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HSSB994: Spent their whole lives living as dogs


Yan Zhaoge stood atop space right behind Qing Shuzi.

He extended a hand, his index and middle fingers aligned into a sword as he tapped on Qing Shuzi’s temple with his fingertips.

A brutal sword-glow pierced through Qing Shuzi’s brain, penetrating straight through his head and emerging from his temple on the other side.

This peak expert of the ninth level of the Martial Saint realm thus perished within the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation.

Within the entire World beyond Worlds, Qing Shuzi was publicly acclaimed as the expert who had the greatest hopes of attaining the Human Exalt stage within a short period of time.

With his age, considering the potential displayed by him, even Immortality seemed achievable by him.

It was not just his current outstanding strength.

His prospects were also far beyond that of the likes of Peng He, Zhang Shuren and Guan Lide.

Still, there were no guarantees in life, and blades were merciless.

In this battle, it had been ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

However great his prospects might had been, it was all reduced to nothingness.

Seeing Qing Shuzi’s corpse plummeting down from mid-air, Yan Zhaoge shook his head slightly.

He descended as well, the turbid waters of the yellow river down below splitting apart.

There, Zhang Shuren was being suppressed by the Extreme Yang Seal, only being able to barely withstand it as he was unable to dislodge it from above him.

Unceasingly corroded by the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation, his cultivation base continually plummeted as he became less and less able to handle things.

Now, seeing Qing Shuzi’s corpse plummet down from above into the water, sorrow and despair arose within his heart.

Soon after, Yan Zhaoge’s face appeared before him.

“To think that, to think that…” Zhang Shuren became calm now, just that he was shaking his head repeatedly, “You killed junior apprentice-nephew Li Jing and helped Golden Court Mountain of the southeast to capture junior apprentice-niece Wang Hui, wrecking Chaohui’s attempt to retrieve the phoenix bone.

It was just that at that time, no one at all from our lineage would have thought that things might actually develop to how they have today.”

“Only six plus years should have gone by, not even seven…”

Yan Zhaoge was even calmer than him as it was like he was just talking casually at home, “It is a bit longer than that.

This Yan spent around three years in a lower world where time flowed faster than here in the World beyond Worlds.”

“For me, ever since I killed that disciple of your lineage, a total or eleven, twelve years have passed.”

Zhang Shuren sighed, “Eleven, twelve years…haha, what a great eleven, twelve years! As compared to you, we old people have really lived our whole lives as dogs.”

“Still, do not be too happy.

Qing Shuzi who just died at your hands often made others feel the same way.”

The old man’s hunchbacked figure looked increasingly unable to bear the heavy pressure that was weighing down on him.

Still, there was only indifference on his face now, “Those who kill can also be killed.

Experts exist even amongst experts.

Since you are stronger than us, you could kill us.

Still, there will surely be people who are stronger than you! Let us see who is the one who kills you one day!”

The Extreme Yang Seal up above transformed into a magnificent sun, dazzling with brightness atop the dim nine bends of the yellow river.

Yet, that blazing hot sunlight transformed into destructive flames as well, gradually devouring Zhang Shuren’s body.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “It won’t be you, that’s for sure.”

Zhang Shuren’s frame was devoured by the magnificent sun.

The clear cry of a phoenix resounded from amidst the remnant flames, a figure gradually reappearing.

Yan Zhaoge did not even peer closely at it as he simply struck out with a palm.

Under normal circumstances, the cultivation bases of the martial practitioners of Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope after their nirvanic rebirth was no different from that before they had perished.

This was not just a life-preserving method.

Yet, being reborn within the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation, the negative effects caused by the formation earlier still existed at this moment.

Following his nirvanic rebirth, Zhang Shuren’s cultivation base had still deteriorated terribly as he was only at the standard of a seventh level Martial Saint.

As Yan Zhaoge’s palm descended, even Zhang Shuren who was bolstered by four Virtues as he executed the Wutong Divine Palm was hard pressed to withstand it.

This longtime Elder of Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope followed in the footsteps of Peng He as he perished within the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation.

Nether winds gusted and black fog obscured the sky as only the turbid, turbulent currents of the dark yellow river water surged.

That Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel which had virtually already fallen apart was completely dissociated at this moment.

The huge vessel was reduced to fragments of wood that drifted on the surface of the river all around.

Yet, as the waves surged, they gradually sank as they were devoured by the river water.

Daoist Leading Mist, Yuan Xiancheng and the other semi-conscious martial practitioners of the south were all drowned together by the nine bends of the yellow river along with the sunken vessel, hence disappearing for good.

With the phoenix clone refined by this left eye, Yuan Xiancheng still had a chance at nirvanic rebirth.

At this moment, however, this was no longer of any significance whatsoever.

Standing atop the turbid waves that surged to the heavens, Yan Zhaoge silently watched all this unfold.

Ah Hu, Xia Guang and Pan-Pan appeared beside him with varying expressions on their faces.

Besides envy and yearning, there was also a bit of blazing passion and awe and respect in Xia Guang’s gaze that was on Yan Zhaoge now.

Pan-Pan shrunk his figure, lapping rather ingratiatingly by Yan Zhaoge’s feet as he poked at him.

Ah Hu imitated Yan Zhaoge’s look and stroked his lower chin as he said, “A Seeing Divinity Martial Saint slaying three late Immortal Bridge Martial Saints-this is truly an unparalleled achievement in all of history!”

“Young Master, you really got up to something big this time.

It would be difficult for your fame not to shake the world.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, next bringing his palms together before his chest as they formed the seal to terminate the formation.

The nether winds began to fall still as the dense black fog correspondingly faded alongside them.

The dim yellow river water began to fade as the heavens and earth of Circumference Mountain reappeared around them.

The streams of water returned to the Dynasty River which continued to flow southward now.

All that had happened earlier seemed now as if they had never transpired in the first place.

As the light of day appeared once more, Yan Zaoge turned and looked towards the east.

There, sword-light lit up as a few figures appeared.

The one leading them was a white-haired old man.

Yan Zhaoge recognised her as a longtime Elder of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory’s Golden Court Mountain, the Southeastern Swordsmistress of the late Immortal Bridge stage.

Wutong Slope had Zhang Shuren guarding Circumference Mountain at the border, and Golden Court Mountain naturally had experts stationed over at the neighbouring Royal Reed Sea too.

Over the years, this old woman had been the one guarding over the area most of the time.

Yan Zhaoge was on friendly relations with Golden Court Mountain and very familiar with the Southeastern Swordsmistress too.

While she had a severe and proper manner, the Swordsmistress similarly admired Yan Zhaoge’s talents as she had a rather good opinion of this youth who had just risen to prominence recently.

It was just that she was still greatly shocked as she saw Yan Zhaoge now.

She too had been keeping an eye out for anything unusual over at Circumference Mountain at all times.

Having suddenly detected that something seemed to be up over here, she had hurriedly led people over to investigate.

Who knew that just having arrived at the border, there would be moody clouds and tragic winds, the nether winds howling as it was completely impossible to see what was going on inside.

The Southeastern Swordsmistress was very familiar with Zhang Shuren’s Wutong Phoenix Perching Formation.

Still, she found this formation to be unfamiliar.

On having attempted to enter, she had been rendered all dizzy, nearly having been trapped within.

The ancient, distant name of the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation had surfaced within her mind, causing her to feel even more shocked.

She had been unable to ascertain exactly who it was who had set up this formation, having decided to keep from provoking them and silently observe matters from the side.

Finally, the formation gradually dissipated.

The Swordsmistress was a tough, resolute person as she led experts in passing right across the border, entering the lands of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory.

They ended up greeted by the sight of a very unexpected figure.

A nonchalant Yan Zhaoge waved and cupped his hands towards them, “Long time no see, Swordsmistress.”


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