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HSSB991: You could only enter because I let you


Their strength unceasingly being whittled down by the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation, the trio began to feel dizzy as well.

They even vaguely felt as though their cultivation bases were dropping yet further!

While they were persisting through willpower alone, they were already soon reaching their limits.

Now, the black fog of nether wind before them suddenly turned mild.

Everyone was overjoyed as they hurriedly continued charging forward, finally shooting past the layers of bewildering mist before them.

Now, atop the surface of that dark yellow river before them sat a white-robed youth in a black-bordered blue robe.

It was none other than Yan Zhaoge.

Not only was Yan Zhaoge not flustered, he instead looked rather amused and relaxed as his figure bobbed gently up and down atop the river water.

As his gaze fell on Qing Shuzi, he appraised his sleeve and appearance before smiling, “You must be Daoist Qing Shuzi, disciple of the Heaven Emperor Your legacies do appear to be from his lineage.”

As he spoke, Yan Zhaoge stood up and walked forward to meet the incoming Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel of Wutong Slope.

“This Yan would like to have a taste of the legacies of the Heaven Emperor.

Please instruct me, Daoist.”

Hearing his words, the expressions of Zhang Shuren, Peng He and Qing Shuzi all changed.

Yan Zhaoge’s words clearly entailed that it was not through their own abilities that they had been able to charge in here.

Instead, Yan Zhaoge had deliberately let them in due to wanting to witness the legacies of the Heaven Emperor.

You could only enter because I let you.

“You arrogant brat.

Prepare to die!” Peng He was greatly enraged as he raised a hand, chopping out with a sabre towards Yan Zhaoge!

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge did not mind it as he just smiled, “While you appear temperamental on the surface, you are slick inwardly, possessing many schemes.”

While three great late Immortal Bridge Martial Saints were gathered here now, with their cultivation bases all having been diminished by the venomous Nine Bends Yellow River Formation, they were all far from their peak state now.

As a result, even Peng He could not be confident about Qing Shuzi battling Yan Zhaoge one versus one now.

Yuan Xiancheng and the others were all waiting there.

Whatever the outcome, if this could not be settled quickly, it would be difficult to restore their health.

Peng He could care less about whether Qing Shuzi wanted face now as he sought only to attack simultaneously, surrounding and taking care of Yan Zhaoge.

By launching an attack, he was actually indicating for Qing Shuzi and Zhang Shuren to attack together.

“Go!” Peng He yelled, showing no mercy whatsoever as he went all out on the first move.

A sabre appeared within his hands, blue light overflowing from the surface of its blade.

Dim blue blazing fire transformed into a blue fiery phoenix now, spreading its wings and flying towards Yan Zhaoge.

As the phoenix neared, its body suddenly split apart with the red and blue sabre-light splitting the heavens and earth.

Peng He had the nickname of ‘Blazing King’ partially because of this high-grade Sacred Artifact sabre which he possessed.

This Blazing Flame Sabre had the Dark Glorious Blazing Flame Stone as its main material, with many types of spiritual fire and treasures integrated within.

The dim-blue fire of this sabre was the fire of Dark Glorious Blazing Flame which possessed powerful might that surpassed that of the various spiritual fires.

Peng He had worked diligently to gather sabre arts from all over the world, integrating what he had learnt from Wutong Slope within as he had finally created the Blazing King Sabre.

This was unlike Zhang Shuren’s self-created Wutong Divine Palm that was both attack and defence in one, being even more extraordinary when concentrating solely on defence as it could be called the number one defensive martial art of Wutong Slope.

Peng He’s Blazing King Sabre clearly focused more on attack than defence, having increased the flourishing state of the martial legacies of Wutong Slope which were generally more defence-oriented.

When he had been young, Peng He had already been rather a deviant amongst the martial practitioners of Wutong Slope.

While he did cultivate in the true intent of the four Virtues, he cultivated in the Phoenix True Form Scripture more to research the descent of the fire phoenix as its manifestation blazed the heavens.

Currently, he was going all out in his attacks.

The Blazing Flame Sabre and the Blazing King Sabre Arts bolstered each other, increasing in power.

“There is something that you have forgotten.

Let me remind you about it,” Yan Zhaoge smiled very casually, “Within this formation of mine, you are already long since not a ninth level Martial Saint.”

As Yan Zhaoge spoke, a dark green bamboo cane appeared in his hand which beat down towards Peng He’s Blazing Flame Sabre.

Substituting sword with bamboo cane, the sharp sword-glow of his Slaying Azure Dragon seemed able to cleave dragons and extinguish phoenixes.

Now, however, a pair of palms arrived from the side, seemingly watertight as they helped Peng He to block Yan Zhaoge’s sword.

It was none other than that other ninth level Martial Saint bigwig of Wutong Slope, Zhang Shuren.

He coordinated with Peng He, one attacking and one defending as their actions were very much in sync.

Yan Zhaoge cared not about this as he retracted his sword and struck out with a palm, exchanging blows with Zhang Shuren even as he rotated, his sword still striking towards Peng He.

Knowing of the miraculous aspects of Yan Zhaoge’s dark green bamboo cane, Peng He could only evade as he saw this.

“No need to stand on ceremony, Daoist.

Battling in my grand formation is an unfair competition in the first place,” Yan Zhaoge called out to Qing Shuzi even as he battled Peng He and Zhang Shuren.

Peng He and the others were extremely shocked as they looked at Yan Zhaoge.

This Nine Bends Yellow River Formation was indeed not all that easy for Yan Zhaoge to control.

Still, it was entirely not like what his opponents had guessed.

As Yan Zhaoge battled Peng He and the others at this moment, the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation was still unceasingly circulating.

While the nether winds and the dense black fog were not as intense as before, they still corroded one’s bones and damaged one’s soul, bewildering their minds and blocking their acupoints as they were rendered dazed.

Meanwhile, as Yan Zhaoge battled, he did so rampantly and without reservation with all the care in the world.

Peng He and Zhang Shuren had their cultivation bases suppressed by the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation as even despite joining forces, they were still continuously beaten back by Yan Zhaoge.

Watching on by the side, Qing Shuzi frowned.

He looked at his junior apprentice-brother, Daoist Leading Mist, who was seated in the meditative position on the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel, not saying a word.

Finally, he shook his head, flying into the air as well.

He flicked his sleeve, striking out towards Yan Zhaoge with a momentum that seemed even more powerful than Peng He’s sabre arts, the Blazing King Sabre!

“Well met!” Yan Zhaoge struck at Peng He’s Blazing Flame Sabre with a bamboo cane, with sparks instantly arising all round as its dim blue colour dimmed further.

Then, he pointed out with his Yin Yang Finger as Peng He’s sabre-blow was directed towards Zhang Shuren’s Wutong Divine Palm.

After creating an exchange of pointers between the fellow apprentice-brothers, Yan Zhaoge did not cease in his actions as he struck out towards Qing Shuzi with a palm.

This palm of his simultaneously contained the profundities of the Cyclic Heavenly Seal and the Taiji Yin Yang Palm.

Whether Qing Shuzi’s Primordial Heavenly Flying Sleeve was tough or soft, Yan Zhaoge would still clash with him head-on!

Qing Shuzi’s sleeve resembled the blade of a sabre as it hacked down on Yan Zhaoge’s palm.

Yan Zhaoge circulated his Five Elements Deific Immortal Body, his body like Vajra as he bare-handedly caught hold of Qing Shuzi’s sleeve.

“Back!” Qing Shuzi’s gaze flickered as his stance suddenly changed.

Time and space suddenly became blurry within his sleeve, multiple colours and countless scenes appearing within.

At this moment, it was like Qing Shuzi had opened up a dimensional passageway within his sleeve which led to the chaotic flows of space outside the World beyond Worlds!

Time and space distorted, forming an immense suction force which sought to devour Yan Zhaoge entirely within!

Heaven Earth Within Sleeve!

It was precisely the direct lineage supreme martial art of the Primordial Suppressing Lord who reigned alongside the world!

Heavens and earth were contained within the sleeve with worlds beyond worlds.

Let alone weaker opponents, even evenly matched foes would be captured by this if they were insufficiently careful!

As Qing Shuzi executed this move, even the expressions of Peng He and Zhang Shuren changed.

Why did the Primordial Heavenly Flying Sleeve exist

That was actually a weaker version of the Heaven Earth Within Sleeve.

Because this supreme martial art was so difficult to cultivate in, it was rumoured that even the Heaven Emperor had only been able to successfully attain it at the Human Exalt stage that year.

As Qing Shuzi’s allies, Peng He and Zhang Shuren had not thought that Qing Shuzi might actually have mastered such a technique!


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