters had surged to the heavens now, they all immediately sensed that something was wrong.

“While that Yan Zhaoge possesses outstanding strength, even he would not be able to cause a change in the Dynasty River, right” Peng He felt rather hesitant.

Zhang Shuren said, “This old man is not clear on the reason, but it is most likely his handiwork.

After he left not long ago, this old man discovered that the spiritual qi flow was rather strange over in the direction of the Dynasty River.

It was just that it was too mild at the time, and I ignored it in order to continue stably defending the border here at Circumference Mountain from those of the southeast, awaiting your arrival in the meantime.”

“From the looks of it now, however, this is really strange!”

Hearing his words, Peng He did not ask anything as he said at once, “Please continue guarding this place, senior apprentice-brother Zhang.

I and the two fellow Daoists from Illusory Coming Peak will go forth to investigate the situation.”

Still, before he had moved, the dark yellow light of water in the distance had actually already surged over in their direction!

The spiritual qi fluctuations at Circumference Mountain were becoming increasingly chaotic as signs of instability were rapidly intensifying!

In just the time that it took one to speak, the waters had already surged rapidly to right before their very eyes.

Zhang Shuren’s expression changed, “Even if he built a dam, how would be have been able to block this majestic Dynasty River Even if he were successful, he would not have the time to let the river water flood over here.”

“The changes in spiritual qi are accelerating.

This…is definitely not something that that Yan Zhaoge can do with his own power.

It seems more like the effects of some formation!”

He dared not hesitate as he first activated the Wutong Phoenix Perching Formation, multiple layers of fiery light lighting up as they blocked the boundless, chaotic torrents of water that surged into the heavens.

However, affected by the local geography, the Wutong Phoenix Perching Formation had already been unstable in the first place.

As the torrents arrived now, it was instantly left teetering on the brink of collapse.

The sea of flames which had originally suffused the area was now like the flickering flame of a dying candle.

Peng He and the others hurriedly acted, attempting to help Zhang Shuren to stabilise the formation.

Still, as contact was made, the minds of everyone present wavered slightly.

It was still slightly better for the ninth level Martial Saints.

Everyone else was rendered dizzy.

Even Daoist Leading Mist and Yuan Xiancheng of the eighth level of the Martial Saint realm wobbled somewhat.

“Not good! Could it be…” Qing Shuzi’s gaze suddenly tightened.

He forced himself upwards, seeing gusts of nether wind actually appearing in the air above the dark yellow river waters that were rapidly approaching!

The nether winds howled as black fog soon suffused the area.

The glaring sun had still been shining high overhead a moment ago.

Now, however, it was concealed by black fog as the light of the day was gone.

Just the dark yellow river waters were already bad enough, but enveloped by that black fog now, as the nether winds gusted, even Qing Shuzi was rendered dizzy as it was like he was drunk on alcohol.

He hurriedly composed himself, expanding his sleeve as he sucked in a majority of the black fog of nether wind that surrounded him.

However, no end could be seen to the black fog of nether wind which suffused the dark yellow river, obscuring the sky and concealing the sun as it immediately swept over once more.

Qing Shuzi flicked his sleeve, shifting space as he swiftly descended.

Down below, the dark yellow river which resembled a heavenly tribulation had virtually already devoured the entire Wutong forest.

The Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel had truly become a vessel now as it bobbed atop the great river.

Peng He was keeping the vessel stable with all his might, with Zhang Shuren and the others having already ascended it as well.

Seeing the Wutong Phoenix Perching Formation being drowned in water down below, Zhang Shuren felt like crying yet lacked the tears for such.

Now, Yan Zhaoge’s voice seemingly resounded from countless directions all at once from amidst the black fog of nether wind between the heavens and the earth.

“Well, Treasured Branch Zhang, your Wutong Phoenix Perching Formation is indeed not bad,” Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Having come as a guest, I should return you a gift of my own.

Come, you try this Yan’s formation too.”

Qing Shuzi returned to the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel, barely managing to resist the black fog of nether wind which completely surrounded them.

His brows were knit tightly, “How would he know this fearsome formation of ancient times What legacy is this”

At this moment, apart from Qing Shuzi, Zhang Shuren, Peng He, Daoist Leading Mist and Yuan Xiancheng who were still able to stand, the other martial practitioners of the south were all compromised as they were all collapsed on the deck of the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel!

All of them looked dazed and drunken as most of them were unconscious.

Even those few who were able to retain their clarity of mind were collapsed on the ground, trying hard to keep from lapsing off into unconsciousness.

“Fearsome formation of ancient times”

Barely withstanding this, as Zhang Shuren saw his fallen disciples strewn all about and that dark yellow river which meandered up ahead with ceaseless winds, black fog obscuring the heavens, hence did a shocked exclamation escape his mouth, “Nine Serenities Yellow River Formation!”

Beside him, as Daoist Leading Mist heard Qing Shuzi’s words, the same exclamation simultaneously left his mouth as he was left stunned on the spot.

Only now did Peng He and Yuan Xiancheng react to this name as they too were utterly shocked.

The Nine Serenities Yellow River Formation originated earliest from the direct lineage of the founder of the Prime Clear lineage, the Lord of Numinous Treasure, from the three Ladies of Three Immortal Island, Cloud Sky, Jade Sky and Azure Sky.

In the ancient legends, its glory had once been in full display during the era of the Investiture of the Gods, countless legends and immortal hegemons having died to this formation.

As the Ladies of the Three Skies had been Invested and entered the Heavenly Court afterwards, this Nine Serenities Yellow River Formation had entered the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace.

A complete formation diagram had been available in the Martial Repository.

Yan Zhaoge was still unable to circulate the entire Dynasty River to establish this formation.

However, he could change the water vein for the segment of Dynasty River about Circumference Mountain, manipulating it such that the Yellow River Nine Serenities Formation of legend appeared in this world anew.

Its might was naturally far from the grand formation established by the Ladies of the Three Skies in the era of the Investiture of the Gods.

Core essentials like the Immortal Bewitching Pill and the Secluded Immortal Mantra were missing as an embryonic form of the diagram was manifested.

The supreme treasure of legend, the Chaotic Origin Golden Cup, was also not present.

However, the ones he had to deal with were far from those bigwigs of legends.

Qing Shuzi and Zhang Shuren exchanged looks, smiling bitterly now.

“Dynasty River, Dynasty River…Dynasty River!” Zhang Shuren sighed slowly towards the heavens.

This Circumference Mountain was not aiding him, Zhang Shuren, was not the homeground of him, Zhang Shuren!

Sitting cross-legged above the river waters, Yan Zhaoge tranquilly watched the events unfolding before him, “I, of course, knew from the start that your Wutong Slope had dispatched numerous experts here to the border area at Circumference Mountain.”

“Still, while it would have been fine if I never came to Circumference Mountain, from the moment that I set foot in this place, this place is now my territory.”


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