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HSSB992: Stronger, more domineering!


Qing Shuzi had long achieved his fame as he was publicly recognised as one of the World beyond Worlds’ ninth level Martial Saints who had the greatest hopes of entering the Human Exalt stage.

His strength had long since attained widespread approval as that of a blessed genius who reigned supreme above the rest.

While martial practitioners would not usually say this so easily, both Peng He and Zhang Shuren had to admit that if they battled with Qing Shuzi, he would have a higher chance of emerging victorious.

However, if they truly fought, a great battle would first have to unfold before a result could be seen.

As direct descendants of Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope who were late Immortal Bridge Martial Saints, Zhang Shuren and Peng He both possessed this confidence.

Still, never would they have thought that Qing Shuzi might actually have successfully accomplished the peerless martial art of the Primordial Suppressing Lord’s Five Manor Locale before reaching the Human Exalt stage!

This entailed that there was the possibility of them being taken wholly unawares and captured by Qing Shuzi with his Heaven Earth Within Sleeve in a single exchange!

Granted, if they were captured by the Heaven Earth Within Sleeve, it did not mean that Qing Shuzi would be able to do whatever he liked to them.

It was also not like capturing them alive as it was similar to temporary imprisonment.

While difficult, it would not be totally impossible for one to escape from within that sleeve.

It was just that even if they managed to charge out, their face would have been completely lost.

Moreover, if Qing Shuzi’s Heaven Earth Within Sleeve captured one successfully, this would surely give him the advantage which he would have countless ways of capitalising on, defeating his foe for good.

Zhang Shuren and Peng He felt even more shocked by how Qing Shuzi whose fame had already shook the World beyond Worlds all along actually still possessed a trump card, never having yet displayed his full flair.

He was already a genius who reigned supreme amongst countless other geniuses.

Yet, this had not actually been the actual extent of his abilities.

If not for Yan Zhaoge’s Nine Bends Yellow River Formation today, no one would probably have learnt of the true capabilities of this head disciple of the Heaven Emperor.

Even Yan Zhaoge was taken aback as he saw Qing Shuzi’s actions, his eyes promptly lighting up.

This was a true method of Immortality as it was a renowned peak martial art even amongst the entire history of Daoism.

Qing Shuzi had only gained some piddling insights into it.

Still, this was already sufficient in the Martial Saint realm as he seldom met a match amongst martial practitioners of the same cultivation level!

“Good!” Yan Zhaoge cheered.

The palm which he had been grabbing towards Qing Shuzi’s sleeve with looked set to be sucked into those chaotic torrents of space.

Caught by surprise, Yan Zhaoge lost the initiative for a time.

He inhaled deeply, chaos vaguely appearing within his eyes.

The acupoints of his entire body pulsed, several masses of chaotic qi vaguely appearing.

At this moment, Yan Zhaoge’s acupoints were no longer like stars as they instead resembled masses of chaos.

Before the universe of stars had appeared with the heavens and earth being split apart, when there was no left and no right, no front and no back, no up and no down.

Twelve wheels of light simultaneously appeared about Yan Zhaoge’s outstretched palm, sinking and rising as they rotated unceasingly.

Accompanied by the movement of these wheels of light, brightness and dimness gradually merged.

It was not bright, but neither was it dim.

All was blurry between the heavens and the earth.

Yan Zhaoge’s palm force that secretly contained the Peerless Heavenly Scripture while outwardly manifesting the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts intermingled between brightness and darkness with a semblance of chaos being displayed.

Space and time were locked down by Yan Zhaoge at this moment as his body which had looked set to be sucked in by Qing Shuzi’s sleeve stabilised itself once more.

Qing Shuzi’s advantage which he had seized by suddenly utilising the Heaven Earth Within Sleeve no longer existed now.

Yan Zhaoge immediately ceased using it after releasing it as the masses of qi that resembled chaos disappeared from within his body.

Radiance that resembled water circulated on his palm, the scenes of the world turning ancient where it passed.

The next moment, the light waves flowed in reverse as Yan Zhaoge made use of this chance to extricate his hand which had been swept along by Qing Shuzi’s sleeve!

Before the eyes of Zhang Shuren, Peng He and Qing Shuzi, time felt as if it was flowing in reverse.

“Dim Radiant Twelve Arts, Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture!” The three were stunned all at once, “It is actually possible to evade the Heaven Earth Within Sleeve in this way”

Zhang Shuren and Peng He charged forward, not leaving Qing Shuzi to face Yan Zhaoge alone.

As time passed, the three were increasingly corroded by the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation.

If they could not put a swift end to this battle, they would fall without him even needing to attack.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge now slowly exhaled a breath of turbid air, abruptly flipping over his retracted palm!

The Cyclic Heavenly Seal reappeared, with Yan Zhaoge now focusing on its concept rather than might.

Beneath his palm, causality and effect were reversed as Qing Shuzi was forcibly jolted backwards.

At the same time, the Extreme Yang Seal reappeared above Yan Zhaoge’s head, mightily slamming down towards Zhang Shuren and Peng He from overhead.

Zhang Shuren raised his palms upwards to resist it with his full strength, yet was directly smashed downwards by the Extreme Yang Seal in mid-air and slammed right into the surging river waters!

Then, Yan Zhaoge struck down towards him with his dark green bamboo cane, beating the Blazing Flame Sabre straight out of his hand.

He struck out with a palm which Peng He barely managed to withstand.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge immediately launched a kick right afterwards, instantly sending this longtime Elder of Wutong Slope flying.

Qing Shuzi’s attack arrived before him.

This time, however, Yan Zhaoge was prepared for him.

His figure spun as he instantly arrived before Qing Shuzi at a high speed.

He bent his arm, elbowing over towards Qing Shuzi’s chest.

Qing Shuzi could only helplessly retreat.

Still, this head disciple of the Heaven Emperor was no small fry at the end of the day as his eyes suddenly lit up.

The next instant, Qing Shuzi’s gaze directly transformed into two sword-lights of yellow earth, stabbing towards Yan Zhaoge’s eyes from mere inches away.

Of Illusory Coming Peak’s direct lineage, Primordial Earth Golden Pupils Sword!

The Heaven Emperor was proficient in the variations of space and time, his disciples skilled in movement techniques as they were renowned throughout the World beyond Worlds.

With Yan Zhaoge having entered melee range, he would not give the other party a chance to widen the distance between them.

Facing Qing Shuzi’s Primordial Earth Golden Pupils Sword, he neither evaded nor dodged it as the purple light of thunder surged within his eyes.

From similarly just mere inches away, a streak of An Instant’s Thunder mightily boomed at Qing Shuzi!

The thunder light and sword-lights collided in mid-air with the violent light of thunder instantly exploding the sword lights of yellow earth to shreds!

Having gained this initial advantage, Yan Zhaoge simultaneously grabbed at Qing Shuzi’s arm.

One hand grabbed his wrist while the other grabbed his shoulder.

Qing Shuzi’s expression changed greatly as he struggled in an attempt to break free.

Yet, he was completely unable to resist Yan Zhaoge beneath the suppression of the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation, breaking free of his grip.

Yan Zhaoge grabbed the other party with both hands, circulating the concept of the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture which could reverse all things in creation.

An immense distortion force came from two completely opposing directions, simultaneously applied on Qing Shuzi’s arm.

A lofty late Immortal Bridge Martial Saint with an incomparably powerful fleshly body had an arm directly twisted off by Yan Zhaoge!

“Arghh!” Qing Shuzi howled.

His arm was forcibly ripped apart by Yan Zhaoge at the shoulder, hereby separated from his body!

As soon as it left his body, it became an independent existence as that arm seemed incomparably fragile in comparison to Yan Zhaoge’s might.

Suppressed by the force which was like a grinder, Qing Shuzi could only helplessly watch on as his broken arm was reduced to scraps of flesh and blood within the air!

“Yan! Zhao! Ge!”

Another roar now resounded from the side.

As Yan Zhaoge gazed back, his field of vision was obscured by a dark silhouette.

Controlled by Peng He, the massive Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel that was wreathed in flames was already close before him.

Peng He howled madly, controlling the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel in slamming straight for Yan Zhaoge!

Before the massive divine vessel, the humanoid-sized Yan Zhaoge was like an ant who faced an onrushing elephant!

“Ha!” Yan Zhaoge stood unflinchingly where he was, turning back and striking out with a palm!

At the first instant after contact.

The huge vessel that was pressuring down with the momentum of Mount Tai was directly stopped by Yan Zhaoge’s blow, left unable to move!

At the second instant after contact.

Where the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel had collided with Yan Zhaoge’s palm, it mightily shattered as a large hole was opened within!


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