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HSSB993: Kill! Kill!


While he resembled a massive elephant that was trampling between the heavens and earth, he had suddenly collided with a mountain which was even tougher than him.

Controlling the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel, Peng He was instantly owned by the collision!

A moment ago, the huge, majestic vessel that should be able to suppress all things had strangely halted on the spot.

At the same time, a large hole had been directly broken through about the frame of the vessel.

With that hole as the centre, numerous terrifying cracks rapidly extended into the surroundings, spreading to the various segments of the entire Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel.

The massive divine vessel that soared above the nine heavens was broken apart by Yan Zhaoge’s terrifying strength at this moment.

The force of the collision jolted the unconscious martial practitioners of Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope on the deck of the vessel dead without even knowing what struck them!

Yuan Xiancheng and Daoist Leading Mist who had been in the meditative position and resisting the encroachment of the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation both directly vomited a mouthful of blood.

Now, their conditions were thrown into disarray as they were hard pressed to resist this any longer, instantly being rendered dazed and bewitched.

As he controlled the vessel, the ‘Blazing King’ Peng He spat out a mouthful of blood as well.

Having already been injured by Yan Zhaoge in the first place, his condition ended up deteriorating further.

As a result, the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation now affected him more intensely as well.

Peng He now felt as though the acupoints of his body that resembled stars had ceased their variations of life and death at this moment.

Their orbits started becoming sluggish and predictable.

It felt as if his cultivation base had plummeted back to the seventh level of the Martial Saint realm.

Yan Zhaoge rose into the air, ascending the vessel that was virtually already about to fall apart as he arrived before Peng He.

Peng He’s eyes looked on the brink of imploding whereas Yan Zhaoge’s gaze was mild, “Blazing Flame Sabre, Flame King Sabre arts.

It looks like you must be the ‘Blazing King’ Peng He then”

“This Yan knows that Zhuang Chaohui is your son-in-law, also having always been on close terms with you.”

As Yan Zhaoge spoke, he raised a palm, “I will be sending you down to accompany him now.

Still, it has been a while since he left.

I’m afraid you might not be able to catch up with him.”

With that, he brought a palm down on the crown of Peng He’s head.

While Peng He emphasised more on attack than defence in his martial arts unlike the usual style of Wutong Slope, as a ninth level Martial Saint there, he too was bolstered by four Virtues somewhat.

Yet, beneath the encroachment of the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation, Peng He whose cultivation base had fallen greatly was already unable to defend against Yan Zhaoge’s might.

“Yan Zhao…”

Beneath that palm, his enraged roar ceased for good.

Upon ascending the Immortal Bridge, martial practitioners of Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope would gain a chance at nirvanic rebirth.

Yet, after it had been depleted, they would only obtain another chance upon having attained the Human Exalt stage.

It just so happened that ‘Blazing King’ Peng He had already undergone nirvanic rebirth once before.

Thus, this late Immortal Bridge Martial Saint was slain by Yan Zhaoge with a single palm within this Nine Bends Yellow River Formation.

After slaying Peng He, sensing that his life force had been terminated for good, Yan Zhaoge paid no attention to Yuan Xiancheng, Daoist Leading Mist and the others on the vessel as he instead looked downwards.

There, within the turbid dark yellow river water, golden light and the light of fire suddenly flickered simultaneously.

Following that, Zhang Shuren rose up from the river, bearing the pressure of the Extreme Yang Seal.

Beneath the onrushing waters of the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation, his figure grew increasingly unstable.

If not for the fact that Yan Zhaoge had been busy dealing with Qing Shuzi and Peng He, never having paid much attention to the Extreme Yang Seal, Zhang Shuren would not have been able to bear its might and ascend in the first place.

Now, Yan Zhaoge still cared not about this as he flew over to the Extreme Yang Seal and lightly clapped down with a palm before flying over towards Qing Shuzi once more.

Yet, with this action of his, the Extreme Yang Seal turned incomparably dazzling once more, a vigorous, tyrannical power resurfacing.

The great golden sun descended once more, smashing Zhang Shuren down into the waters of the yellow river yet again!

After mightily breaking the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel, he had slain Peng He and struck Zhang Shuren into the waters once more.

Only mere moments had passed.

Seeing all this unfold before him, Qing Shuzi who only had one arm left clenched his teeth.

While his junior apprentice-brother, Daoist Leading Mist, was still there, Qing Shuzi could only ignore him now.

It was not that he did not want to help him, but that he had no way of doing so at all!

While they were three great late Immortal Bridge Martial Saints, within this Nine Bends Yellow River Formation, they were effectively no different from eighth level Martial Saints to Yan Zhaoge in truth.

It was even to the extent that as time passed and the condition of their injuries deteriorated, they were as good as seventh level Martial Saints.

What the result would be when Yan Zhaoge was surrounded and attacked by early and mid Immortal Bridge Martial Saints all at once was something that Peng He’s death presently and the alliance meet at Vast Spirit Mountain previously had already displayed in full.

Qing Shuzi consecutively tapped out with his feet, swiftly shifting space as he sought to increase the distance between him and Yan Zhaoge.

Illusory Coming Peak was famed for its movement techniques, and Qing Shuzi was a true elite of his generation.

Yet, beneath the effects of the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation coupled with his grave wounds, he could only watch on helplessly as Yan Zhaoge caught up with him.

Qing Shuzi’s face was pale as the colour of blood was not visible on it in the least.

Seeing that he was unable to outrun Yan Zhaoge and escape from the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation, he simply stopped running.

“A pleasure, Daoist.

Your Heaven Earth Within Sleeve was truly a sight to behold,” Yan Zhaoge said as he slowly walked towards him, “Today, your cultivation base has been restricted within this Nine Bends Yellow River Formation of mine as you cannot fully exert what you are proficient in.

Still, with us being life and death enemies anyway, this not being some sparring match, please forgive this Yan for not caring about my methods.”

Qing Shuzi who was usually a man of few words glared vehemently at Yan Zhaoge, “You, what is your background”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Disciple of Broad Creed Mountain, Eight Extremities World.

You should know that, really”

“Hah…” Qing Shuzi smiled too, “This humble Daoist once wondered whose hands I might perish at.

Despite thinking much about it, before today, I never thought that I would perish by your hand.”

“Still, just like you said to Peng He earlier,” Qing Shuzi laughed, “Someone will send you down to accompany us.

This humble Daoist will be waiting for you down below!”

Qing Shuzi roared severely, flicking his sleeve with his sole remaining arm out towards Yan Zhaoge.

Partway through, a dark silhouette suddenly emerged from his sleeve as it seemed at first glance as if his sleeve had suddenly grown longer.

It was a long, jet-black whip.

Being aware that Yan Zhaoge’s dark green bamboo cane could suppress Sacred Artifacts, Qing Shuzi had not wielded a weapon earlier.

Still, when his very life was at stake here, how would he have the leisure to care about so much

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was as per usual as his dark green bamboo cane descended, with the jet-black whip which was like a coiling dragon instantly reduced to a dead snake.

Qing Shuzi took advantage of this and directly let go of his Sacred Artifact, next expanding his sleeve as he executed the Heaven Earth Within Sleeve once more.

Yan Zhaoge did not avoid it this time as he remained unmoving where he was, allowing himself to be taken in by Qing Shuzi’s Heaven Earth Within Sleeve.

Space and time distorted as his figure instantly turned small, being absorbed into Qing Shuzi’s sleeve.

A look of joyous celebration did not appear on the face of Qing Shuzi now, however.

The Nine Bends Yellow River Formation before him was still circulating non-stop!

Indeed, the next moment, that sleeve of his began expanding and bulging.

On the surface of his sleeve, bumps arose intermittently as there seemed to be something frenetically charging out from within.

Qing Shuzi suppressed this with all his might.

Still, affected by the formation and his injuries, he found it increasingly difficult to achieve this.

Finally, a thunderous boom resounded!

That segment of sleeve of Qing Shuzi’s directly exploded, reduced into scraps of fabric that fluttered within the air.

A tragic, terrifying sword-light lit up unceasingly.

That sole remaining arm of Qing Shuzi’s was riddled with wounds and covered in bloodstains.

“Maybe it is I who will first send more people down to accompany you” Yan Zhaoge’s voice resounded once more, originating from behind Qing Shuzi.

A terrifying sword tapped Qing Shuzi’s temple, piercing within!


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